Frustrating Day at the Salt Mines

Last Update: October 22, 2021

Sometimes website site building is a lonely job!

Today, I've been trying to edit my pages, starting with my Mission page!

After, several hours of typing the page and inserting the content, metatitles, and the requested fixes from AIOSEO, meta title became the content of blog and I kept losing the piece.

AIOSEO, started with 2 flags red out of 5.

Now I have all red, and I'm seeing red!

The brickwall I keep banging into!


  • Do I edit in Elementor or somewhere else?
  • Am I better off taking the wholepage down thing down and rewriting instead of editing?
  • How do I save changes when editing?
  • How to get back to insert data page from editing?
  • Red flag for metatitle, so where to I go to edit?
  • And the list goes on...

Perhaps this should have been a question, but matters not with this knowledgable community!

I'm sure to get some great answers, while Venting a bit!

Suggestions welcomed!

Making this short and sweet today! Time to step back from the problem, and relax a bit!

Answers come when we relax and let intuition enter!

Less than inspiring song, but feels right for now! :)

"Take this job and shove it!"- Johnny Paycheck

Nothing further words needed! LOL

I won't give up!

Heading for a Powernap, so I'm refreshed for Friday Happy hour with th WA gang and Jay!!

Hope to see YOU there!

Have a much better day in the neighborhood, than, I! Please!



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Zoopie Premium
I am following to see the enlightened answers. Time for that power nap or chill pill , vino that is. I get the same way, I get so mad I can’t see straight. Then take a break, and I think the brain goes on auto pilot and then I can figure it out.
Stephenoi me serious, lol.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
The left brain meets the right brain, Stevie!Tee-hee!
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Sorry to learn of your frustrations, Barb.

I don't use AIOSEO so I can't offer advice.

Also, I could not make friends with Elementor Premium, so that is history for me.

It appears I'm of no help to you at all. So I'm off Singing as I Go and letting........ go by!

Cheers, and happy days ahead :)

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Tra-la-la! Valerie!
High Ho, High Ho! It's off to work I go...sometime tomorrow!! LOL
After I've slept on it!
I want to tackle the homework from Jay!
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
I'm sure your homework will go well, Barb. I had to bow out for a few days of that 14-day training but will get back to it soon.
By the time you see this message, I expect you will have High Ho-d your way to work and back home again!
muslimah Premium
You will edit the meta title in AIO SEO and update it.
From the WordPress dashboard - pick the post, click edit, then scroll down to the AIO SEO section to input your meta description. Ensure you leave the box blank, then type in the content you want for the meta description. Click update.
On that same page, click edit with elementor, make the changes and update after making the necessary things.
I use the Astra theme, and I'm unsure if the setting is the same for others.
Can you post the images of the issue?
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Thank you, Muslimah!
I will go back and see if I can find this, before I scrap it all, and start over. Wish me luck!
Thank you!
muslimah Premium
I wish you good luck.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
LOL! I'll need it! ;)
tdbabineaux Premium Plus
The most sure-fire way to fix a big problem is to break it down into lots of smaller problem. Pick one, fix it, then move on to another.

I am an avid photographer. After a day's shooting, I'll pick out some photos, do some post processing work on them, then put them in a folder called "processed".

My rule is once they are in the processed folder, they are done and should never be processed again. This came about because of the absurd amount of time I was spending working on my photos instead of going out to shoot new ones.

I approach writing in a similar way. Once it has been posted, that's it. I'm done with it. I do have a very small list of exceptions. One of them is if I have written something that is completely wrong (yeah, it happens once in a while). Another is fixing blatant typos which creep by now and then.

I decided to take my site down for "repairs" a few months ago. It's about 2000% better than it was before. I removed all the deadweight. I've got about 2 days of work left, then she's ready for relaunch.

I don't use any writing aid software. I was thinking about buying a copy of Grammarly, then realized I don't need it. I was having trouble with active vs passive voice in my writing. But I've gotten a handle on it and it's become way less of an issue.

The tools in WordPress and many plug ins can be very counterintuitive. Sometimes you have to do some serious hunting to find the setting you are looking for (like meta settings). I frequently have to Google things to find what I am looking for.

I have another self-imposed rule that I employ when I am writing. It's called "if in doubt, leave it out." I wrote a WA blog about this. If you've written something that doesn't seem right, dump it and start over. Heck, I've thrown away entire blogs if they have no clear focus. So I'm generally opposed to trying to fix an already written document by re-editing. I just don't think it's a good idea.

I'm not sure I understand some of your questions. WordPress does automatically save documents with several copies going back in time, so you can look at those to see what editing changes you've applied.

Good luck!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Good points, Terry! As an artist, I have to know when a piece is done! I can get very picky about things nobody else will see! I put it to bed!
My site went wrong with the first page!
Site intro, went into about me and the rest.
I should just wash and start over. Fixings things is confusing.
Thanks for your help,Terry!
JKulk1 Premium
Always remember to click the update button Barb. I also refresh the page on the website when I take a look. Jim
brichnow21 Premium Plus
I had updates and this is where I started working.
I forgot about refresh page option.
Thank you, Jim!