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Last Update: Jul 30, 2022

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So I wrote about this before but I took some time off this year. It was a lot of time. Some of it was due to burnout and my health taking a turn for the worse, but I also lost my laptop during this time. It definitely extended my time away.

The good news is that I came back ready and refreshed.

I came back slowly. I spent a few days just reading training, blogs, and live chat. It allowed me time to dip my toes in the water and get back in to the swing of things.


I took some time to study my site through a renewed lens. It is not where I want it to be and I realized I had strayed from my original intention for the site.

So, I have replanned my site and I am satisfied with the new direction. It's not completely new as it does incorporate what I already have on the site.

I guess the point is I lacked a vision and now I have one!

The song lyrics "I can see clearly now the rain is gone" is whirling around my head as I write this.

I can clearly see the direction I need to go in to succeed.

Using Partha's Methods I have definitely gotten results from some articles but I need to churn out more.

I wrote 5 new articles and have them scheduled out giving me time to write more all while showing consistent posting. I am going to try and schedule my articles out and stay ahead from now on.

I will also not be trying to post every day. I can write every day if I want but I am no longer going to try and kill myself by taking on too much this time around.

I created my first video pin. It's more of a slide show but it is in video format. I will be trying more videos/slide shows in the future. We will see if they gain any traction on Pinterest.

I updated my WA name and picture. That felt important to the change as well.

I have also updated my site with my new moniker and changed up my profile widgets as well.

I currently have 86 posts (I had 130 but I deleted a bunch back in January trying to satisfy Bing. Did not work by the way.) So my first goal is to hit 100 by the end of August. Hopefully, it is more but small goals are more attainable at the moment.

I am sorta in the MMO niche so I am going to need between 500 to 600 posts to really break in to the niche. So I am a long way off.

My site is now officially a year old so hopefully, that will help. Of course, I need to show consistency and have quality posts as well.

To sum it up, having a vision has really laser-focused me. I am not working on my site very fast, but I am at least working again.

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That's really great, Brie! I just completed a review post that took me 3 full days just to write that post. Reviews do seem to take a long time and I was doing it in a way that was new to me. I consider that I am doing well to just get 3 posts per week out. This month has been a lot of issues with my site but things are improving so hopefully I will be able to get at least 3 posts per week out.

That is really great that you have a more clear focus on your website now. That will most likely help you when you are figuring out what to write about.

Great work!


Yeah it is taking me awhile to write posts too but I think they are better quality. Hopefully the trade off will work!

I think it will. I personally would rather read 1 quality post than 3 posts that add less value. I believe this will work much better for you!

Best wishes for success in your newer, more clearly-defined site!


Congratulations Brie! I deal with fibromyalgia so medical issues take up 99.999999% of your time for getting stuff accomplished and it does get does get frustrating. Sorry that sounds like me! Thing is you made it back and even if you hit a pothole in the road you know how to keep on keeping on. I know you got this!

Great to have you back Brianna.
I don't agree that you need 5 to 600 posts though.
I'm in the same niche and I'm making a consistent amount of money with 400 posts.
This year I have hardly written any posts for my site at all maybe just 3 or 4 a month!
been concentrating on YouTube instead.

Well that is still 400 posts!! But closer than I expected. I have been hinking about doing videos for YouTube but starting without me on camera! It is just in the "thinking" stage though!

Faceless videos are easy to make and that is how many people get started :-)

Great to hear you’ve got a new focus, Keep pushing forward


That sounds awesome and you gave me a nugget too…to actually break in through in your niche the average is between 500 to 600 posts?

Well I am being told (here in the comments) that is not true. Although I still think it is a lot!

Thanks I guess no one wants to think or know that it’s that amount

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