Got my first badge! HEY HEY HEY HEY!

Last Update: July 09, 2018

Quite simple, I did some trainin' and got a badge. The real lesson is in what I read and what I will apply!

Thanks for thaking the time to read this! Let me know if you need any help at first adding content. I'm new to WA, but definitely not new to WordPress and bloggin' away! Let's make this money! $$

Lets pick each others brains, what do you need in this exact moment? What is your specialty? Mine is wordpress, blogging, organic seo, and
generating traffic is what I do!

LETS GET THIS FREAKIN MONEY!!!!!!(screaming at the top of his freakin' lungs)

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delroy2222 Premium
Congratulations Brian!
And thank you for sharing.
That is awesome! Brian is a great contributor towards our success. I wasn't aware of what to do with subdomains and thought it could contribute a lot towards wealth expedition some days back. I thank him that his comments made it possible. Best of Luck to all of you guys.
NanCrites Premium
Excellent! Thanks for offering to help, always nice to have on old hand step up to support community!
enstinemuki Premium
Hi Brian,
Welcome and thanks for positioning yourself to help. That's the spirit here and it's what makes the community awesome.

We both are like pieces of clothe from the same garment. I do Wordpress, Blogging, SEO, Cryptocurrency, Web traffic, etc.

So we are on the same boat. So let's keep giving
Tell me a bit about cryptocurrencies? Who do you buy your coin from, what sites, providers and methods you recommend, just getting started on that myself! Thanks for getting back to me!
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Brian,
I do buy from Binance. That's my exchange of all times. But I do more of ICOs and helps a lot.

I'm also active on investfeed and hodling some pieces. The market has been bearish for month but the future is bright
Awesome, thanks for the input. What's your take on Coinbase? I have seen it get tougher and bitcoin going down. What do you know about hype programs?
enstinemuki Premium
One of the biggest brokers but doesn't cover my country Cameroon. So I do not use it.

Been burnt by BCC, Poly AI, Davor, etc. Just being careful and advising against platforms that promise high returns
merlynmac Premium
Congrats! I’m a little different than you. I’m 4 months new to WA, new to WordPress but very old with web hosting and web design. I’m actually amazed at how simple and intuitive WordPress is.

Welcome. Feel free to reach out if you have a question or get stuck on something.