What AM I Doing With My "Dash"?

Last Update: December 03, 2019

Thanksgiving week, was a time of both Joy and Sorrow...

Unexpected Funeral for a Friend

Plans for this past Thanksgiving, changed upon the announcement of a friend's, loss of his younger brother, Dwayne, at the age of 59.

Dwayne, was born mentally challenged, so Curtis, as older brother, became Dwayne's leading advocate throughout his life. I met, Dwayne, at social functions, having dinners. He always had this great, big smile!

Suddenly, Dwayne was gone! No warning of illness, but gone in an instant!


I'd only seen Dwayne, in the later days, when the family had extra-care coming in to help, but still, he was showing up!

Having had the occasion to work with many "Challenged" individuals, I was so pleasantly surprised, and proud of the educational systems, now in place to help these individuals, become functional members of society!

Dwayne's obituary shared the many jobs he had had over the years, and programs that had helped him along the way. He had the right guides, but ...The work was up to him!

A "disability" is, only a disability, if you let it become your identity!!

Dwayne was a giver to society, not just a taker!!

Someday, I have a "Marker" which will read...

Barb 1952 - ?

My DASH is my life!!

Reminded of the dangers of procrastination, I've made a plan!

My site idea, came to me back in 2011, then with a different website builder, ...then life and divorce happened, and this idea took a back seat!

Listening to Les Brown, I was reminded, "Girl, you've been pregnant with the idea for 8 years!! Isn't it time to give birth?" Ha-haaa!

So, let the "labor pains", begin! Yes, I must put some Action into my dream.!

GET SITE Up and Connected to full functioning, by the New Year! 2020!!

Big goal, but attainable! I must again, become a WA Addict!! Living and breathing my goal until fruition

Following some goal setting rules, I've set up goals for WA community and my site!

Writing more blogs for the WA community allows me a reprieve from the sometimes, frustrating lessons. Stepping back from a "problem" often offers, and intelligable solution from the community, or an inspiration flash of my own.

I have many prliminary articles to set in place, before I may begin. Listing these articles is the first step! Writing down the littlest intention, seems to start putting the goal into action.

Get started working by 9:00 AM!

I love morning meditation, and study, but...Time to get serious and produce!

WA Ranking... I would like to again be in the top 100!

I've been an Ambassador, so this isn't what's important, at this time. My ranking merely shows, me, I'm doing something productive in our fabulous community.

Greet my new followers and add to mine.

Greeting the newbies, brings me back to the FEAR, I initially had, after so many failures with other sites. I'm reminded of the GOLD we get when we have finally "Arrived"!

Website building needs...Specific site plugins, how create membership forum, monetizing, etc.Spend an hour a day, minimum,on Training!


I must set up my aweber account, or I have no list!!

These are just a few of my "projects"...

"How to eat an elephant? One bite at a time!" Bon appetite!

If, I work daily, focusing on the big picture, and enjoy my little successes...?

I Will Become the Writer!

What are you doing with your "Dash"?

Song for the day..."Time keeps on Ticking!"

Off to the salt-mines of website building!!



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RosanaHart Premium
What I am doing with my dash? writing memoirs mainly
brichnow21 Premium
So much for the intention, but drama has cleared, and now I'm free to write, so I'm back on track!
accad Premium
Yes, bit by bit all the little things when joined together will make a big one.
timstime20 Premium
Great post
Best of the best
brichnow21 Premium
I'm finding out a lot about God's timing, not mine!!
Hard to write anything when mind is involved in drama! Storm has passed, so I will make progress, Tim!
don1rock Premium
Hi Barb.
Best of luck in your new direction. Hope it meets your expectations.
brichnow21 Premium
Having a direction is the key!
Thanks, Don
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, Barb--is the song you're referring to by the Steve Miller Band? Just curious!

brichnow21 Premium
Yes, it is, Jeff!
Actually, the song is " Fly like an Eagle"! - Steve Miller Band
..Remiss in giving credit where credit is due.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks, Barb, I remember now, it was just escaping my memory!