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Off-Page SEOIt was hard at first, building genuine, and truly solid backlinks. But as you keep going, and following the same methods and guidelines, it gets easier. It's fun to skip the waiting periods most people think are required to improve ranking. LET'S DO THIS!!!!All domains in the PBN were checked by my own proprietary methods.Here are the average domain stats of this PBN:Trust Flow (TF) = 18+Citation Flow (CF) = 18+Referring Domains (RD) = 20+ (minimum 10+)Domain Authority (DA) = 18+Pag
Quite simple, I did some trainin' and got a badge. The real lesson is in what I read and what I will apply! Thanks for thaking the time to read this! Let me know if you need any help at first adding content. I'm new to WA, but definitely not new to WordPress and bloggin' away! Let's make this money! $$Lets pick each others brains, what do you need in this exact moment? What is your specialty? Mine is wordpress, blogging, organic seo, andgenerating traffic is what I do!LETS GET THIS FREAKIN MONE