Possible User Name Change

Last Update: Jul 18, 2022


Hi Guys!
I will be making changes and updates to my website, but also to my profile and other things here at WA.

One change I would like to make is to my user name.

My real name is Brianna. My current and original user name was supposed to be Irishredroses9309, but WA has a limit of 11 or 12 characters so it cut me off but I ended up not trying to change it since.

Just some fun facts

Irishredroses9309 was my original AOL instachat name and it just stuck around..

For those who still don't know... I am not Irish. I am in fact from Dallas, Texas.

THe actual story of how my user name was created is not that interesting and really does not make much sense. Let's just say it was created by a preteen who thought it was cool and made sense at that time.

N/E Ways...


I will be changing it here in the near future because the user name no longer reflects who I am or what I want, and it does not reflect my business either.

I am thinking about "BrieKraus" as that is my short handle. Otherwise, it would be "BriannaKraushaar". Nothing wrong with that other than it is long.

While not the most important thing in the world, I wondered if you all had any thoughts on the change or on which one would be better?


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My eldest grandchild is Brianna. She has an aunty Briohny.
I change mine from time to time, more of a "bored with that" type of thing though.
Each to their own.

I like Brianna, but that is just me. When I signed up I did mot realize the name would become my chat name. I have thought about changing it, but it has meaning to me.


You are so right. I also had no idea it would be used everywhere on the platform.
I think it would be more professional to have my name especially for future referrals. I am just not sure what version. I am leaning towards my nickname "Brie" with my last initial. So "BrieK". "BriannaK" would also be acceptable.

Go for short and easy to spell!

Lol I like that!

I changed my user name from my first and last name- Lisa Stafford to Lisa_Marie. I decided I wanted to do my signature on my blog with Lisa Marie (My first and middle name, I think it rolls off the tongue better lol).

So I wanted my ‘name’ to be the same across all platforms I use.

I think Phil makes a great suggestion but as Jeffrey said it can only be changed once so you have to make it count.🤪

hhhmmm My middle is Marie too! Brianna Marie. I like the sound but it feels too long. I will definitely need to think about it!

BriMarie 😁

So all those whiskey 🥃 references will have to be changed to bourbon 🥃….rats…


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