The Power of the Positive mind

Last Update: Jul 29, 2021

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Today, I opened up Jay Shetty's weekly email and it's headline read, "Believe in bright things".

In essence, it was a message to maintain positive thoughts and focus on things that bring you light, love and joy. These days, that has become a challenge with so much negativity and chaos in our communities and in the world. Precisely the reason we need to do our best to flip the script and focus on good, on love, on healing. The world needs it like never before!

When you believe in something positive, you allow it to ruminate within your subconscious where it expands into reality, allowing you to have a better outlook and create a space of serenity even within the storms of life.

Thinking positive isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination and external influences are constantly competing for a piece of our brain matter. But, as Jay says:

  • When you believe in a good world, you bring more goodness to the world.
  • When you believe in the power of love, you amplify that loving power.
  • When you believe in yourself, you open your life to infinite possibilities.

The same concept applies to your WA vision and to your business. If you believe in yourself and your ability to make it happen, it will. Now don't think you just sit back on your laurels and the WA fairy will wave her magic wand and you will start raking in the dough - you've still got to put in the work.

However, having a positive mindset will facilitate a more seamless and peaceful pathway even when disappointments and challenges come our way. Being calm within the storms can encourage greater progress and allow you to think more clearly to find solutions to issues that may arise.

Thinking positively is a continuous work in progress and requires making a concerted effort every day to be positive and to think positive.

I will leave you with a few words from Jay, "Your beliefs have the ability to change the world. Choose them with love and intention."

Have an awesome day and weekend when it comes.



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Wonderful Maria ,
We gotta have some possible Vibes
Positive thought lead to positive action
Nice one Maria

Thanks a lot Hentley! Always appreciate you reading and commenting. Totally agree!


Hey Maria, great read as always.

Although negativity surrounds us in all aspects of life, we must always try to shut it out and be positive in all that we do.

Have a fantastic start to the weekend when you get there too my friend!:-)

Thanks a lot Nick! I appreciate you always taking the time to read and comment.

Have an awesome start to your weekend too my friend! 😁

Cheers Maria, and much appreciated my friend!😁

Thank you.. wonderful post!

Thank you Nikki. Really appreciate you reading and commenting!


Excellent thoughts, Maria! Enjoy your day!


Thanks Jeff. Hope all is well. Take good care.


Hi Maria
You convey an important message. Thank you.

However, having tried for many years to avoid negative thoughts, I've come to the conclusion that we cannot stop negative thoughts from starting ...

I think the key to being positive as much of the time as possible is to be aware enough to notice the instant a negative thought turns up and actively change it to something more positive!

With deliberate practice over time, this can become second nature.

Totally agree with you Richard. The human mind has an affinity to attract negative thoughts while positive ones are learned and we must practice thinking them so that when negative thoughts arise, we can switch gears. Amazing isn’t it?! Thanks for always stopping by and commenting.


Actually, Maria,
I don't think it's just that we "collect negative thoughts". Our subconscious beliefs (mindset) generates negative thoughts as well through its role of filtering our conscious requests, often against our conscious wishes.

A primary function of the brain is to prolong life. Its design is excellent for that. However... it selectively rejects commands and requests from our conscious mind and delivers negative ideas in order to preserve the status quo.

This is why it takes a great deal of effort to install changes in our mindset (values and beliefs).

I hope that makes sense to you.

So true Richard.. awareness of our thoughts is key.. changing a negative thought straight away to a positive one by deliberate practice ..until it becomes our normal thought pattern

Exactly Nikki ... well put!

Thank you so much for providing this explanation and it does make perfect sense. The brain is really the most intricate and delicate organ and the source of so much that makes us who we are. Intentional practice of positivity is key - "effort" as you so rightly put it.

Much appreciated.


I've read that it takes 21 days for the brain to fall into a pattern or a habit. "Deliberate practice" of thinking positive like you said Nikki. It does take some doing, but certainly worth it if we want to better navigate life's lemons. Cheers!


It can take up to 90 days.
It can also be changed much faster through hypnosis or trauma (trauma is not recommended)!

Hmmm.....another interesting fact! Thank you for another intriguing bit of info!



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