"You Missed the Point!"- Grammar Errors!

Last Update: May 13, 2019

"Do many things imperfectly, but completely!"... But, don't POST them!

Mr. Mason, I get it!! Thank You!!

My first, 21 Day writing challenge, back in October 2017, addressed "My Writer's Block".
This, challenge was for making daily time, at WA, by writing one hour a day.

Friday, during training, Jay asked if we ever had, "a fun teacher"?

This, was Mr. Mason, my 9th grade English teacher! Fun, but demanding!

How demanding?

First, day, of class, after my mother insisted, I have Mr. Mason, and had my schedule changed...

"Here, class, is a packet of 7 pages, single-spaced, of all the rules of grammar!"

"If, you are here, then you should already know all these rules. If, there is one error, in your essays, I will stop reading, immediately, and you will receive, an automatic "U",

... As you were just too lazy to look them up!"

In addition, the these firm guidelines, Mr Mason, had incentives, for always, getting ahead! Vocabulary tests, every Friday, unless you were already 3 weeks ahead!

We could come in early in the morning, on our time, and he was always available.

Setting firm bar of Excellence!

Mr. Mason, realized, that IF, we do not express ourselves, in written word, clearly, and with all the rules, people will MISS the Point!

Lesson learned!

Recently, several posts, were written, while I was racing against the clock, to keep up with my
21 Day writing challenge!

"Haste, makes waste"!

I received, NO feedback, on the topic, but several critiques, on my comma errors!

I was, even told, I wasn't taught right!!

All comments for that post, were about how I can fix, my writing, of which I was already quite aware!

I noticed the commas, no caps in title, image doubled, ...after I had published it!

I get it Mr. Mason!

My apologies, for disrespecting you! ...My carelessness, spoke volumes!

Proof read! ... Before you post!

Watch for...

  • Typos
  • commas
  • dyslexic transitions ...my personal favorite
  • technical errors- images
  • use spell/grammar check

    Poetic license, is only allowed, IF one knows the Basics, first!

    Mr. Mason, was the model for my own demanding approach to teaching. Set down the rules, first!

    Afterward, I'm free to loosen and/or, compromise, if or when, necessary

    I loved, Mr Mason!!

    Here at WA, this also applies!

    We must first get the WA technical training, the ABC's of website functioning, before we can go out and TRY, different approaches.

    Get back to the BASICS!

    Start with a firm foundation and build your dreams from there!

    "It's a beautiful morning, uh-huh...

    I think I'll go outside for a while, and just smile..."

    The Rascals

    Make it a great day! Today Matters!



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    tbowyer Premium
    Hi Barb.

    I think the main take-away is to say what you mean and mean what you say. If you are communicating your intent to your audience, then correct grammar simply is icing on the cake. Especially for those for whom English is not a first language, we must be prepared to make allowances.

    Stylistically, any writer can choose to adopt a quirky approach to his or her writing–that's their choice. However, when the style turns off readers and the writer loses the audience's attention, then that style cannot be said to be effective or even useful.


    brichnow21 Premium
    Yes, I must consider readability, Tayo!
    LLettau1 Premium
    Make the main thing the main thing at the heart of basics.
    brichnow21 Premium
    Writing was the reason. I needed to get back to writing consistantly!
    Once, I'm "Being the writer" I can tweak tthe content.
    Beginning, anew with daily writing!!
    SueKolman1 Premium
    What a great and enjoyable blog. My Mr. Mason was Mr. Del Re. I always felt so sorry for people who did not get into his class. I'm pretty darn good at spelling and grammar (even site content's ABC check agrees) but I'm terrible about run-on sentences! I usually have to edit 5 or 6 by the end of a post, and by edit, I mean, put a freakin' period somewhere already!!
    Thanks for sharing Barb!
    brichnow21 Premium
    Thank you, Sue!
    I think some folks actually "Got the point"!
    Notice, I wrote this when?? How's that for fear!
    Those few critiques, unsolicted advice, were very detrimental to my progress.
    I'm back to understanding, some folks are just critics, and will find fault, anywhere.
    Not going to pay attention to unessentials.
    Thanks, again, Sue!
    lesabre Premium
    Thank you for sharing this post. I am the comma king, I think I should put one of those babies everywhere possible. I am here to learn. If someone has the time to spend to tell me my grammar does not meet their structure,,,,,,,,,bring it on, and thank you.
    Site content has a spell check and grammar check, and that helps me out.
    All the best,
    RosanaHart Premium
    you, are, the, comma, king!,!,
    lesabre Premium
    Thank you, Thank you very much
    kpercival55 Premium
    LOL! I never noticed that about your writing...maybe that makes me the Queen!
    lesabre Premium
    Kyle Ann, I need to see a lot more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, before, you are granted the throne. I know, it is not easy to be king, or Queen. The rules, of entitlement, have to be followed.
    Michael...... "King of the Comma". I also like those hookey things, " " "
    brichnow21 Premium
    Thank you, MIke!!
    "Write" ON!
    FKelso Premium
    Keep working on it. You are improving.