More Phone Spam!

Last Update: January 28, 2020

Remember when politicians walked a the neighborhood and met their public?

Kissing babies and shaking hands, connecting with their people they WISH to represent!

"Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end..."

My cell has of late, become a billboard for our County elections... Alas, I just got finished with Medicare sign up calls and text about 10 a day!

I appreciate a card in the mail! They have some personal info, like their other paid professions, and values. These are things I look for. Not the hype, but the individual candidate.

I still haven't cleaned out voice mail.

My friends know to call or text or FB messenger!

So, once again, I'm blocking away, and reporting spam for all text.

Just an observation.

Back to answering copious WA emails...2 days?? Yikes!

Making it an awesome day!



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ClaudiaHB Premium
oh, there has been an uptick of spam and phishing emails, and phone calls lately, which surely annoys the heck of us at times, but I have learned that ignoring them, usually means that they will stop, and they move on to their next "victim". I hope that they will move on from you soon.
I just wish fewer people would fall for them because if they would not work, they would stop trying!

brichnow21 Premium
Claudia they call from the same 6 digits, and each last changes. Block that number and it Rolls over to the next call, with you as the target!I call it hi-jacking my phone.
Anyway, just something I don't care for but can let go.
I do enjoy getting cards in the mail for my locals.
exgrosteve Premium
Thanks for that Barb. You just reminded me to resubscribe to the French blocking system. Works for phones but not snail mail. It's a start. There's always a website if we need to know :-)
brichnow21 Premium
There you go, Steve!
They are uninformative pop-up! More distractions, for WE creative types, who don't care for ripples and rushes in our flow!
timstime20 Premium
Those were the days ... lol
brichnow21 Premium
Price of progress, Tim??
gnoose Premium
I do remember the good old days of walking the neighborhood, reaching out, meeting the folks and shaking hands. I remember as a kid riding in a drop top caddy as my dad supported a local candidate. Yes, those were the days.

Recently, I began getting calls but no VM from a certain number. Yesterday, I decided to call that number and do some scam baiting, kind of a hobby and a lot of fun. I called and immediately the guy answered with "hi Greg, are you ready to start saving money?" "Nope, I said, I love SPENDING money, leave me alone." Click.

Your post just made my day an awesome day. Thank you

brichnow21 Premium
Thanks, Greg! Accept to things we can't change. Appreciate what was and may still be around, if we look.
I won't call those spam folks back...I just get a recording and more HYPE.
Not about to press 1 and leave a message... Won't open that Can of Worms!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I feel your pain, Barb! 🙄
brichnow21 Premium
Ha-haa! Jeff! Yes, pain, quickly dispersed by some humor! Suffering is a choice;)