I Did Something It Turns Out I Shouldn't Have.

Last Update: Mar 15, 2022

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This may be slightly controversial but that is not my intent. Fair Warning.

So many of you may know of my ongoing battle with Bing to get indexed. It was made worse by the fact that they have now deindexed my first site as well.

Anyway, because of my frustration, I went looking for other search engines to submit my site to where maybe I could make up for the lack of Bing/ Yahoo traffic.

On this search, I found a few names and went to sign myself up for one. I entered my site then verified it only to find out it was a Russian search engine. For very obvious reasons, I was completely shocked. I had no idea. I closed out of the browser and tried to go on with my day.

This evening, after all the guilt that had built up, I spoke to hubbie about the problem I had created for myself. Do I delete my site from Yandex? Is that even possible? Do I just delete the meta tag? and so on.

I went to log back into Yandex to see what, if anything, I could do, and got a message that said my account had been closed due to possible hacker activity. I could reopen the account if I wanted to but at that point, I was like NO WAY!

I share this because

This is a personal lesson on making sure to research everything before I get involved. And hopefully sharing so you all won't make the same mistake.

I admit it. I made a massive mistake and had a complete lapse in judgment. I should have tried to learn more about what I was getting into.

I don't know if there is hacker activity going on, but believe me I will be watching my site.

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We all learn form our mistakes, Brianna, and this is a learning moment for you too! Thanks for the heads-up, but you will be the better person going forward after realizing a mistake! Best continued success to you!


Thanks for sharing Brianna, an eye opener.

Hi Brianna

Thank you for sharing this experience. I'm sending you a PM because there is something I'd like to ask you. I was going to ask the question here but realised it could open a can of worms in the community.



A close call.

Too Close!!!!

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