World Series Fever 2021 ! What Winners All Share

Last Update: Oct 30, 2021

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Happy weekend everybody!

Baseball! America's Favorite Pastime!

This has begun the World Series of 2021!

The World Series is a series Best of 7 baseball games, featuring the American Baseball League(ABL) and the National Baseball League(NBL)

No matter where you are, it's difficult to not in to be drawn in excitement! After moving from Michigan, in 1976, ...Y'all know, by now, I'm a Texan!!!,

I'm a TexMich in my heart!

My home is in Stafford, Texas, ...right next door to Houston!

All the bar's and restaurants will be packed, and how wonderful that is for an economy, that is recovering from Co-Vid!

We all need some good news and reason to celebrate!

Remember Little League and T-Ball?

Houston Astros vs Atlanta Braves

Both of the teams have had excellent stats for the season!

Truth be known, I'm not a "Glued to the Tube", but I do enjoy a good competition!

The games started out last Tuesday in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Braves, NBL champs vs Houston Astros of the ALB.

After 2 games, they are now tied, with game #3 tonight!
...and the excitement mounts!

May the Best Team Win!

Both teams have Strengths and Weaknesses! Each individual player brings in his special talent! His gem to add to the treasure chest!

Together, this vast variety of men come together, from different backgrounds and personal experiences, united for a common goal!

Personal goals, meet team goals to create a Marvelous Masterpiece!

What's it Takes to be on the Winning Team!

Many factors come to mind! Here are but, a few.

  • Winning players must have DESIRE! ... What motivates them to want to succeed.
  • Passion or Love of the sport. Remember the Little League Player? Passion for the sport begins right there! When we are young! ... The formative years.
  • Discipline to practice and healthy habits to strengthen the body. Workouts in gym and on the field
  • Daily activity to develop momentum
  • Desire for achieving excellence in their special position, The more the specialty the more desirable they become for any team!
  • Humility! There is no "I" in team! One's personal wants must never take precedence, over the goals of the TEAM.
  • Ability to accept failure and constructive criticism. When the pitcher is off the beam, they will replace him! No blaming others, for your failures. Traded to another team'
  • They learn learn from their mistakes and correct them, for growth.
  • Calculated Risk taker! Have you ever seen someone steal a base?
  • Appreciation for the successes of others, your team or opponents
  • Respect for the the TEAM and each individual player.

The World Series is About Celebrating all the Successes!

Can you see how these qualities are evident in this WA platform, "The World Series of Internet Marketing"?

Everyone of us brings many of these qualities, to WA!

WE get to celebrate each other, everyday!

Putting this post to bed early this evening, as others venture call.

In closing, Cool and the Gang is taking us out!


"Let's celebrate

There's a party going on right here

A celebration to last throughout the years, come on

We gonna celebrate your party with you


So bring your good times and your laughter too

We gonna celebrate and have a good time

Its time to come together

It's up to You

What's your pleasure?

Everyone around the World, come on

Let's Celebrate!"

Hoping for an Astros win, but I be celebrating for all the players!

At WA, we will continue to celebrate each other, and someday,

WA may big the biggest success, over all others!

Go WA TEAM! WE rock!

Happy Halloween every body and have a very productive weekend!

Best success!


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Recent Comments


Excellent post, Barb! Not a baseball kind of guy, but you made it look interesting though.😂


It's kind of like the Olympics!
Fans for a season, Canty!

Not a huge baseball fan personally Barb, probably because I never played it growing up! Cricket is the way to go!😉

But winners are winners no matter what activity we all take part in!

Celebrating the wins, no matter how big or small of others on the platform is one of the reasons why this must be the best online community in the world!

Enjoy a spectacularly spooky Halloween holiday yourself, but also a productive one too my friend!🎃🎃

We are an amazing community, Jessie!
I bet cricket started way back when you were young,
Enjoy your weekend!
BTW... Astros lost to Braves, last night, but plenty more games to go!

You are right Barb, that all winners share the same qualities. Very nicely said, thank you for sharing this post.

Thank you, Helen!
It just popped up as a fun way to make a point and celebrate our WAmily, too!

We can all knock it out of the park if we work hard and smart, well done on another one. I have a new addition which may slow me down, lol.

Love the new addition to the family here Steveoi!!

How old is the baby, and what breed is he! Looks like a mini Chewbacca! (In the cutest of ways of course)!

A new puppy? Looks like a Malti-Poo!
That will keep you young, Stevie!
A blog dog, for Zoopie! Yea!

He is about 7 months old, We saved him as he was abandoned, breed . Bitza,I think, bit sa this bit sa that. Lol.
Absolutely crazy dog, haha,

LOL! Good one Jessie!
Bet Steve's got a picture of that one, too!

Mine is a rascal as well!
Winds took out some of my fence, and GinGin, took full advantage!
I didn't know, until my neighbor knocked.
She was leash free playing with Annie, next door.
Little twerp!

Good on you mate for saving the little bliter from the street!

That's how my Jessie came to us! A poor girl from the streets of Brazil, in the end she traveled to more countries than most of us end up going to!

I'm sure he hss a picture of anything and everything we could ever need to see Barb!🤣

Mine is a jumper. Funny as to watch. Is yours a jumper too.

Yes distorted perhaps, but who expects less from our Zoopie? LOL

Jumper and a zipper!
Loves to chase my feet and bite my hands while dancing!
Lovely, just lovely!
My hands always have black and blue marks.
I look like someone is abusing me!
She's finally adjusting to sleeping in the big bed, without 20 minutes of play time.

Who me, distorted. Hahaha. Disturbed

That sounds right, a Multi Pooh.mmmm. Lol.

May we use our strengths and always be winners
Hope your day is amazing

Thank you, Simone!
I'm hopping around this morning and checking out the WA news, and then on to site work!
I have the day blocked out, except for Jay's training!
It's a get things done day!
Catch you later, Lady!

You are on a roll :)

Simone, I've been rolling around and around!
Slow going but trying to follow directions! LOL

You're still moving :)
That's the main thing

I'm following Jay's 14 to Create my WA affiliate site.
I'm stuck at create contact email.
Putting it all away for the night, Simone.
Too tired , and getting confused, better to start fresh again tomorrow.

Morning is early start to my Sunday morning regular meeting, so heading to bed, early. LOL 12:30AM!
See you tomorrow, Simone!
Enjoy your day!

It is best to start tomorrow
Tomorrow is a new day indeed

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