Stuck on a post. anyone willing to help with suggestions?

Stuck on a post. anyone willing to help with suggestions?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I am stuck on a post. I have a outline of sorts. Anyone willing to take a look and share some suggestions? If so, leave a reply below and I will send Private Message with the t

Sure, I will help. I think suggestions from many people could be insightful.

Sure, send it to me!


himary payment use moutain pacfic crown

Hello Brie,
I can help if you like.

Sure, I'll try to help!

Awesome! Thanks! I will PM you in a min!

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Social media content help and tips?

Social media content help and tips?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello All,
I need some social media help. I am having a hard time coming up with actual content for my social media accounts. I currently use Instagram, Pinterest, and Face

Some things I add to my social media accounts are affiliate links to products that compliment my content, links to authoritative sites that get a lot of traffic, my WA link of course using a custom banner designed to match my niche, content I post here and I occasionally toss up a link to a funny tik tok video or reel.

If you see your social media efforts as your interaction with your virtual friends, then think of the types of things you would send in the real-world to your friends.

When I do share posts from other websites, I am very careful to not share anything that may be unprofessional. A lot of sites have way too many spammy ads. If a site has that, I move on to find something much better.

Will you help me brainstorm? serious writer's block!

Will you help me brainstorm? serious writer's block!

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi All,
I have been having a serious case of writers block and I really need to move forward. I was hoping you would join me in a brainstorming session. I am in the MMO nich

Log on to Quora as well, and look at the questions being asked. They can steer you towards a great article.

Did you read Partha's article about using Google to gather 30 questions to form the headings for a skyscraper article at the rate of one a day? I'm implementing it at the moment and finding it relatively easy. Each one is a small chunk but the total is huge.

Remember my information about wikipedia? You can use the words that you wrote under those categories then in wikipedia scroll down and you will see many other kind of keywords. I’ve done that to add my list and also Google auto suggest as well. Ask Socrates another resource I think thats what it is.

Yeah I 've done it all just trying to get unstuck, but so far nothing! I just thought I would try an interactive approach and see if that worked!

What about digital softwares, evergreen software for everyday use, payroll softwares, accounting software, autoresponder softwares, budgeting software, writing software, higher education online classes. If you look at UDemy, they have programming tools to use, SEO software tools, best writing software, all these software are around us to use and buy find an affiliate to offer these tools excellent to write about because I use them myself daily. Webinar software like zoom go meeting or other webniarjam. Those topics can be under Tools for everyday use.

Lead generation tools, lead generation software, tools for generating leads, funnel softwares, how to get leads and keep them for life, how to market your business, paid ads software, advertising software, social media software, marketing tools, business tools, traffic software, many diffrent topics, senior citizens software, parenting software, how to help Moms with planning and budgeting, organizing tools. Hope this interactive brainstorming helps.

Ok I will get this ball rolling.
Affiliate Marketing
How To Make Money Online

i think the problem is these are too broad...
so have you done the top 10 mistakes and gone through your list...
have you done about content strategy...for blogging
how to construct the perfect blog for your visitors and google...
have you tried any of the blog title generators and put in hte main topics
(Do You Make These 4 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?
5 Useful Tools For More Signups
5 Affiliate Marketing Hacks You Need to Know Now
The 19 Most Important Steps to Solving Lack Of Visitors
The Affiliate Marketing Plan to More Signups
3 Sites to Help You Become an Expert at Affiliate Marketing
10 Quick Tips About Affiliate Marketing
12 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Affiliate Marketing
The One Skill that Makes an Awesome Affiliate Marketing Beginners
Get Rid of Lack Of Visitors Once and For All)

what about a roundup post or two...
the blogs you should be following
the best youtube channels to learn from...

I have used this resource

lol The writer states that "You do not overcome writer's block by reading articles on how to overcome writer's block. (Kinda shot myself in the foot there, huh?)" lol
I have tried most of the ideas on here ...nothing has worked so I thought I would try an interactive method!

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Is it time to apply to an ad network?

Is it time to apply to an ad network?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

I should start this by saying I don't actually get that much traffic to my site but my site is 10 months old with 78 posts and very few reviews. It is also in the MMO niche wit

You stated that your blogs were mostly informative.

Consider starting to answer questions folks have about your niche. Look at the "what people ask" when you Google you keywords, abd answer those questions.

Really dive into solving people's pain.

This may produce more traffic before you consider ads.

Keep thriving!


Thanks. I am already using this method. It definitely works I just still don't get that much traffic.

Great, I guess then just share them more on social media and to your email list.
I just hate the idea of paying for ads!

Keep on thriving!

Oh I am not paying for ads. This is about displaying ads on my site.

Got it!

I had Google AdSense for 2 weeks.

It cluttered up my blogs and website so it was unreadable.
In that week I had about 50 ad clicks and made less than $2.
My bounce rate also got worse and I had less clicks on my own links.

In my humble opinion, ads are a terrible way to make money, but a great way to ruin your site.

I understand that there are other ad companies other than Google.

But why have ads for other products when you can put your own affiliate links up that actually connect with your niche?

Well said Al.

Although ads can seem like a great way to monetize traffic, offering your own affiliate links in the place of ads can make you significantly more revenue. You also have the ability to integrate affiliate links in a way that will not ruin the user experience on your site.

I've seen many folks harm their website rankings by adding ads to their pages and harming the user experience, site speed, and overall readability.


The way I have built up my traffic is by sharing my posts regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest.
It took until my site was 12 months old to get much traffic from Google and now that is at 85%.
I would not put ads on yet. I still don't have any on my site and it is 16 months old.

Ok Thanks.
I get anywhere from 5 -10 people on my site daily. I gained a little traction on Pinterest then it slowed to a stand still. I tried LinkedIn and did not get anywhere.

Many ad networks wouldn't allow you to join anywa without a lot of traffic. Google ads is the exception to this as I have added
Adsense to all of my sites even low-trafficked ones.

It's awesome you have that many posts. MMO sites just take longer to rank due to competition. I would be searching forums and seeing what people are asking. Maybe you should condense down your ideal customer and answer questions like "What's their unique situation they are trying to improve?" "How can I offer a solution?"

I would say keep working on your content until you have the traffic. You can plan a social media campaign, be helpful on forums, and I like the idea someone else shouted out about mapping out the many ways to get traffic.

All the best

Ok! Than you!

i would say it is time to start marketing...
get that traffic up and then you can think about monetisation....
so go find your audience and make sure they know you exist...
and where to find more information....
without traffic you have a website not a business....
so as you have writers block...get your marketing hat out and design some campaigns based on the content you have on your site...
Good luck Brie
make a s.m.a.r.t. goal...say 100 tweets, 20 fb posts, 10 quora answers by the end of the month and continue that until you find your audience then concentrate on that method....

Good Advice. I struggle with finding my audience. Any suggestions on that?

where are you getting your suggestions for posts from...
are they questions from quora...or twitter ...or facebook....
or have a look for forums, google can help with that...
are your ideal visitors beginners, intermediate or advanced marketers...
i hope you have an idea of who you are writing to, or you have written to no one....
but try the standard ones of twitter, fb linkedin and maybe even pinterest as Lisa has found...
htere is a social media plugin ( can't remember the name) that will schedule posting on your social accounts...
a while ago i picked up a lifetime deal on ocoya for scheduling social has a graphics designer and an ai writer....i think it was on appsumo....
but whatever you do plan out your campaign, with a theme building up to a start with questions...
like how do you track your blog post word count per month....
then move toward telling them about sitecontent...and this is hopefully within your wa review...

"where are you getting your suggestions for posts "
Google 's People Ask Section.
I currently use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I don't understand how to build a campaign. Do you mean create posts that ask questions? Then eventually solve it with a post?

yeah a bit like a soap opera....where you reveal a bit of the puzzle at a adding curiosity....and linking to your site at the end of say two or three tweets or a couple of posts....
go find influencers in your niche and answer their posts and interact with their audience...

Hi - but if you are not getting traffic, who is going to click on your ads? You will earn very little until you are getting thousands of visitors.

For example, as regards AdSense, 1,000 visitors to a site makes $10 on average.

I know you have said you are struggling with writer's block at the moment, but unfortunately, your focus should be on adding more content as often as you can.

Very good point! Yes I do seem to have some sorta block at the moment which is no good!

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Taking a poll on gift giving and recieving?

Taking a poll on gift giving and recieving?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this,
I am revamping my first site and I wanted to take a poll.
1. What is a gift or gifts you like to give?
2. What is a gi

I love to give personalized gifts; it shows that I really tried to find something perfect for the recipient.

I try to identify the person's favorite thing - whether it's cats, Mickey Mouse, golf, etc. - then find something appropriate to that passion.

I like to receive gifts that show that the giver truly knows me - they know I love my Huskies, my country, my home, my town.

I also enjoy gifts that were produced locally, rather than something made in China. Not so easy in the US many days.

True. Thank you! Personalized gifts are a great way to go!

Hi Brie,

A very interesting topic - Gifts.

What do you buy that friends/colleague/other-half?

I try to be different when it comes to someone else. I tend to buy something based on their personality.

1. Gifts I like giving.
a. Crystal Glasses (Wine/Tumbler)
b. Whisky (Single Malt), Rum
c. For the Big Mile Marker Years, I tend to go for something from the Year they were born. Newspaper/Magazine or Article on a Major Event.
d. Personalised Coffee/Tea Mug (& if its Heat Changing, even better)

2. As for me, well, I'm into my Single Malt Whiskies & love it when I receive a bottle & share it with friends/family.

Nothing like sitting down after an amazing meal with friends and drinking a glass of whisk.

It's funny that you should mention that, Christian! I have sold many old newspapers and magazines with the date of someone's birth to people who wanted an original gift with a birthday (to include the exact year) on it!

I made a lot of money in the past doing that! The stock is a lot lower now though.


It's definitely an original idea and everyone I have done it for has loved it.

Great Ideas!!! Thank you SO much!!!

I completely agree, Christian, and my previous sales bore it out!


What is your range of years?
Oldest year?
Anything in the 1950's range? I have a few birthdays coming up.


I have some books (Plural) called the year that was 1948, and the year that was 1958, Rudy, plus some magazines and newspapers from the 1950s. What year in the 1950s?


To give: theatre tickets, books, luxury versions of everyday items like embroidered bags, customised items.
To receive: Massage vouchers, perfume, books.

Sorry I meant theatre tickets, for a show or talk I know they’d like

Wonderful! Thanks!

Chocolates, wine, clothes for me.

I love those ideas!!!

Jewelry :)

Cool! Any specific brand, type, color?

Well, if I'm gift-giving, it totally depends on the person I'm giving it to, their age, and the occasion.

There are lots of different jewelry affiliate programs out there, for both expensive brands as well as many, many, inexpensive, and fun brands.

So, sorry I can't be more specific...but it really depends!

It really does! Thank you!

FYI, if you google "jewelry affiliate programs", you see some posts with lists of them, and that might give you some good ideas on which companies and types of jewelry!

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