Day 9 - Assessment! Action! .and Accomplishment!

Last Update: May 04, 2019

" Does, anybody, really know, What time it is?"

"...Does, anybody, really care?"- Chicago

Day 9...Can anyone, tell me what day it is?

I, lost Friday, somewhere, while in my writing bubble! ...and missed WA Happy Hour, with Jay! (Training folks!)

It's Day 9, of my writing challenge, and today, I'll assess, my progress, for check points, and look for ways to improve, on my "Product", outcome.

Major objectives, for my 21 Day, writing challenge, ...What's THE Purpose? Self-discipline!

  1. a change in my "Work Habits", and relearn technical skills, and practice, them, for automatic use.
  2. allow writing to become, a daily joy, not chore
  3. Re-engage with the community to give encouragement, and receive, in turn
  4. Do many things, imperfectly, but completely. Finish, what I start!
  5. Devise, a system for filing anyway, the plethora, of ideas, that are flooding in like," manna from, Heaven"
  6. Plug back into my Life's Purpose!
  7. Enjoy building my site, as excitement, and momentum ensues!

Assessment, of where I am, ...for, where I want to go

Self-discipline is the game

My competion, is with myself, so how am I, "Playing for MY Team"?

  1. Work Habits! Momentum, is back! Hopping right on, projects, without Procrastation! Yes! Picture editing , and inserting, cut/paste/move, and retrieving refreshing undoing...Better and better
  2. Chore to fun? Yes! Outside or inside? Lawn or computer? easier, but Still a challenge!
  3. Re-engage? Yes! Yes! From 10,000+ WA ranking, to top 200! Note: Since top 200, with the awesome competiton, My ranking his week, went slower, ...but now, close to 100!! Nice Surprise!!
  4. Completion!Oh, yes!! Day 8 blog!! Embrace, failure/mistakes, for growth! I haven't begun, the Critique, of the piece!
  5. Ideas! "New Goal" popped up, yesterday, when I figured. I lost Friday! The Pain of confusion.
  6. Purpose? continues to be fueled, by continuous actions." Feed that Wolf!!"
  7. Writing WA 21 challenge, is out of balamce with my site building, so More time, must be allowed. Ideas, organization, will help!

Let's take a look at my Day 8 blog!

Was I writing an Ebook, or an article?

Sprint, first! Marathon, later, when ready!!

Way, too long! ...But didn't want to stop! For 3 days, the article built, and then it needed to come out of my head! Now!

Good start, on Impression, ...NOT!! "Extra! Extra!, and the title is NOT capitalized! Day 8, omitted from line-up of blogs.
Caused, by oversight, and tiredness. Must proof read, several times!

Remember your audience! WA blog readers' time is valuable! Make, mine time, count, with clarity, and organized flow, of my ideas!

Day 8, blog was a success, for my personal, self- development goals! I gained insight, as to where to improve! Task completed!

Needs work, in areas! Where do I need to "Change", tweak?

Notes! Seeds for starters, ideas...Stop snd implement!!
Too, many points, for average attention span, lead to lack of depth in relating back. Shortened, Reader's Digest...

Should review points, individually,as short articles, and then conclude, with the book!

Assessment time is over! I feel, pretty good! I'm making daily forward movement!

Topic, Finding Your Purpose or Niche, could be a future workshop, depth on training, and implementing,

Practice a bit more of KISS! Keep it simple!

I'm practicing staying with the objective, and today's work, is complete for my WA blogging!'

Weekends are wrap-up. and planning, the week ahead. I played catch up on emails, and now, it's Saturday Night! Time to unplug? ...For, awhile...

Music choice_ Elton?

"Saturday's alright for fightin'"!...Nah!

...or Chicago? We began with, and we'll end...

"Saturday, in the Park"... let your imagination go!

Thanks, for your time, fabulous folks!!

Good night, and God Bless!


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tbowyer Premium
Hi Barb.
"Does, anybody, really know, What time it is?"
For sure, it is "now".

You can't fool me. 😉

Keep your eye on the ball and stay tuned for further announcements, I say.

PMindra Premium
Great reassessment, Barb of your previous post.
Thrilled that things are coming along as planned for you.

Have a glorious week coming up.

Regards from up north.

brichnow21 Premium
Plans, set the sails!
PMindra Premium
All set.
brichnow21 Premium
LOL, Sometimes, We need to be " a Blow hard"! Create, that wind!!
PMindra Premium
You are funny.
Just passed some.
Take care.

brichnow21 Premium
Who's the funny one!!
Oh, this made my day!!!
People, let's lighten up!!
Thank you for the roar!!!
LLettau1 Premium
I love your wit as it lightens our day. We press onward and upward.
brichnow21 Premium
Thank, you, Larry.
Humor, is a funny thing... I'm not always, sure of my audience!! Wink!
FKelso Premium
Nice assessment. That gives you direction for your next moves. Well done.
brichnow21 Premium
The Road, is always under construction! Detours, perhaps, or just where we need to be, for the moment...