"Slow Down You Move to Fast"

Last Update: October 20, 2021

Hello Everyone! What a great day!!

Big surprise!

Imagine opening up my profile and seeing Ambassador Badge!

2 months ago, I was appalled at my high number WA ranking! I was so reconnected from the community, and this had to change! I made a commitment to participate every day, without fail, and kept that commitment to myself!

With a goal to get to the top 200 hundred, and I got into action!

2 weeks later I was in the top 200, and the number kept going down from there!

Now, I'm top 50 and Ambassador! This is a personal victory!

Discipline turned into Momentum, and it's still going strong!

Inertia- Friend or Foe!

When in my rut of inactivity, inertia was my foe!! Easier to sit and plan in my head, but that doesn't make for success!

By creating simple small tasks and actions, like reading WA blogs and commenting, welcoming new members, and reviewing basic training, little by little, the Momentum grew.

Inertia became my friend!

Baby steps got the Ball Rolling!

Growing up in Michigan, snow was hit-and-miss at times. I remember hoping for a snowy Christmas, but wouldn't bet on it!

When we did get that snow, it was game on!! Snow ball fights, turned into making snowman and snow angels!

My snowman started out with just a handful, we (it was always a group effort) packed in our hands, until it got too heavy!

Now it's time to roll each part! Little by little, one ball after another my snow masterpiece took shape!

Sure, this one's not that outstanding, but it is finished!

Why are people in such a hurry?

Perhaps, they are always playing catch up!

Perhaps, they have no plan!

Perhaps, they are running late, as usual!

Have you ever tried to just PAUSE, and think about the day ahead?

What's the cost?

"Haste makes Waste!"-Ben Franklin

Think about the commuter going to work.

5 Days a week, same route, but running late, again.

In and out of traffic, hurrying and putting others in jeopardy!

Bam! There's an accident and many others suffer the consquences.

Can we stop those crazed drivers? No!

We can however, plan for this in advance.

When teaching, the commute was 45 minutes, to school each day, and only one highway from home to my school.

I was late, but once, when an accident tied up my route for miles and hours. Actually, I wasn't late at all! I never did arrive that day!

PLANNING, allows us to anticipate possible problems that may arise, and to adjust accordingly.

Having to clock in by 7:30 am, I would arrive 6:45-7, depending on the traffic.

Leaving early allowed for less traffic, and less likelihood of the late folks, disrupting my daily sojourn.

"Slow and Steady, wins the race!"

Mental planning

Just a few minutes, to walk through my next day, the night before, helps to get me up on time, and have things at home go smoothly, first!

Family is fed, and gotten on their way, because clothes were ready! No looking around for books and socks, they are where they belong. Lunches made to night before, ...kids can learn to make these!!

Delegating responsibilities, gives everyone a job, and helps them take personal responsibility! ...and they start to grow up!

Little plans, like these, make for an easier start to the day!

How to adapt to change?

I very wise man, once said,

"The measure of one's intelligence, is his ability to adapt to change." Albert Einstein

Since Co-Vid hit, we have all had to deal with many changes!

Some adapted easier than others!

We were, collectively, forced to "Put on the Brakes!"

WE were in CRISIS!

What is a Crisis?

...a need to make a decision!

Are you living in "Crisis Mode"?

We make decisions all day long, but some folks live minute to minute, forcing many quick decisions! Some may be good, but some create major errors, and take much more time to correct, IF they can be corrected, at all!

Think, again, about our hurried driver.

Whoa! I almost hit that rock!"Hello! This road has curves!"...and so does life!

When we want to make a turn, on a street, there are often stop signs!

Stop, Look and Listen,

BEFORE You Cross the Street!

When we practice this same principle, in our thinking, we make wiser decisions!

By stopping, one can ACCESS the situation.

We need to know the question, before the answer.

When we relax a bit, we allow our intuitive thinking to match with our factual thinking.

Creative mind, meets with logical mind

Ever heard someone say, "I'll sleep on it, before I give you an answer." ?

There's a good reason! By relaxing or sleeping on the situation or problem, answers will begin to appear that one never would have considered, at that moment!

Once, accessment has been made, one may decide that, they can proceed this way, or...Maybe they should do nothing at all, at the present!

Maybe, this is something out of your control at all, like Co-Vid!

When Co-Vid hit, we were resisticted from hospital visits. My boys Dad, was there and had been for 12 years, after a stroke left him with left hand and legs immobilized.

Our routine was Russ, picked him up every Sunday to bring him home! Football and cigarettes were simple pleasures, and visiting with family and friends tht would stop by.

This was a CRISIS! My son was devastated! His norm was shattered!

We could do nothing, at first but watch and listen for news.

Eventually, we had to take action!

Calling VA and finding some way to see him, eventually paid off!

He did pass away, as many of you know, last October 25th. It just occurred to me, that's just a couple of days away. INTUITIVE thinking!!

We were at peace and so was he, after we could be there at the end of his journey.

My son loves to throw stuff out there, and expects me to hop!

Sorry, I don't think nor act that way.

Change takes time!

Here at WA, we are all in our own personal race! It's a Marathon, not a Sprint!

Each person, who participates, wins!!

We cheer each other on, and lift others up, when they are down.

That's the race at WA!

Make some simple plans, and be willing to go slowly at first. Momentum will pick up, but we must first start!

Jay's tarining Marathon, has been wonderful incentive, to take another look at my site.

Pages the should be posts need correcting, and many other mistakes, corrected.

I was in a real hurry, when I started, 2017!! WA ADDICT with no sleep, running on empty, 'til I crashed. ...and an Ambassador!

Recovery took time, and all momentum was gone.

This time, slow and steady is winning! I'm not taking 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back, but making daily progress.

We have much to learn about how all this internet marketing works, and creating a firm basis of knowledge, is something time and work will provide.

Keep your vision alive, Do the next right thing, and "WA all will win!"

Sign off song...

"Feeling Groovey"- Simon and Grafunkel

"Slow down, you move too fast

You got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobblestones

Looking for fun and Feeling Groovey"

With a song in my heart, I bid you all a pleasant farewell!

Ambassador, ...(title I"ll use just for tonight")


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FKelso Premium Plus
I always liked that song...

I do like the night-before-sleep review of my day and setting plans for the next day. Also, I find some of my best ideas come before sleep at night, so keep a notebook by the bed so I can write them down. Have written a few posts in that way as well.

My simple plan at present is to learn Block Editor. Found a WordPress tutorial and that answered a few of my most recent questions. I WILL figure it out!
1Rudy1 Premium
Same thought came to mind, songwise...grin
That's great to have found a WP block editor tutorial.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Love the notebook idea, but when I go up, it's done for the day.
Powernap time? That's a different story, Fran!
I get right to those thoughts, after my teatime.
I'm finding some of my best writing is done late afternoon and evenings.
I'm going to learn Google Analytics, which will encourage me to get site blogs going. :)
I'm excited to see Jay's traaining tonight! It's giving me some really great ideas! Hope to see you there Fran!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very well done, Barb! I love how you think and I knew that his was going to happen for you! I'm still somewhat in crisis mode, but that's how I have always rolled, with the caveat that I will slow down and address things which need to be done each new day!

We never know when the next is our last, so we should enjoy every moment!

Enjoy your new well-deserved promotion and keep doing what you do!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Jeffrey, your consistent posting with all it's honesty and encouragement, helped me create my momentum!

If, I missed a day of hanging with the gang at Jeff's, I had to play catch up!
It was a like a day without sunshine!
Thank you, Jeffrey! ...and all who share, in this special WAmily!
Love, you, Bro!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, Barb!

You are too kind, my friend!

I'm glad you found the inspiration to move, and keep succeed, the sky is the limit for you (and beyond)!

Love you too, dear friend!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
The sky's the limit for all of us, Jeff!
This morning's excitement!!
My blog dog is chasing round a bird that is visiting in our livingroom!
He came down the chimney and can't find his way out!
First thing, turn off the ceiling fan!!
I wonder what else this new day will provide! LOL
JeffreyBrown Premium
I've had birds and bats in the eBay house, Barb, but not where the Blog Dogs live so far, thankfully!

Each new day has its own excitement, that is for sure!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
It's been a Plan C day!!
All for the good, as I will be at Jay's tonight afterall!!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Not so much for me, Barb! It's been a "fly by the seat of my pants" day here! I might be at Jay's, might not, don't know yet!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
You seem to roll with most things, Jeff! Hope today works out to your advantage. :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
I try to, Barb! Today was okay, but it could've been better!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Miscommunications was today's theme.
Too many people running around like chickens with heads cut-off! Screaming the sky is falling!
Actually, I'm organising a workshop and everybody wants to run the shown and give 2 cents!
I'm practicing pausing...LOL
I'll sleep on this chaos, peacefully!
Anything like your day?
Oh, I'll just pop our for Thursday!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I know exactly what you mean, Barb!

Mine was pretty laid-back, Thankfully!

JKulk1 Premium
Congratulations Barb Jim
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Jim, I imagine you'll be posting a Success story, soon, as well!
Looking forward to seeing your success post!
DivineGood Premium
Wow! A huge congratulations Barbara.

Well done.


brichnow21 Premium Plus
Thank you, Elizabeth!
It really is just a personal victory!
As I crept down in ranking, I actually was concerned about who I was passing by, not wanting my win to hurt another.
As we say in recovery meetings, "You can be proud, but I'll be humbly grateful."
"He" has used me.
Stay blessed, Elizabeth!
DivineGood Premium
Certainly and you're gifted with
such blessing for a purpose
and you know what that is.

Sending you God's richest

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Thank you, ...always appreciated:)
DivineGood Premium
Welcome, my dear. Welcome.


1Rudy1 Premium
Congrats, feels good, huh!.

Ambassador status starts at 25, not 50. Heavy sigh, I know. I felt the same way...

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Rudi, I just wanted to get back in!
Numbers, and glory, not the issue.

I will say, Rudy, you are a winner!
Last night while playing on Google trying the A-Z method of finding keywords, I typed How to ___Blog!
Guess who popped up!! You! Not once, but twice!!
Follow the process! It works!
"How to Write a Blog!"
Congratulations, Rudy!!
That's huge win!
1Rudy1 Premium
Wow! My article popped up twice?? How awesome is that!
The work is paying off!!

Thanks for sharing that, Barb!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Yes! Rudy! From my cellphone!
It was fun to see, and the only one for any letter!!
You rock, Rudy!
Keep up the good work!
1Rudy1 Premium
Thanks, Barb!