Drive By Texts. Messing with my flow!

Last Update: January 18, 2020

It's a Plan B day...

Today, woke with great enthusiam!

After, last night's awesome Live Training with Jay, I was pumped! Coffee, not cocktails really helped...

I reviewed Jay's WooCommerce training, and received some really good tips for setting up a website!

Jay, simply creates all the pages and the menu, without any writing!! In several minutes, the framework is set-up!

After that, I hung around the WAter cooler, and enjoyed some wonderful relaxation with friends!

Before I retire, I create a list of my tomorrow's major priorities for Home and WA! This takes my ideas out of my head!

Headed to bed with Gratitude in my Heart, and was soon sound asleep!

Today's "Plan A"

  • Kitchen -.put away dishes and clean off counters
  • Wash- Pickup any loose ends and head to laundryroom
  • Finish WA blog from 3 days ago...add pictures, review, and add ideas not yet written, write the conclusion, and post
  • Finish About Me page for, but don't post

This was MY Plan A!!

Flow interruptis!!

Happily moving right along, I ticked off...

    • Kitchen
    • Began taking some pictures and hunting my files for others
    • Sent pictures to computer from phone
    • Sat down to write WA blog

    Bam! A "Drive by text"!!

    What's that you ask?

    2 Examples

    1. A text that comes, and when you respond, which is the polite thing for me to do, ...return message says,,,"Can't answer now, ... i'm driving".

    Really?? "How did you send this"???

    j2. "Hi! How are you?" "What's up?"

    Texts offer, any idiot, the ability to plop out a message!

    Let me say what's on MY mind, but no real interest in the person one contacts. Again, when answered, ...No response.

    While steadily,working away with diligence, I received a text message asking me a question.

    I promptly reponded and waitied for a reply... and waitied..."Are you still there?"...waited.

    "Let's complete a conversation, please."., waited, again!

    Next message from ME..." Never mind! I've been waiting for an answer for half an hour.

    Phone's going to silent. This has interrupted my work, and messed with my creative flow.. Please no more, Drive By Texts, ...Shot and run!" Smiley face...

    An hour later, ...I finally got a response..."Sorry about that...I went back to sleep." She must have narcolepsy!

    From annoyed to...

    Priceless!! Ha-haa!

    Accept the things I can't chabge

    Change the things I can!

    Attitude adjustment!

    Humor always helps!

    "Drop the rock", learn the lesson, and move on to better things!!

    "Pain is inevitable...suffering is a choice!"

    Helping myself and others, is my best attitude change!

    • I shot my BFF a quick vent, and received a quick reply
    • Picked up clothes and began wash
    • Changed my blog goal, for now, to get this message out of my head
    • ...And am now back on track with a renewed positive attitude

    I only have power in how I respond to my environment! I can "react" or Respond.

    "Pause when agitated!"

    Practice the 3 B's

    • BE Quiet! Stop the mouth!!
    • Backup! Remove from situation or person
    • and Breathe in some relaxation, and meditate for a bit, allowing the anger to leave.

    Next, turn to help yourself or others!

    Shortly, afer this interruption, I received a Healthy text, from a friend in need! 10 minutes later, we both were a-okay!!

    So, I'm once again, in a very great frame of mind! Ready to start another load of clothes, and getting back to my earlier plans.

    It's the perfect day for writing in Houston! Rainy cold and dreary!

    My plans do not always come out the way I plan. My Plan A...

    God's in charge of my results! His are always better!...Plan B!!

    I am very appreciative of they WA community! No drive by blogging! LOL

    Always, there are fantastic responses and great conversations!

    Hope all are having a wonderfully productive day!

    See y'all later at the WAter Cooler!!

    Song for the day, comes from Elvis!

    "Follow that Dream wherever it leads you!!"

    Best success!


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    JeffreyBrown Premium
    Well thought out and thought-provoking post, Barb!

    brichnow21 Premium
    Sometimes I amaze myself!!
    That popped out with relative ease!!
    I'm getting my writing chi back!
    I searched anger, and that guy cracked me up!! Seriously, LMAO!!
    Thanks, Jeff!
    anjumshahlla Premium
    Very good post! Thank you for sharing 🙏🙏

    Love 💕
    brichnow21 Premium
    Thanks for to stopping by, Shahila!
    JohnButton Premium
    Thanks Barb for sharing a snippet of your personal Journey today! I'm glad to hear that you have been able to choose to "Let It Go" and go with the flow! A warm feeling from Elvis helps too!

    Best, John
    brichnow21 Premium
    Thanks, John!
    I'd have loved to add a link, but that's another day's training!
    It's a very inspiring song, that will raise your vibration! ...and with Elvis, it's hard not to get up and dance!!
    JohnButton Premium
    Maybe someday soon a bunch of us WA'ers can gather in Houston and dance!
    brichnow21 Premium
    Sounds like a grand plan, John!
    Spring will soon be here so getting out?...We'll be ready!
    "Round us up partner!" ;)
    Hold that vision!
    FKelso Premium
    Yep, I'm at the water cooler, trying to figure out where that dream is going next. Will have to wait and see...
    brichnow21 Premium
    Plan B, Fran!
    Just don't lose sight!!
    timstime20 Premium
    Great Post
    Plans are written to help us stay focused. I once read if you want to see God laugh show Him your plans.... Stuff happens
    Best staying between the diches
    brichnow21 Premium
    Thanks for that great reminder, Tim!
    "God laughs!!" Ha-haa!