End of March Madness?

Last Update: April 04, 2020

With March Madness complete ...

"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

Watch what you ask for!

My Last blog was about all the activity that was coming my way.

I was going 100mph in many directions! Screech went the brakes...STOP!

Suddenly, all the meetings have stopped!!

From Zero to Fifty...

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

After a 2 day reprieve, as we began lock down, we were back into action again!!

All the meetings that were closed, are now Zoom meetings!

Front Porch and Gazebo...

We are here, but keep your distance!

Friday's meeting and Wednesday's are now Al Fresco!

My gift from this...

"What's standing in your way?"

While listening to one of my many gurus, this question was posed.


I have this vision for my site, and then the fear steps in!

"Just Do It!"

I received a call soon after our group meeting clubs had closed. ...

8:30, Tuesday morning,

"Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"

This person is NOT a selfie freak, and is usually taking the pictures!

That was then!

For the last 2 weeks and until this lock down goes on, I'm leading a

9 o'clock recovery meeting, Monday- Friday, on camera!!

Vanity be damned!

This huge block has been removed!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Do I "Know of" or truly KNOW the information?

I know how to add a picture.

But, do I understand the process, so it is a repeatable action.

Can I further apply this information and use it for other processes?

When I can say yes, then I am comfortable with my level of knowledge.

This is how I want to "Know" my site and the training.

Learn something new every day! Eventually, I will arrive somewhere!

May be rough waters ahead, ... Be prepared, hold on and enjoy the scenery.

Learn from the storms.

I'm reminded of hurricane Harvey...

Just 2 years ago, Houston area was crippled by a hurricane!

People ran around looking for plywood and generators! Gas was being rationed, as well.

For several weeks services were interrupted, houses were destroyed, and folks were relocated.

Several years before, August 2005 Katrina, followed closely by Hurricane Rita, Sept 2005. People freaked out for Rita... Mostly unnecessary hype.

"Lock-down" did you say?

From one perspective, ..." It's just another day in Hurricane season."

Today is a beautiful day for working on my site, without interruptions!

Stay in appreciation and gratitude!

"Don't Worry...!"

"Don't Worry About a Thing" Bob Marley

(Yea! I think this link works!)

Commitment to Vision!

The stronger the desire or passion behind a project, the sooner it comes to fruition!

"What I Think about...

Thank about...

Comes about."

Vision to goals...

In January, I had all sorts of goals to get my where I wanted to go!

Plenty of lists of to-do's,


First of all, I must get through the WA training!

This didn't happen, as yet, ...still on the list!

My vision seems to be making my priority list!

WA Gurus!

When I want or ask for information, the knowledge is far more valuable!

WA has all the mentors we need! Just ask!!

This week I will learn how to embed a YouTube video!

I've been taking some doggie clips I need to share! I owe Jeffery at least a thumbnail of Michi!

I guess I'll need to figure out how to do those too... probably spend time in PhotoShop or Paint 3 D...

Who knows, where I'll end up, but

Progress ...is perfection!

So, that's how things are working with me these days.

Everyday is a mystery and a new puzzle!

Problem solving is like doing a puzzle, ...Exciting, challenging and fun!

Enjoy this break from Chaos!

Today's list... KISS!

Bear necessities without the frills!

Questions to ask about ...

YouTube, Aweber, ECommerce, Amazon, Paypal?

Without these things in place, my messages have no direction.

Back to WA training with Kyle and every Friday with Jay!

That's all for now, folks!

Have a productive Saturday/Sunday wherever you are in WA land!

God Bless,


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AlexandraT11 Premium
Hey Barb! Hope you and your family are keeping safe as well. Face your fear - once you start it will feel like nothing. Your site will benefit enormously! Yay to a fighting you in April!! 🙌🏻
LindaF Premium
you got this Barb you know you do
always a better way
LatinNomad Premium
Same to you Barb. Thank you for your thoughts. We will all get through this soon & your site, like mine will be stronger for it.

Have a great Sunday.

brichnow21 Premium
It's pretty cool doing the daily meetings, Trevor.
If I can do it for this, I surely can have a weekly live meeting on my site.
Oh the possibilities!
Progress...One day at a time!
anjumshahlla Premium
Great and engaging post!
Thank you for sharing.

Love and best wishes,
brichnow21 Premium
Texans deal with disaster a little bit slower. Our Governor takes his time, trusting we'll use common sense as needed.
I hope you're enjoying your new home.
anjumshahlla Premium
Yes, I am, :-)
CMKetay Premium
March certainly went out like a lion! Longest year I've ever seen in 30 days! Stay well! Christine
brichnow21 Premium
For sure!
Perhaps, April will seem longer!
The novelty is wearing off.