Sometimes One Needs to Just Hit "Pause"

Last Update: March 23, 2020

Back in November, having recommitted to my 12 Step recovery site, the "Universe" began to support my "Vision", bringing in many real life opportunities for service!

With the holidays brought Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah/Muslim breakfast meetings, in addition to our monthly sobriety anniversaries.

The Christmas breakfast meeting was started by me, so the coordination, set-up, cooking and clean-up was all part of this wonderful event, responsibility was also, mine.

Working With Others

"Whenever a Hand reaches out, we have a responsibility..."
"We must give it away to keep it!"

Having met a newcomer from an earlier recovery group, that I worked with 5 some years ago, I began working with this youngster.

Sponsorship is NOT my forte, but people "Like what I have", and are attracted to my off-beat, no nonsense style.

More people, both guys and gals were referred to me for one-on-one recovery work.

Speaking is my forte!

Leading meetings is what I do best.

My teaching experience taught me that any lesson needs a main objective or point to be pondered, analyzed, and processed. Coming up with objectives is easy, and sharing with a group gives me great joy. I make an honest to meet and engage with each person in attendance and know them all by name.

Sitting back and being a wall-flower is NOT an option when I'm leading!

People feel accepted and included when one knows their name. They have found a safe place to be.

Already involved weekly with 2 meetings, Friday morning and Sundays, I was asked to come to a recovery center meeting on Tuesday evenings, and then back to my first "Group", where I was treasure for several years, I'm back to leading my Wednesday, noon meeting.

Now, I've been invited to lead another recovery group, on a Friday evening.

Where did my free time go?

Much as I love to lead, there is an emotional expense put out by my passion for recovery. After any good meeting, like a good workout at the gym, we get drained.

Sitting down and writing about the experience would be beneficial, but yet a practice.

Enter WA and another recommitment

January brought all these grand goals for WA and my site.

Blogging and reconnecting with the WA family and feeling pretty good about my progress, I was making NO progress on my site! ...Frustration set in.

I kept reading great blogs and getting more wonderful ideas! Inspired by things the WAmily keeps accomplishing by just doing something concrete, everyday, accomplishing goal after goal.


I'm on information overload, all by my own activities!

I have to many to-do lists!

Attitude adjustment time!

I needed to change my "Have to's to "Get to's!"

Spring is here, in Texas, and we are blessed to have an early garden. Embrace the change and spring to action! Weeding the garden, brought a hidden Hibiscus, and some early green strawberries! Some weeds look like irises, so I mow around.

Appreciation is MY key to Attitude change!

"Are We Having Fun Yet?"

Out of balance!

By middle of February, I was whirling around in confusion with too many irons in the fire!

My life was all recovery! Morning, noon and night, I had my site goals on my mind.

WA blogs about successes, and progress, only made me whirl around more.

Continued research lead to study of the Bible, the Tao, different approaches to the 12 steps. Listening to speakers on many topics of personal transformation.

I was a learning "junkie"!

Surrounded by 20 books and copious notebooks, I had no focus, but was bombarded with too much information!

The value of a trusted friend...

My Best friend and sister in recovery, Suzanne could see, what I could not!

Trusted friends are GOLD!

Valentine's weekend...

"WE are getting out of Dodge, Barb, and going to the casino!"

I just wanted to run and have some fun in another arena!

So, off we went!

Time for a regrouping.

"Thelma and Louise", and Michi, heading for Michigan 2018

Time for regrouping!

My recovery anniversary is February 22, on which I celebrated 14 years for which I am truly grateful. At that time, I lived in the country and was married to a man who worked abroad, and could care less about any of my goals, Thankfully, we are no longer.

I was isolated, and in my own prison!

I lived in the "Program" as it saved my life and sanity!

My recovery groups began a whole new support system and "family".

With this, comes more responsibility!

I believe in giving back, and with this I've commited 2 briskets for my 2 different home groups.

Two weekends, 4 briskets later, ...I was committed, and about to be "committed".

What began as a singular contribution, my first couple of years has grown into a group effort!

I've watched this February group grow as Chris, then Bernie, Richard, David entered and achieved another year. ...My brothers in recovery!

Having pushed "Pause"...

Life continues each and everyday, each with it's own experience! Each day is a lesson with possibility of growth.

Reminders of things that I truly appreciate...

  • Change is inevitable-Embrace it!
  • Visions are powered my passion-The results are to trusted to "God" who adds the most amazing touches!
  • Appreciate your unique talents-Give them to others freely with Love!
  • "To everything there is a season and a purpose unto Heaven"-Nothing happens by mistake
  • When more than one come together with a common cause-Collective Consciousness begins.
  • Chores can become games-My yard is my gym, offering Yoga, Heavy-lifting and my lawnmower walking treadmill!
  • Greatest gift is learning to love yourself- Friends and family deserve your gift!
  • You are what you think-Power of ability to seek harmony over discord
  • Meditation comes in many forms-Silent and solitude are necessary for intuitive thought messages

That was then, and this is now...

Activities enjoyed

My BFF had a grandson!

Bird of Paradise from Suzanne's husband, Sean's, garden, this past summer

As Suzanne's daughter, Katie counted down the days to baby Ross' birthday, Auntie Barb pulled this pic off my Vision Board!

Having no grandchildren of my own, Suzanne freely shares her little gifts with me! For this I am truly blessed! Spoil them all I want!

Day Time...


Gift for Sean and Suzanne on their first grandson's birthday!

Gift for me ...Sense of peace and accomplishment...

Creating a glass piece is much like awaiting puppies! One never knows just how the vision will turn out.

As with puppies, art is created, but must be sent on another home with Love, ours to be enjoyed for but a short time.

Appreciate the journey!

WAmily I've missed you!

Thank you for Jay's Live Training every Friday night!

Jay's consistency and the attendance is one thing that hasn't wavered!

Neither has my attendance at Happy Hour! I so enjoy seeing the gang for Friday fun learning!


Okay, I wrote this last week, and didn't get around to posting.

So, rather than search for lyrics...

Parting song ...

"Ticket to Ride"-Beatles

Hold on everyone, as this is quite the ride!!

Time to check in at the WAter Cooler, and see what I've been missing!

Good night all and God Bless!


I'll be back soon with March Madness!!

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Wdcope Premium
Stepping back to find our balance is always a good thing. Make sure when you do you look for the consistency in just enough to continue forward and you will find the right balance.
Take care,
Mick18 Premium
It's great to see you, Barb! I agree, sometimes we need to hit that pause button. The road trip looked like fun.

I love that Bird of Paradise. The actual flower and the art.

See you around the WAter cooler.
brichnow21 Premium
I need to look at website building as a fun road-trip! ...Note to self...Keep positive attitude and do something everyday.
Good to see you Mick!
Stanleycmng Premium
Yes, sometimes we need to pause. Best wishes to your journey, take care and stay safe.
brichnow21 Premium
Stanley, I'm Living in the NOW... Let tomorrow's challenges be faced as they come. Progress even if it's little, is progress!
Stanleycmng Premium
I agreed any progress is good. You are moving...
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow Barb! What a wonderful transformation! You seem bubbling over with excitement, and it is infectious! I'm excited --and excited for you!

You have a new zest for life! This is FANTASTIC!

Nice to hear from you! Talk again soon!

brichnow21 Premium
From the frying pan into the fire!! LOL
Like the phoenix...we rise again.
Good to be back with my friends, again, Jeff!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I certainly know what you mean, Barb!

RamiSociable Premium
Lolos Barbs,you said it first darn it!! I was going to say it but as always you stole my line; welcome back into the fire!!! ;
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Barb good to see you, pushing the pause button stepping back or going off on the odd relaxing tangent can be the things that give us new energy and focused direction.

Best wishes for your ongoing travels.

brichnow21 Premium
Well needed, break, simply renews the passion, Alex!
We all need to sit back and reflect a little, especially in ever-changing times.