Day 11 - "When You Work! Work! .when You Play! Play!"

Last Update: May 06, 2019

Day 11, and I half-way, through, my PROJECT!

My core objective, for the last to years, has been,


This,week, will be all, about, "The Gift, of Self-Reliance", but I need some PLAY time!

When, I become, laser focused, and fueled, with a passion, I slip into, an, "OCD, level of momentum!"

I, can publish, an article!

Objective, completed, but my mind's still, whirling with ideas!

Yestrday, was just like this...

Write Blog! Up, early, and tackle, the thoughts, and put them down, so out of the head.

Today, is beautiful, so time to clean pool, and relax, outside. Enjoy, your Sunday!!

Crisis! What options, NEED, being acted upon?

"How, do I pull the plug!" ... Come out of this loop?

Half, the day, I was out, assessing , and yearning, to do, something, I enjoy, vacuuming the pool!

Very meditative... BUT, my mind keeps sparking, and I'm back inside, writing down more notes!!

In! out! In! Out!

Am I working, or playing?

Both, are important!

Am, I working, at WA?

Work, is producing a product! Actions, toward, a "fruitful goal"!

I'm taking daily action, so,

Yes! I am working, when I am writing, and putting these things down on paper, in an completed, article!

This, is what will become the fruit of my site!

Time to play, already!

I, could not get focused, on work or play, 'til, 7 oc'clock, last evening! Whole, day wasted, in whirling, between work and play!!

I , produced, nothing in the process, of 4 hrs.!!!

Suddening, the pain...!

You've have SPENT, valuable, time,

...When, making the choice, would have been the answer!


Wherever, our young minds cared to go, without, any restaints! Freedom!!

As, kids, what was play-time?

Practicing, to be an adult, having fun, learning!! ...with our imagination, firing away, to many foreign lands, friends, and experiences.

"I was, THE engineer, whenever the dining room, chairs, magically, became, my train!!'

We, have that Magic Wand! ...of Possibilities!!

Want to just play, today!

STOP! Before, changing directions!

I had to prepare, for my new direction, being, with "My thoughts!"

" I love creating, and through, mindless, activies, like playing, I ignite, my "right-brain" of creativity!" I allow, tapping into, a higher consciousness, that's is priceless!

I, continue, to add the color to my life's vision!

Prepping for fun! Hmm... what, do I like to do?

Jig-saw, Puzzles!

Since, forever it, seems, I am always, doing something, while, watching the Boob Tube!

Can't count how many times, I did th Picture, of the "Mom, Combing, Daughter's Hair!

A, Weekly, routine at my house!!!

Focused, on Peace of mind, coming, ...Mind set!

  • I put, all, my writing, out of my sight!! Closed, that drawer, 'til, tomorrow!
  • I poured , a cool, non-alcoholic,Ginger Beer!
  • I reached, for a jig-saw, puzzle!!
  • Grabbed, my puzzle, box, and trays! ( I have a system of puzzle, efficiency! )
  • Set a goal! Can't help.myself!! How,fast? .. can I produce this,300, piece this puzzle!
  • Took, action! Began, by sorting, pieces!!


OCD, I'm working away, in my buble!

...and, in my haste!

...I misplaced, a tray of colors!

I'd been working away, with a goodly portion, of pieces, ...not even in the mix!

I, think, there's a lesson,here!!

As, I neared, completion, I realized, "The Situation".

First, thought! Who ran that inspection, line, at the puzzle, company?

Blame, game!

I, had, resigned, or accepted,the idea, incompletion, ...

When "Aquaius" , came, on, from , the TV!

I, put the box, down jumped, up, and just danced!!!

I was, right, back there, in the 1970's.

"When, the moon, is in th 7th House

And Jupiter, aligns, with Mars

Then, PEACE, will, guide the planets
And love, will steer the stars!"

Resonates, a bit, with this astrologer...

While, I was dancing, I SAW, the "missing tray!" Mystery, solved!


"Haste, makes,waste!" I could have done that one, in 2 hours, ...took 6!

One might, want to have all pieces, of a projects, on hand, before we begin!

Laugh, at mistakes, my, "errors in judgment", and learn!

Dancing brings instant, JOY!

Walking, away or dancing, from a Quandry, relives, my frustration, and allows the answer to just come... Intuition, kicjks, in, when I takee, myself, out!

Stay friendly with YOUR inner, Child!

Dreams, come from imagination! Use, YOUR, Play-Time!! Have fun, in Your Sandbox!

Time to UN-plug, for awhile!

Next, direction, for today, at WA, is working on my site!

I'm aware, thatI did, not, continue, with Stand, and Deliver, but, tomorrow, is more suitable, for my process. I reserve the right to change plans, however,

Moral, dilemma ...I'm aware, that I did not, keep my commitment!

Speaks, of My Integrity!

Knowing, "How I roll"?

... Best, not commit, from one day to the next for a topic, for next post!

Don't make, Promises, I can't keep!

Have, a wonderfully productive, fun ...

Work Day or Play Day!

Enjoy, your , Now!

Thanks, for your time!

"Til, next time...



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