Working "IN" or "ON" Your Business

Last Update: January 21, 2016

Time is precious! Everyone has the same 168 hours in every week.

HOW YOU USE THEM is what makes the difference in a person's success.

I'm going to take just a quick minute to help you understand the most productive way to make your WA business grow.


First, it is important to understand the difference of working "IN" your business as opposed to working "ON" your business.

If you were to search for that information in a browser, you would find many references to what you might delegate to your staff vs. what you do yourself.

In OUR businesses, we are the "chief, cook and bottle washer", so to speak. This means that we really have to look more at prioritizing the work we do.


Working in your business includes all the administrative things that contribute to your overall success, however, the things that do NOT specifically add to the bottom line. Here's an example:

  • Greeting new members of WA
  • Responding to welcomes and notes from other members
  • Liking a blog, post or comment
  • Commenting on people's profiles
  • Improving your ranking within WA

Notice many of these things add to how you address the WA community. These are things that may provide a sense of success because you are "paying it forward", but are not things that are critical to the bottom line.


Working on your business directly impacts your bottom line. Here are some quick examples:

  • Selecting your niche, sub-niche and micro-niche
  • Using Jaaxy to determine keyword phrases to use
  • Joining affiliate networks (Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo, etc.)
  • Choosing affiliate products to sell (including WA membership banners)
  • Building your website
  • Writing quality content articles and posts for your website
  • Preparing capture pages to build your opt-in autoresponder list
  • Setting up your PayPal account

These are items that will lead to successful sales. These add directly to your bottom line.

THE 20/80 RULE

The key to your success is to work BOTH "IN" and "ON" your business.

If you follow a 20/80 rule (20% "in" and 80% "on" your business) you will be able to accomplish your interest in helping others while at the same time assuring your own success.

I said that I would make this quick . . . so this is it.

My wishes for your TOTAL success.


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thegomezmom Premium
This makes so much sense, but I hadn't thought this way yet. Thank you!
BrianClark73 Premium
Thanks for the comment.
DevineTreasu Premium
Great read Brian. What you say is true I thank you.
BrianClark73 Premium
Thanks for the comment, Jose. I'm glad you liked it.

Following this guide will give you time to increase your rating in WA, but more important, it will provide the time you need to build your business.
RonAlderman Premium
Perfect take on what we, as internet marketers, need to do and how to spend our time. It is broken down nicely. Thanks
CTisby Premium
Well said.