Proper Private Message Protocol, Please!

Last Update: October 28, 2021

Hello Wonderful WA Family!

Here we go, again!

Today I'd like to share another incident, concerning a Private Message I received, last Tuesday.

First of all, I'd like to share the benefits of Private Messaging one receives, when they become a WA Premium Member.


:a code of diplomatic or military etiquette

In a nutshell, ...a set of rules to follow, so people are not offended.

Why We Blog and Comment on WA?

  1. We communicate with others in this community and get to know them.
  2. We have documented evidence of progress or problems, as we take this journey.
  3. We share our learning experiences, and ask questions when in need, with respect for each indivual.
  4. We create a wonderful network or following, of shared ideas.
  5. We create honest and friendly relationships with real people from all over the World!
  6. We have fun, while working on our own personal goals.
  7. Help one another learn and grow and achieve success.
  8. We can make life long friends!
  9. Need I go on?

Blog and Commenting Taboos

To maintain WA's Happy, Friendly and Safe community, ...

We must follow these rules!

  1. Don't Spam! WA is NOT the place or network to promote any personal products or business. The only place you may put your personal sites is in your profile. Site Comments is a section where others may critique your site and give suggestions and feed back.
  2. No discussions of Religion or Politics or social causes. These are often hot topics and create disharmony and debate. WA has such a diversified community of varying values, we all must respect each other.
  3. No copying and posting data from another site. They will find you!
  4. No meanness! Be nice and play well with others!

Why We Use Private Messaging

  1. Develop private relationships for like interests
  2. Send a personal note, such as condolences for support and encouragement
  3. Share personal information, such as cell or email, things not suggested we share in unprotected environment.
  4. Share common beliefs and points of view.
  5. Ask specific help from a member that has offered or you would like to ask for personal help on a website problem.
  6. Ask individual specific questions, a member may not want to broadcast, that nobody wants or needs to be concerned

Taboos for PM's above for blogging

  1. NO Spam! No solicitation or promoting of personal business or sites or outside sites.
  2. No personal attacks on individuals or unsolicited advice or judgments.
  3. No activity that harms or threatens the safety of the WA Community and this platform.

The later have my personal suggestions.

    What promoted this review of WA Protocol?

    After reading, and commenting, on some very soulful conversations and writing my blog

    "Who Needs a Shrink, When You Have the Friends of WA?"

    I received the following PM...

    "Hello Barb,

    How are you?

    It is so wonderful to meet you here at WA

    and thank you so much for your support and

    I do greatly and truly appreciate you.

    Would it be alright to communicate with

    you at your email address, please?
    If so may I have your email address, please?

    Thank you, etc."

    My first thought, "Why. Perhaps they want to ask me a question, too personal for the forum. Perhaps, talk of spiritual matters and philosophies?"
    I guess, I will. Maybe they really need my help.

    "Hello ___

    That would be fine.Please send yours in case it may go to Spam.


    Email #1 instantly arrives!

    "I asked for email address as Private Messaging isn't so private, and we are freer talk..."

    "All I ask from you is an open mind and attentiveness till the end of the presentation."

    Excuse me?? It was an invitation to a Zoom meeting for an opportunity!

    My response, I can't tonight or next Tuesday either, as I have several projects going right now, and that is also the time of Jay's 14 Days of training.

    "I'll see, but I have outside obligation through next month, so my plate's pretty full, perhaps next week. Perhaps, another time."

    Email #2 and #3...pretty much the same

    "Hello again...

    Yes, here are other times"

    The next 2 days!

    I ignored this Email, 'til the next day.

    My response...

    "After sleeping on this, I've decided that entertaining any new "Shiny objects" is not in my best interest.

    I am trying to launch my website and affiliate site, I have a Workshop I'm organizing for my groups here outside WA. I am doing Jay's training every night.

    Adding a new seed of thought would be counterproductive for me, at this time.

    I'm trying hard to schedule time for these necessary actions for my sites.

    This would be a distraction, I don't need at this time.

    Thank you...


    Final email...


    May I ask? Have you seen the presentation?

    Because if you did you wouldn't talk the way you did and I am not trying to change your mind but just wanted to...

    This is not another "Shiny Object..."

    My response

    "NO, I haven't ___

    Another "Shiny object" is simply anything that would distract me, not that it's not meaningful, but now, just watching it and planting a new idea in my very full mind, is not something I care to do.

    Thank you, Barb"

    It was certainly another "Shiny Object!

    What part of NO do you not understand?

    By now, I have a huge resentment.

    I only gave excerpts from these emails and responses.

    How many days? 3

    How many messages for which I needed to respond? Too many!

    Stop Wasting OUR Time

    Upon venting my aggrevation, to friend, it appears I'm not the only one that has experienced this, which is why I'm reiterating on these rules. I really hated to appear rude, but I was simply telling my truth. Being nice wasn't working, so had had to set a boundary for mysel. Sorry to offend, you but I didn't ask for this.

    This was Spam!

    Had I been asked to give my email, for a promotion, I would have said NO!

    We do not promote our outside businesses, here, at WA!

    I feel obtaining my email for this purpose was deceptive and simply a way to bend the rules.

    Remember the comment PM's, "not so private"?

    Sure, if you put this in a PM, there would be a record of the conversation or Spam.

    Breaking such rules can have serious consequences.

    Please people, let's follow WA Protocol Etitquette, so we do offend others and we can continue to have fun!

    In closing...

    This may not be as cheery a post as I like, but sometime necessary, is not cheerful.

    Time is a percious commodity!

    Closing song...
    "Fly like an Eagle" -Seal

    "Time keeps on slipping into the future

    Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future

    I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea

    Fly like an eagle

    Let my spirit carry me

    I want to fly

    Fly right into the future..."

    Here at WA, we fly with Eagles!

    Wishing all the best of success, here at WA!

    Night all!

    Thank you,


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    EdwinBernard Premium Plus
    Sorry you went through this ordeal Barbara. I wouldn’t have been so diplomatic. Right of the bat I would have said I’m not interested and please do not contact me again. If they did, I would have reported them to Kyle.

    Did they finally stop? I wonder how many other victims this member approached?

    The best approach is not to give contact information to anyone. It may appear rude. But the person asking is breaking WA rules.

    We’re too busy on our businesses to entertain communicating outside WA.

    We live and learn.


    brichnow21 Premium Plus
    It's stopped, and I have contacted, Kyle.
    We have a few right here on blog that have had the same, and several more from PM's I've received.
    We'll see what Kyle has to say! :)
    Thanks you, Edwin!
    Everyone has been very supportive.
    west2000 Premium
    Hi Barb,

    I had someone reach out and ask for my email as well a while back, but I shut it down immediately. No need to find out what that was all about and they quickly disappeared. However, it's unnerving when it happens. You certainly have a lot of patience. Glad it's behind you now. Have a great weekend :-)

    brichnow21 Premium Plus
    Thank Susan!
    As I'm seeing this is not an isolated incidence.
    Time for it to stop!
    Thanks for your experience!
    Isaiah14 Premium
    I received a similar message a while back, Barb. However, I was very cautious. Instead of clicking on the link, in the email, I hovered over it and picked a part a few keywords, then went straight to google to research and learn that is was a zoom meeting for some product that I wasn't interested in.

    I've made some friendly connections here at WA and also on other social platforms with them and I feel like I can trust them. But this one private message - it made me feel like I was being 'used', because PM isn't for spamming. I learned my lesson from it though.

    Appreciate the post!
    Isaiah 😊
    brichnow21 Premium Plus
    Exactly, Isaiah!
    We have so much trust around here, I don't look for these things to happen!

    I did not click on any links, thankfully, but knew I had no time to listen to for an hour, "with an open mind" . Ha-haa!
    "Got, got, ain't got no time!"
    Thanks for your input, Isaiah!
    keishalina Premium
    hey hi Barb,

    Appreciate YOU for posting this info.

    It sounds like a 'bait and switch' type tactic that is disingenuous at best and illegal at worst.

    Quite inappropriate, even deceptive. Call it out for what it is.

    You've gotten some super feedback here and I like what Rick (RickSea) had to say on the matter. He is correct.

    Thank you for taking the time to alert the community.

    keep well, all the very best ... :))
    brichnow21 Premium Plus
    I'm really amazed at how many other WA members have had the same experiences!
    None of them were happy!
    Thanks, Keisha!
    Sometimes we have to have the rain, for the rainbow!
    Stay joyful, Keisha!
    Elaine33 Premium
    I think you handled it pretty well. Honestly, I don't think too many of us would ever consider doing such a thing. It was deceptive as you should have been told upfront that you were being invited to a presentation, not after she got your email address . Not a good look!
    brichnow21 Premium Plus
    Thank you, Elaine!
    That would have been a simple no, and I wouldn't have shared.
    Won't be giving out my email, next time, without trusting the "friend" !
    Thanks for commenting, Elaine!