Celebrating A Commission: And A Random Rant

Last Update: Aug 3, 2022

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Got my second commission!

Finally! Why celebrate the second commission you ask? Because the first one was over three months ago and I am pretty sure I am the one who bought the product! I am not sure how I got away with that and if I did it was an accident. Either way, I can't be sure it was a real commission. So this is very exciting!!!!!

I wanted to include the email I received that alerted me to the fact that I had earned a real commission but short story it did not work out.

Long Story:

My old laptop died. It had a program called MS paint where I could take a screenshot and edit it. Well now I have a cheap Chromebook and apparently, things are slightly different from my old computer because this runs on the chrome operating system. I did not even know that was a thing until last night.

I digress. The point is, it does not have the paint program.

No problem I thought I will find a new program. Well I found out ms paint is a free program and all I needed to do was download it.

Nope. It is not compatible with chrome os.


Then I will find another program for chrome freaking os.

So I did. Great!

Nope. No longer available.

So all of that to say I did not get to post my email because I could not edit all the personal detail out of the photo!

Back to the original point.....Yeay!!! I got a commission!

It won't pay the bills but it is progress!

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Congrats on the "first" commission. I kind of did the same thing. I have a couple of friends who I told they should start doing Affiliate Marketing and on my site, I have a post with Affiliate Links to WA. I was showing them my site and sent it to them. Then later when they were setting up their accounts apparently they had clicked on my links to WA so I got my first referral accidentally through my friends.

Congrats! This is great news. *happy dance* :D
Every win is worth celebrating!

Sorry about the chromebook issue. I have not used one, so I had no idea a paint program would be a problem. We learn something new every day. Looks like Rudy has you covered with a suggestion, though. ;)

Thanks for sharing Brie! Have a fantastic week! I hope more commissions start coming. :D

Hiw frustrating....I use MSPaint often...
Check out paintZ.
Google app for chromebooks.

Here's the link:


Thanks but that is the program that is no longer available!

Any progress is good progress. Congratulations.


Congrats! Celebrate every win.

I think I just might! Thank you!

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