Back in My Sandbox. With the World Series Team at WA!

Last Update: October 29, 2019

October 2017, I joined WA!

At the time, I was in my Michigan condo, retreat from the southern heat of Texas.

I'm now retired, but have not stopped learning since I stepped out of the classroom.

To be a good teacher, it helps to know your material, and I was blessed with incredible curiosity for many subjects. In addition, I never knew from one year to the next, which subjects or how many I'd be teaching, so one better Love Learning!!

Another year begins with Premium at WA!

" Where have you been and what have you done with WA in 2 years, Barb?"

This week, I received my Dedication Badge!

This teacher has been in the classroom of Magistudios, with our awesome trainer Jay!!

Life happens, but I have shone up regularly for Jay"s "Friday/Saturday, wherever you are in the world", Happy Hour!! Friday nights trainings have kept me connected with the consistency that my life afforded. Life was happening, all around, and still is, but my ducks are now in manageable buckets.

I can say I earned this badge!

WA Premium offers Live Training with Jay!

I've taken college courses for computers, back in the 80s, and didn't learn an iota of what we get from Jay!! If we got NOTHING else, but the training, at WA, that comes down to what?

For the cost of Premium, around $350 per year. Cost breaks down to a dollar a day!!

Can anyone else feel, how incredibly measly this cost is?? Wow!

As a teacher, I appreciate the clear objectives, the slides, all the wonderful live examples!

Jay always makes it clear that he's right there, with his general easy manner. He makes this very impersonal world of the internet, very engaging.

Time Management Needed

One of the first things time management gurus say to do is take an assessment of what you really want in at least 7 different areas of your life. When I did this, I found that I had unfinished projects galore!!

I'm an artist, gardener, including lawn mowing, which I consider my "Treadmill"! Since, I;m single, as well, and a home-owner, all responsibility is on me.

It became quite apparent, that I had too much on my plate! My condo, was not bringing me peace, when in Michigan, ...while my Texas home, was not getting its proper attention.

Saga of Selling my condo

Preface this critique with, I sold Real Estate, back in the 80s in Texas.

I listed the condo, in August with this "Sweet young gal", that said all the promising things, which, in turn did nothing, but talk. Inexperienced, and too "dumb" to ask when she didn't know something. Instead, she say about anything to keep me. Work ethic lacking and her integrity, questionable. Finally, got one bid, and took it. She forgot who she was supposed to represent.

Buying Realtor, no better. She was working for her sister.

I, finally, closed the deal by going directly to the title company to find out anything that was the truth.

January, we finally closed. December, was promised, before the holidays, before the new year. Taxes were eating me up!

I had to make several trips during the process, as well.

Lesson learned? Find the busiest, ugliest guy out there and KNOW that will do the job!!

Back in the spring, I attempted to write, but was conflicted!

I had too many to-dos and kept being drawn outside. Summer arrived, and with a pool came company, whenever with the BBQ.

Incorrect assessment of a pool leak. lead to a brand new filter, only to find that it was an intake pipe. 50 dollar problem cost 1200.

My son, Russ builds decks, and just about anything else. I mentioned, it'd be nice, eventually to have a bench around the tree. He built

Long story shortened ...many of the hanging projects are finished

I created quite a bit of stained glass, which allows me more freedom in creation. Design one day, cut glass another, one a sitting job, the other a standing. This art can handle interruptions.

My Teacher's natural rhythm begins in the fall!! Summer's over and time to buckle down for another year of growth!

Back to my Sandbox!!

My old friends, here, may recall this was what I called my WA network!

Ready, once again, to pursue my website goals, while we work, play and solve our projects together!

I've been binge watching Jay's replays... The Basics! (Awesome for when I'm driving around in Texas, where nothing is walking distance!)

Overcoming Inertia

Tonight was game 5 of the World Series! Yes, but I was committed to getting a blog finished, this evening, regardless!!

I just needed to start!! Momentum carries me!

Now, tonight if distracted?? Blame it on the Series. We were hopeful, tonight, but Washington, had the evening "Go Power!"

It's "After Midnight!", so that's it for tonight's song!

Best to you all!


BTW... Out of practice and issues with spellcheck/grammar half-way through editing, so apologies for errors. ...a bit too late to fix the program.

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AlanJE Premium
Busy time, Barbara! I hope things get back to normal soon, Alan.
CMKetay Premium
Haven't checked out Jay's trainings yet, but have heard they are good. Sounds like you've been crazy busy and all over the place. I am in Texas, so get the summer heat thing. I also love to work with stained glass, but have set it aside while the kids were small. Miss it! Looking forward to hearing how your adventures continue in the world of WA.

brichnow21 Premium
Hello, Christine!
Another artist... who understands!
I've been doing glass since 1978. How this started was a fluke, as well. I used to do the cane, old style, as in Windows, but had to switch to copper foil when I lost having a garage.
When working on a glass project, I get very OCD. All of my personal gifts for weddings and births, and the like, I now make. My favorite gift is a nightlight for "The new baby's room" .
Christine, if you cannot be available for the live, register for it anyway. You will be sent the replays.
These replays are always right on topic!
Jay does a terrific job!
Hope to see you at Happy Hour!
Best! Barb
BTW... where in Texas?
AlexEvans Premium
A lot of success online comes down to timing.

looks like the time is right for you to rekindle your friendship with your online presence.

Returning with that renewed focus can make all the difference.

Best wishes Barb
brichnow21 Premium
Thanks, Alex!
It was your post, 2 years ago, which got me doing the 21 day challenge!!
This was huge, as it just opened the floodgates of my mind!
"Write what you know about, and write consistently."
I haven't forgotten!
Thanks, again, Alex!
Lazyblogger Premium
The training with Jay and his Ninja tricks will definitely push your business in the right direction. Happy that Kyle and Carson make this weekly training available to us as premium members.

We will see what the outcome going to be tonight, game seven is always a thrilling one.

Grammar is not such a big deal. Which is better to say? "I am broke' or "I is a millionaire?" lol

I Appreciate You!
brichnow21 Premium
Sad day in Mudville, David!
On to next year, with grand hopes!
These trainings plant great seeds of inspiration!
I may not be ready for Instagram, yet, ...But, I know where the information is when I need it.
I appreciate you, too, David!
Feels good to be back even if it's a bit at a time.
Lazyblogger Premium
Good for you.