"A Question of Balance?" Are you on the Beam or Off?

Last Update: January 20, 2020

Before retiring last night, my mind was a whirl with the ideas of Balance, music, art, success and irritation.

A family member...Off the beam, hurdled a major dirt bomb, which I managed to duck!

My choice to react or respond. Practiced my own advice, ...The 3 B's.

Pause...Be quiet! Back up! and Breathe!

Worked for me, and I let it go.

While running errands it hit me... must Blog immediately!

My thoughts for the day!

Are you on the Beam or off the beam?

Take this simple quiz! What toughts and what actions are you practicing, TODAY?

On the Beam Off the Beam

Honesty Deception

Faith Angst

Courage Fear

Considerate Rude

Humility Prideful

Generous Greedy

Peaceful Angry

Patience Manipulation

Gratitude Envy

Tolerant Judgemental

Forgiving Resentful

Selfless Ego-driven

Modesty Self-condemnation

Trust Suspicion

Moderation Gluttony

Action Sloth

Understanding Demanding

...Lover Hater

Which of these are you practicing?

It's a simple matter of which you chose.

Progress not perefction. We all have those days. Stuff happens! Forgive yourself!

Everyday is a "Question of Balance"!

"Question of Balance" Moody Blues- Aug 1970

This album came out , as I grduated from high School, June of 1970 and began college that September!!

Yes, I had a great need to maintain balance.

I Fell off more times, than necessary,

but learned from each and everyone of them!

Failures become Stepping Stones.

If you fall, reach out for the helping hand!

At WA help is available 24/7!

We fall there is someone to help us get back up!

Take the WA inventory above and you see just how On the Beam we are!

"You do see anyone," on the beam", running and in a hurry!"

First verse of..."A Question of Balance"

"Why do we never get an answer

when we're knocking at the door

With a thousand million questions

about hate and death and War??

'Cause when you stop and look around us

There is nothing that we need

In a world of persecution

That is burning in it's greed."

Have a wonderful, On the Beam day, beautiful people. ("to beam" is to SMILE!)

Love to all!



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JeffreyBrown Premium
Balance is essential to our very being, Barb! Great post!😎👍
brichnow21 Premium
Thank you, Kindly, Jeff!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very welcome, Barb! 😉
WMarshall1 Premium
Yes we all need balance. I try very hard to balance it all. However like you said some days you just can't do it all!
Great post!
brichnow21 Premium
Wanda, those days we practice forgiveness...of ourselves.
WMarshall1 Premium
Yes we try to!
FKelso Premium
Balance, yes -- such an important thing. Your list is very interesting. Hopefully, I'll stay on the beam.
brichnow21 Premium
If you slip, Fran, we'll catch you!
FKelso Premium
brichnow21 Premium
"That's what friends are for..."
PMindra Premium
Hi, Barb.
Someone really helped me to help someone else today tonight and that person is you.

Your post came at a very timely time and it is very nice to see you again also. Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada. Happy 2020 to you. I trust that you are well.

Nice stuff.

I am in the middle of dealing with a potential serial sociopath that I believe is beyond the narcissistic stage.

Your post "On The Beam" is bang on.

Add the following category if you like. They are not opposites. They are very similar:



Remain awesome, Barb.

brichnow21 Premium
Oh, Paul so good to see you again!!
Love that addition, and yes it can be expanded.
I took some liberties, to add the reality.
"Hope victim" is one I left off!
Mind takes off! Love your addition!
Let's see if others will add!!
Yes, timely for me, as well.
It's pretty easy to be friendly on WA!

Family/realationships can be a challenge...
"Friends are God's apology for some family members!"
Wayne Dyerquote!
Find the humor, and stay in your integrity!
Best of luck, with that!!
Keep me posted, Paul!!
Heading to Michigan, in June!
Just may make it to Onatrio!
Just a ride across the bridge!

Stay in touch, Paul!

PMindra Premium
"Angst' is something learned new today because of you and I am grateful.


Let's see if this goes through.
Kindest regards and admiration always.

I'm about two hours away if you are talking about the "Peace Bridge."


Think about it.
"Friends are God's apology for some family members!"
Or should it read:
"Friends are God's gift for some family members?"

Peace and love always back at you, Barb.

brichnow21 Premium
Either way you take it, meanings the same!
Angst! Isn't it a great word and you can feel the meaning!
Sloth is another great word.
Kinda slides out of the mouth!
PMindra Premium
Love ya, honey.
Chuckle out loud.
brichnow21 Premium
Back at you, Paul!
PMindra Premium
Honestly speaking, Barb.
You saved my life with your post.
I want to equate it to the Elton John/Bernie Taupin thing.

You are a Godsend.
I have to get back in the rink with this maniac shortly after I take care of the important business first. Wealthy Affiliate

You will only receive peace and love from this side forever.

Thank you for being.

brichnow21 Premium
Hint, Paul!
Cease fighting the psycho.
Don't dance with this!
Always maintain your integrity and practice the 3B's!!
Never let them take your power of how to respond.
Walk away from any discord.
Perhaps she'll get the message as she won't be rewarded for crappy behavior.
She is a sick person. Tread lightly around such individuals...
Pray for her!
PMindra Premium
Barbara, trust me here.
I'm good.
"Never deal/argue with an idiot on their level. They will bring you down to their level and then beat you up with their experience."

By the way, it is a he.

A friend back from 2004. He actually pickpocketed me. It is a bad feeling.

But how have we gotten Donna involved in all this stuff??
brichnow21 Premium
Oh, Paul! I've had to pay gals to get out of my house! Liars, and didn't get a chance to steal! I gave this last loser roommate, 150 for a hotel, Now!!!
See ya!
Haven't seen her since!!
One psycho husband of an old girlfriend, another hundred...Out Now!
That guy ??? Addicted to games, and getting high! Nervous, cuss made me instantly ill-at -ease, in my own home!
To old for that stuff! Last time I saw them... a mile from my home pan-handling by the expressway!
I covered my face and drove on by...
We cease fighting!
Good luck with that one, Paul!
PMindra Premium
I am.
You are.
They are.
We all are.
And then we are all gone.

Thank you for the luck as it will serve me well.
There really is no fight. Just the concept between right and wrong and how we choose to live our lives.

You live in the moment and so do I.

Let me share something with you that is important to me:

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered :


"Man is surprising because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; The result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Please try to watch this 30-minute video offered unconditionally as a template for our Economics. Ray Dalio is a cool character.


This individual lives above the normal standards that we consider to be common law.

Theft is a daily event in his life and an event that he excels at.

Thank's again for the 'luck.' I think 'Fact' might bring him back to the ground.

Peace and Love, sunshine.

You are going to have a glorious day.

brichnow21 Premium
Awareness of cycles and trends, and going with the flow!
Thanks, Paul!
PMindra Premium

drjec Premium
You have a good outlook. Thanks.
brichnow21 Premium
I try very hard, Jim!