How are You Doing on Your New Year goals?

Last Update: January 21, 2020

I asked myself this question, so let's take a look!

New Year written goals...

  1. Write more blogs. write for minium of one hour per day! Post 2-3 per week
  2. Stay connected to WA
  3. Read 3 blogs a day and comment
  4. Greet 3 new members a day. Find 3 old unfollowed followers
  5. List all articles needed before website launch
  6. Get started on something productive by 9:00 am
  7. Wa ranking back to top 100. I know I'm staying connected
  8. Website building...take down old posts and restart training from oint A
  9. Work on website one hour minimum.
  10. Tech needs, Logo, membership platform, Amazon for book reviews, monetize site
  11. Marketing- set up aweber or ? for email list
  12. Write copious articles for launch

Taking an inventory

  1. Blogs posted verge of one a day and sometimes 2! This PC, that I dreaded, and whip out a Thought for the Day, or a Planned article
  2. Connecting regularly at my favorite WAtering hole, The WAtercooler!
    1. Reading usually 10 per day and commenting! Actually conversing!
    2. List is a ongoing project both I have the basicsand have started writing
    3. Rising early with excitement for what I can accomplish today! At work in some way shape or form, by 7:30. Coffee and early morning meditation on the prospects of this day pull me out of bed, and drive me to Action
    4. WA ranking is now in Top 50!! Very happy with top 100, as I know by this that I'm doing the do!
    5. I joined 2 WordPress MeetUp in town to have follow enthusiast around for networking and followship. I have begun the rewrites of my 2017, attempt. WP meetings, and I have now the desire for the Bootcamp! People out there I'd like to refer
    6. I work on some facet of work website for 3+ hours. Not a straight block, but research, and different programs. I found 3dD Paint, this weekend, by accident, and I believe I'll crack the logo problems.
    7. Logo is still in the works. Need from pencil to graphic, completed level one of basis training, Jay's every Friday for live training! Happy hour!
    8. Marketing, still on hold for my site, but my mouth is active. I'm speaking to people, and sending the link.
    9. Slow Process on my articles, but I'm becoming a writer!! It's easy to pop open

    Celebrate small victories!

    All these little victories are steps toward my Grand Vision!

    What I'm seeking is not alays what I get!!

    Expect a Miracle ...and go about your business!

    Today, I'm back to the TOP 50!

    "Good things happen to those who wait!" ...and take some ACTION!

    My goal was not to reach Ambassador, again. I can do helpful things without the title!

    Top 50 is my surprise reward!

    Make a plan that will work for YOU!

    Great goal setting has all these parameters ...minucia!

    Do it your way! ..But, do it!!

    Get a big big picture, and leave the details out of it!!

    Details can keep one from getting started, which is the first Obstacle we need to hurdle when overcoming INERTIA! Over thinking Paralysis!

    Declutter your surroundings!

    "A cluttered house, is a cluttered mind!"

    Practice daily responsibility!

    Make the bed and 75% of the bedroom is done!

    Dishes are done, while the first pot of coffee is brewing.

    What else am I doing in that 3 minutes! Use those little blocks of time!

    Need to run out for an unexpected errand? Hop from comfies, to outside acceptability! Clothes are where they need to be, as laundry is done! Still working on the putting away, but progress folks!

    Weekly errands? Bundle them with plan! When out don't waste your gas. Do the loop! Bank, to visit with a friend, to grocery store, and ...whatever is appropriate.

    Morning time!

    How I start my day has a large effect on whether I'm the Pitcher or The Pinball!

    Mine starts, with coffee, first, and a daily Reading of my Tarot, Glance at the stars and where we are...Usually moon position is a spot check! Moon's effect is obvious by the tides of the earth, and surely effects the Water within us all!

    Touch bases, with Joyce and her message of the day!! I'm amazed at how her topic is just what I need!!

    Dance a bit if in a flunk! Exercising?...No there yet, but here comes, Spring!

    Sing and take care of my precious pal, Michi!

    As the need arises Adapt!

    Review your goals, and adjust!

    Exercise, you say?

    Spring has sprung!


    Maybe, not yet, but soon!

    Mow with my walking Treadmill!!

    Pool to-do's!

    A beautiful pool is a work of art.



    Tackle those weeds and practice Yoga while pulling!

    What motivates you?

    I heard this wonderful thought when this guy was asked, "What do you respect most about your father?" He replied, " My father believed that if he could still do a chore, he would keep doing it!"

    I watched my Mom, go quickly, as she lost her mobility!

    She loved to cook and do her art work!! First day out of rehab, for a fractured hip, she said, I can't stay here! I can't cook and drive, so find a "Place for Mom"!

    Fracture indicated that Gout medicine had slow destruction of her kidneys,

    Dyalysis was the "D" word!

    "Not a life for anyone!", a screamed as she threw her doctor out of her room!

    My Mom was a lady, who knew what she wanted and needed! She usually got what she wanted, as well! She took action, always! Do not care what others thought, either!

    She knew that most folks couldn't appreciate her capabilities, and easily dismissed, those that weren't adding to her life!

    Sometimes the weeds we need to pull, are those negative influences we allow, to

    "Rent space in our head's, for free!!"...cluttering our mind's!

    Be willing to let some folks and plans go...

    when they cease to add value to your life!

    Where we go is our choice!

    Nobody will make my dreams come true, but me!

    Let's weave some beautiful dreams, together we will raise ourselves, and become the best "ME I can be!"

    Time for a song...

    Dreamer Weaver!

    Dreamer Weaver-Gary Wright

    "I've just closed my eyes again

    Climbed aboard the Dream Weaver train

    Driver take away my worries of today

    And leave tomorrow behind.

    Fly me high throug the starry skies

    Maybe to the astral plane

    Cross the highways of fantasy

    Help my to forget today's pain.

    Oh, Dream Weaver

    I believe you can get me through the night

    Oh, Dream Weaver

    I believe we can reach the morning light!

    Dream Weaver

    Dream weaver."

    Pretty simple message...

    Stay in today! Enjoy where you're planted, as part of THE plan!

    Make it a great day!



    If link doesn't work...? It's still a skill in progress!

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    LindaF Premium
    Wow! a multi-tasker, great balls of fir Barb can you really accomplish all that. Lucky you, if you can, I will stick to the work on my book I feel that I have accomplished my goal but will know see how far it takes me and maybe keep adding to it. But marketing it will take a lot. Small things can turn in large ways
    brichnow21 Premium
    Good job on your book, Linda!
    I just did a brainstorming, after the mind map blog, man o man!
    I started it 12:00 midnight, and stopped at 2!
    I ended up with 4 different maps, the the categories got larger.
    brichnow21 Premium
    Wasn't finished hit send.
    Now I need to take some of that 5 hours, and cut out time for concentrating on that.
    This month was get back into the swing of writing and participating around the WAtercooler;)
    So, you're making progress!
    Half my problem with "setting" goals?... I'm so stuck with my timeline, and the man upstairs can't help me!
    I make plans loose and leave the results to my God.
    We're all doing what's good for each of us.
    What a wonderful cast of characters, we have at WA!
    Love to hear how you schedule writing time, or any tips, please.
    Thanks, Linda!
    LindaF Premium
    it is good to see others are long-winded. But I have been keeping it at a low profile as of late. Writing time was already laid out for me. Three years of writing turned into a book. If you are on the same subject for that long. So it was easy to turn it into a book and yes by leaving the results to My God. That is what worked for me. Casting character what nice way to put it and yes there are so many of them here at WA
    brichnow21 Premium
    We are learning to paint with words!
    I'm a morning person...begin early so when life happens, I have something finished of my own;)
    Let's paint some beautiful pictures, Linda!
    brichnow21 Premium
    Pages do become chapters, Linda!
    brichnow21 Premium
    We have great scripts and real lack of Drama!!
    FKelso Premium
    Good for you -- I have to admit that I wrote no resolutions. I have enough goals, though, and will just keep trudging on, trying to make my websites into something that is successful.
    brichnow21 Premium
    Fran, you did a video!! Must have been on some list!
    Seek to continue to add value other your life and the lives of others. I'm seeing that each day, Fran! You are doing very well from where on stand. Just progress...
    Keep sharing and caring;)
    drjec Premium
    That's for this meaningful post. I don't know what else to call it. I blew a few of my goals the first week of the new year, but I think I am back on track. You are an inspiration.
    brichnow21 Premium
    Change at one degree at a time, will bring one completely around by 180 days!
    One degree, one day at a time!
    Unrealistic expectations are we'll ace this!!! Ha-haa!
    Keep expectations realistic, ...especially if you're waiting on another!!
    My to-do list, with some kid stuff, is more important than the responsible party!!
    Don't hold your breath, Jim!!
    timstime20 Premium
    Inspiration abounds ... you are amazing ... congrats on your achievements ...
    continued success... Dream Weaver🙂
    brichnow21 Premium
    Tim it's hard not to BE amazing around this Watercooler!
    Flying with awesomeness all around!
    RosanaHart Premium
    You ARE ambitious! Inspiring.
    brichnow21 Premium
    Rosana, on a up day!
    Someday, I need a shot of GOYA,
    Get Off Your Arse!

    Plan each day to add some value elsewhere! Works for me, KISS!