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One of the things that we learn in affiliates' training is about the value and use of social media for our businesses. The platform/s we use are also dependent on the niche and the target audience. We risk spreading ourselves too thin and getting little result if we utilise too many platforms or a social media platform that is not appropriate for our niche or our audience.. However, this blog is already assuming that you've got your social media platform/s up and running. Now what? Like any oth
Today 31 May, as the United States recognises and honours the millions of military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties on this annual Memorial Day, I couldn't help but think of a different kind of service that has formed a part of the history of my country, Trinidad and Tobago. In case you didn't know, my country is multi-cultural and multi-racial and is a melting pot of ethnicities brought about by the arrival to our shores by peoples from Africa, India, Syria,
May 30, 2021
Hello. My name is Maria and I'm jealous of affiliates who can blog every day, twice a day AND manage their website/s! There, I've said it! Ooops! This isn't Affiliates Anonymous?! 😵How do those with a full-time job manage it? How do those with families AND a full-time job do it? I will be honest, I spend my entire work day behind my laptop writing because my job involves managing communications for my team and my organisation, presenting to stakeholders across the region and attending m
Scrolling through Netflix the other day, I came across a documentary from 2017 called 'What the Health'. Its primary purpose is to promote and advocate plant-based diets and heavily critiques the health impact of the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, including the alleged collusion with the pharmaceutical industry to cover it up. Got me to thinking (not about conspiracy theories so much), but about how much we do not know about a lot of things - how they work, how they are mad
I'm a bit late out of the gates on this one, since Mental Health Awareness Month began on 1 May. However, it would be remiss of me not to recognise the importance of this month, particularly now when the consciousness and positive energy of the human race has been stripped by the ravages of a global pandemic resulting in millions of deaths, and political and social unrest in war-torn Palestine. Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in the US since 1949 and is usually observed with med
Why do we write? Writing is pretty much what we do as WA affliates - blogging on WA, creating content on our websites and social media platforms and doing reviews just to name a few. As amateur writers (or even more seasoned ones), it can be a challenge to keep the ideas flowing or even finding an idea to begin with.Thankfully the internet, with its infinite access to everything under the sun, can provide the pathway through which we can more readily develop content because of the plethora of i
You know the saying, 'Time waits on no one'? Well, it certainly doesn't. We're already almost in mid-May of 2021 can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday that we were experiencing our first lockdown in March 2020. Already we are into year 2 of this dreaded virus that is still ravaging so many countries - I think of India as I write this. It's been over 6 months since I first signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. I've been working remotely for 14 months. My country is back in lockdown with hund
Today, as I logged on to my WA profile, a notification popped up announcing that I had earned my 6-month dedication badge! WA certainly does keep track of everything!Amazing that 6 months has already gone by since I first signed on to the world of Wealthy Affiliate. Before 1 November 2020, I never even knew anything about affiliate programmes, and was even more amazed to discover how long they've been around and people all over the world have been earning money for years by being affiliates. I
April 30, 2021
Thirteen-hour work day! 🤯Breakfast and lunch in one hand, keyboard on the next!Three virtual meetings back to back!In PJs till noon cuz there just isn't time between meetings to grab a quick shower!Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines!The dog dug a hole to China in the back yard! The one in the front yard takes you to Australia!The automatic garage door is screeching like tyres on a Daytona 500 race track!The downstairs toilet is clogged and the plumber says he'll need to dig a trench to Tim
According to HubSpot, "the buyer’s journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service." There are different schools of thought on the consumer purchasing model. In the HubSpot model, the journey consists of a three-step process: The awareness stage as the name suggests is bringing awareness to the customer of their need for our product. At the beginning of the buyer’s journey the customers may sometimes