Do you Have a Cellphone Graveyard? Dig them up!

Last Update: January 18, 2020

Every my cell service contract renews I'm offered an upgrade!

My phones are usually still functioning, so I don't turn them back in.

You never know when you'll need a backup!

Several years, ago while traeling to Florida to see me friend, Dee, we set out on kayaks exploring.

Babe Ruth's old winter retreat, now in shambles, was right across the way, on Tampa Bay.

After a day of Mantitee exploring a car ride away, we still hadn't had enough!

Back at the house we had lunch and decided to go take a look at Babe's retreat from the front view, which meant going under the bridge into the bay.

I grabbed my phone, as I'm a picture taking freak! ...and we proceeded to head for kayaks!

Dressed in suits, I decided to put my phone, for an instant, in my bra top! Bad idea!!

As we were pushing off, ...Plop!

Into the water, went my Motorola!

Needless to say, that trip ended before it began!

Drying it was hopeless!

Out of town with no cell phone, or address book for numbers, I'd have been sunk, that phone!

"Be prepared!"

I stayed with the Girl Scouts, just long enough to learn this lesson!

My last phone, was safely tucked away in my glove compartment!

I headed to my carrier, and after removing my simcard, I was back in service within minutes!

With insurance on the damaged phone, my new phone, arrived home, by the time I arrived the next very next day!

Addicted to Keyboards for texting...

I owned an I Phone, one day!

I was always having to correct with my fast glumsy fingers!

Later, the next day, I exchanged and purchased the only keyboard

cellphone available, an LG.

When my LG needed to go to 4G processing, I once again, bought a new phone.

In search of a keyword once again! I headed to my carrier, Verizon!

An interesting note of my history with Verizon...

One summer back around summer of 1985, I worked for this new company called

Houston Cellular.

That company is now VERIZON!

Being very short-sighted on my possiblities or cellular services, as well,

I missed many an opportunity for really good commissions, but that's the

subject of an entirely different blog!

Back to my next phone...

You bought a Blackberry?

This time around, the only extendable keyword, was the Blackberry.

I paid for it monthly, at $60 a month, for 2 years! $2400 for a cellphone???

After just about the time that I had it paid, the charger connection went

to touchy, especially while traveling.

With YouTube and Google Maps

going almost 24/7, cellphone batteries go very quickly!

I always had the charger in while en route!

Back to the hunt!

Once again, I headed to Verizon. This time, no keyboards were available, or Blackberry, either.

I left the store with a new touchscreen, Samsung.

Early the next day, I was listening to a YouTube, and a Blackberry ad popped-up!

Special Edition Blackbery now available!

I didn't click on the ad as I was driving, but as soon as I reached home,

I researched where to get this prized possession!

Available at Best Buy!

Called the store and ask if they had it available, now, and whether

they could activate it upon purchase with Verizon. Yes!

I bought the new Spec Ed

I chuckled, this had my name all over it! Ha!

I had a new Blackberry Keyword phone for $650!! Free activation, too!

The same day I returned the Samsung with full refund. And no more

monthly payments!

After transfer of my contacts, and such, I had noticed in the past that

not all go through, so I've kept my inactivated close at hand, so I can

still reach those numbers and some texts, and pictures!

My old Blackberry is still fully functionable through my home, internet system

It's a mini-computer!

When, I'm hanging out at the WAtercooler, I'm always on my cell, not my PC.

I type very quickly with the keyboard, and can read and respond more often.

Last night and couple of well neede hours, of just reading blogs and chatting

with old friends, and making many new friends!!

By night, phone was on low cell batt, seem as I, as well!

During the course of the day, I'll switch from the new to the old,

when in need of a charge!

My primary phone is always at a decent percentage, so if necessary

it's always ready to go with me.

I have 5 still functioning cell phones! 2 Motorolas, an LG, and 2 Blackberry's!
Still keeping one in the car...

What's in your graveyard?

Perhaps, you could use them for more!

Parting song for the evening...

This is the End - The Doors

Best wishes for a peaceful morning, evening, or sleep!

Love y'all awesome WA friends!


PS. If the link works ...Yippee!! First time for an attempt!!

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Kickbacked Premium
Hi Barb

Nice post👍 Phones sure have changed ‼️

I have only had 3 phones.

I remember my first phone was a flip phone.

Some of my buds at work still have these, as they say on Star Trek “Beam Me Up Scotty”! 😁

My next one was a Apple 4s, I now have an Apple XR which I really like, takes great pictures for a phone.

Have a nice week.

brichnow21 Premium
Tim, if it weren't for the keyboard deal...I'd have a Samsung... Super pictures
I'm "also an Android addict"!
I'm trying a bit of alliteration. LOL
First Motorola Flip phone was an inch!
megawinner Premium
I can't imagine how we used to have an Alcatel brand, Nokia almost as big as a red brick! I reckon each would have bought 5 or more cell phones till date.
brichnow21 Premium
Florentine, I referred to the Motorola, as the brick! Me first phone was a Nokia.
It had an antenna that retracted. Motorola's, antenna ...One looked liked a lopsided Martian!
megawinner Premium
LOL! I could still remember! 🤣
timstime20 Premium
I can't remember the different phones
That is some phone history
brichnow21 Premium
This morning I heard this Great phrase...
"If you can remember the 60' weren't there."
I'm a wealth of questionable knowledge!
timstime20 Premium
Can’t remember them
And I was there !!!!!
Just kidding on the can’t part
brichnow21 Premium
I was there too, ...close my eyes and replay everything just like a movie, Tim!
I do believe brain cells do regenerate!
My sister thinks it's spooky I even remember the colors! But, memory has all the details.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I had a Motorola Star Tec--it stored 2 calls and one phone number and weighed a couple of pounds depending on the battery size--I sold it and a couple of older walkie talkie style motorolas for about $30-50 each on ebay!
brichnow21 Premium
I sold those, "brick style" gray Motorolas! Hottest item!
$100 with 3 year contract!
All the drug dealers had them...sad but true! Their credit was bad but they always had the 300 deposit!
Houston, early 80's!
I sold plenty to "Dancers" ...too.
I had a guy friend go in and The goal's liked dealing with a woman, obviously not out to harm them. Let's of money, nightly!
Major safety device, Jeff!
How that for a Niche idea?
"Safety tips for Unsavory Occupations?"
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're too funny, Barb! 😆🤣😝😜
brichnow21 Premium
Maybe Jay will use that one next!
JeffreyBrown Premium
drjec Premium
I loved your cell phone adventure. It could be a great sitcom. I am embarrassed to admit that, if my wife weren't looking, I would drop my cell for off the kayak. But, I see your point and I really enjoyed the post.
brichnow21 Premium
Thanks, Jim!
Rule 62... don't take yourself so seriously!
I just wrote "Book ideas" and it would be snippets of little vignettes!
Things we NOW, laugh about!!