"Monday Is Wash Day"- Time Management for WA Tasks

Last Update: January 27, 2020

Oh, where to begin?

A Peek at my Thinkin' table...

"Monday is Wash Day

Tuesday is Ironing

Wednesday is Sewing

Thursday is Market Day

Friday is Cleaning

Saturday is Baking

Sunday is a Day of Rest."

(Versions of this, 1880's -England- Nursery Rhymes)

Song to teach days of the week and discipline.

Baby Boomers Begin...

Mom and I shared quality time from 3-5 years...

Brother and sister were at school, for most of the day,

so Mom and I, ... played all day, pots and pans for me, while Mom cooked, ...her play!

Memories for another day's blog.

How one can remember those days of childhood, when things were fun and simple!

I remember well, singing this song in kindergarten, a most Happy time!

Mrs. Rude's class, Fall of 1957, I'm 5 years!

...My teacher was having a baby!

We got to watch her transform.
Her body changed, but not her character. Always loving and friendly, was her gift !

We'd sing this song and act out the tasks, learning to "Whistle while you work!"

Enjoying the task at hand! Work is simply movement!

Attitude matters!

Which song resonates with you, Today?

"Monday! Monday! So good to me!"- Mamas and the Papas/Cass Elliot


"Rainy Days and Mondays, Always get me down..." Carpenters/Karen Carpenter

Or..."It's a Beauitful Morning!"

"I Need a Plan, Stan!!"

Having seen my table above, on a Sunday afternoon...

Frantically, looking for my notes for this blog!

This month's "Mystery" has been, how to Juggle my life

with "new aspirations"...finding the right plugin

for the right time!

"Wise men say, only Fools rush in!"

We begin the "Integration of ideas...".

Solutions to questions come from our experiences,

and memories, with the additon of the understanding

or knowledge gained, and than applied to current situation.

Today's example: English and Ancient Babylon, combine with

Barb's own knowledge of Astrology and whatever happens

to come to mind.

Spontaneous thought or intuition added, adds human experience element

to facts and themes.

Focus on the Big picture First!

Identify the question to be answered.

What's the Mystery to Solve? ...Project?... Adventure?

State as a question

"How to... Find/Create a workable repeatable WeeklySystem that fits my needs for maximum efficiency for all my projects?"

Clarity of my vision and commitment depends on firmly planting Seeds!

Planting nurturing and reaping the benefits is a process needed for success,

and for all...

Eccl 3:1...
"To every there is a season, and a purpose under Heaven.

A time to be born, and a time to die,

a time the plant and time to pluck up that which is planted.

A time to breakdown, and a time to build up.

A time to get and a time to lose,

a time to keep, and time to cast away."


"He hath made everything beautiful in his time;

Also He hath set the world in their heart,

So no man can find out the work that God

Maketh from beginning to end!"

Tasks and plans will depend on certain outside factors and time frames. Plan accordingly.

No need to ask how He does it! It's always a Mystery!

" Ours is not to reason why, ...ours is but, to do or die."

I put vague time frames, as TIME and patience

are necessary practices, for long term rewards.

When staying in the now, it's easy to take each day as it comes.

Another view of from ancient Babylon...

Monday is Moon day

Tuesday is Mars

Wednesday is Mercury

Thursday is Jupiter

Friday is Venus

Saturday is Saturn's Day

Sunday is The Sun!

Charlie Rich-

"Keep on - Rollin' with the flow..."

Once was a thought

inside my thought inside my head...

Fore I'd reach 30 I'd be dead

Now somehow on I go

I keep on Rollin' with flow.


I still love Rock n Roll

I got a lot of crazy friends

...and they forgive me of my sins.

But I'm still out there having fun

and Jesus loves me, yes I know.

So keep on rolling with the flow.


Can't take it when you're gone

But I want enough to get by on

And I ain't ever growin' old

I keep on rolling with the flow.

2 Ideas meeting on one path....

"2 Olds friends or 2 New... When people or thoughts combine, we have a path to a Wonderous Adventure!"

"Friends meet in the darkness and walk together to the Light"...


"If I can Dream, of a better land where all my brothers walk hand..."


"Deep in my heart there's a trembling question

Still I am sure that there is an answer, answer's gonna come somehow.

Out there is the dark, there's a beckoning candle, yeah

And while I can think, while I can talk

While I can stand , while I can walk

While I can dream, please let my dream come true right now!

Oh yeah!"

The Big Vision!

Plan A ...

"Monday is Wash Day" Post...

"Every morning, I wake with a new canvas! ...a beautiful Day lies before me."

Vision for the events and things/people and projects to complete!"-MEISM

" Our life's mission is to solve problems!"... Bring them on! "I'm alive and still kickin'!"

  • Pictures- find, crop post
  • Research needed facts
  • Integrate notes from music and WA/Site notes for articles
  • Goals and planning management integration
  • Share my version of the 7 Days Song
  • Correlaion and integration to one thought 2-3 ideas

...Plus Plan B... Trusting the results to ???


C is the outcome!

My remix of 2 different systemsequals a third

based on "different languages of thought for intended audience"

for the same meaningful purpose. ...a Meism

"Monday is action Day,

...Time to work on my plans

Tuesday is Finish Day

...the project at hand

Wednesday is Meetings and errands to run

Thursday is open and ready for fun.

Friday is Working with others,

...Recovery by morning.

...WA Friday, Happy Hour with Jay!

Put the 2 together, a that's quite a Day!

Saturday is Housework, outside or in...

After, majors are finished or not,

...some fun comes about!

Sunday is God's Day, beginning at dawn,

I hop in my car, with YouTube and headphones on!

Listening to Joyce, Wayne or Brian or Les,

...as I come to my meeting my attitude's best!

The rest of the day prepare for the week

Come night fall with tasks ready or complete,

I head to bed, and am soon, fast asleep.

(Open to all possibilities for a most beautiful next week!)

My Mission is complete, for this project, at least!

3 A's criteria Plan A...

"I think about, I thank about, Comes about!"

  • Aim
  • Action
  • Adaptable

Week's General lay out

I have planned commitments, Wednesdays, Fridays,

most Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays.

These are on my calender for the month.

Mondays and Tuesday are "my weekend". I make no commitments,

and it's a ME day. I may schedule workers or appointments,

but Not for today!

Let's check on our product and see if it's Best!

Sunday - All "Plan A" Items meet,

with plenty of beautiful twists...

"Plan B", as adaptations added.

Went to 2 book stores Half Piced Books or a Lao Tzu, and story starters??

Next to Mind Body and Soul for needed Astrological tables for the new decade.

This little jaunt is another blog completely!

  1. Sunday's planning included, gathering up all my notebooks and
  2. Labeling "What's in What"!
  3. Continue research for Today's blog and another.
  4. Find books needed from my libraries
  5. Take pictures for blogs and prepare to download
  6. Find Monday is Wash day notes.
  7. Gel-Out to mindless boob tube...Mind finished processing for the night!
  8. Go to bed by 11.


  1. Begin blog
  2. Add pictures -down load from cell, crop and insert.
  3. Pause for a visit from my BFF!
  4. Trouble with pictures downloads/ omit parts of this blog for another time.
  5. Lessons learned...Still having a bear with files and cropping.Either too big or too small.
  6. Not to be messed with today.
  7. Find from search
  8. Wrap it up!

When we work with a plan,

...we stop needing to try to multi-task!

By aligning goals from several areas, we can integrate several

strands of thought, into a different perspective and added facets

creating a new masterpiece!

'Meism', is a name I've applied for those thoughts that come from me.

As the result of knowledge applied...

I touched briefly on the "different languages of thought".

By learning the main principles, thoroughly, they can then be

modified to appeal to any audience.

This may not be necessary for the WAtercooler,

as we are a rather well versed, and ecclectic cast of characters,

but we will have audiences of many varieties.

Lingo will change and ways of expressing, dependent

on the product and the targeted audience.

"Wisdom is Knowledge applied to Life's Purpose!"

Folks this has become an all day affair, and time to bit Adios!

I hope you've enjoyed today's

journey as we traveled with music along the way.

My musical selections for today, came while running an errand and my default 60's TV.

Purely inspirations, adding spice to my story, messages from the "Outer Limits"...

Too tired to revise, edit or perfect... I'm content with the product.

My day's time's well spent!

Brain is low cell batt...needing recharge, so...

Good night, WA family...

See y'all, tomorrow at our favorite WAtering holes and coolers!



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Calmkoala Premium
Barb, many thanks, I love this post! Thanks so much for the motivation. I have been pondering for days, about restructuring the schedule I am working from that I set out long ago.
I have finally agreed (with myself!) that I should sit down and figure out a far more efficent way of working! Procrasination again... many thanks for the inspiration, Sue 😊
drjec Premium
Wow! You cover a lot of territory in this post. I really like the way you tied in the oldies. I haven’t thought about the carpenters for a long time. Thanks for taking the time to write this post.
brichnow21 Premium
Jim, those were really implanted from elsewhere! I keep a flip ledger spiral for songs and the inspirational post and can hook to it, but these I just added to my post notes.
My notes start with a basis outline and a few starters ideas, then...
My thoughts are jotted down in corners diagonally and called or, whatever.
My notes become a brainstorming event... My notes are only allowable by me!! Ha-haa!
I resonate with song...
Ediwon Premium
Have a Good job.exelent work
RamiSociable Premium

Stop being so creepy and following me around please !

Or I will be forced to have you stop.

There's a good lad.
brichnow21 Premium
You tell em! Rami!
Join my pod, please!!
brichnow21 Premium
Pet spider?...now I see the creepy! It's right up there with cockroaches!
One man's treasure is another's , "Say Wha'!!??" ... Hippy lingo! Wink
RamiSociable Premium
Ha ha,

Just finished reading your angst! ;
RamiSociable Premium
Your phone spam I mean.
What is going on this is the second such person today. I wouldn't mind only he has managed to arm twist probably 2500 in his network he doesn't need to follow me around wherever I reply or make a post, he doesn't need me!

Ah well different strokes for different folks;)

Commiserations on your phone clean out, it'll all come out in the wash...Ha ha
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wow, Barb--what a massively good post, my friend!👍👍😎
brichnow21 Premium
Looking back Jeff... I think it's a blessing that I couldn't go everywhere I wanted... It's a book in itself.
Thanks you, Friend.
Ediwon Premium
Have a Good job
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'll bet, Barb!
brichnow21 Premium
My mind keeps coming out with more chapters!!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You gotta get that best seller written, Barb!
LatinNomad Premium
Terrifically presented & well written. Great practice for your site. Excellent job Barb.
brichnow21 Premium
Thank you for seeing my big vision!
I've always had classes like the one room school house. Many different levels, and I needed to speak from many different Thought languages.
These blogs, can be re written for the appropriate audience.
Appreciate you comments.