Your Unique Selling Prosposition: 5 Tips on How to Set up Your Brand

Last Update: June 13, 2021

Your Unique Selling Proposition: 5 Tips on How to Set up Your Brand

Hi WA Folks,

It has been a long time since I blogged on WA. Most of you know I have health issues. Writing one paragraph of this wore me out. It takes several hours for me to do this. I wrote this out in parts and kept adding to it over a period of several days. MS disease makes me deal with extreme exhaustion.

But I am getting better at learning how to pace myself without getting so tired fast.

Here is my tip for all of you today.

What is your unique selling proposition? Why is it necessary for our online business?

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) defines how you want to brand your online business. It is what you want to tell your consumers about your brand. USP is more than just a tagline or a slogan. It's a brand that you create that helps you stand out from other competitors. In other words, it is the value selling point of your brand.

Most people, when they get started on their business, struggle with defining their unique selling proposition.

Why is that? It is because if they thought of it, most likely other people have thought of it too. They drop the idea and do not bother with researching what other competitors are doing with their USP.

Your Promise

Your USP should be a unique marketing promise that you will give to your consumers about your product or services in your brand. The goal is to focus on the customer, and your brand must reflect how your online business is different from others. You want your USP brand to stand out and get people to see the benefits of what you are offering them in your products or services.

We've seen many advertisements from many businesses that focus on their USP. Big companies not only use their slogan but create them as part of their USP. Nike and Columbia Sportswear use their USP. I live in Portland, Oregon. Nike and Columbia Sportswear company's headquarters are in this city of Portland. We see people wearing Nike shoes or Columbia jackets not just in Oregon but all over the world. Nike's famous USP, "Just Do It." Columbia's USP in being the best brand for ski and winter sports jackets that keeps people warm. Back in 1938, Columbia was just a tiny company selling hats, and now they are a big brand name that people know and recognize.

Where do we see USPs

USP is everywhere. In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by USP.

We see them in advertisements. For example, Mountain Dew uses "Just Dew It." Or Coke Cola, "It's the Real thing."

Rice Krispies, "Snap, Crackle, Pop." You get the basic idea of what USP does to brand an offline business or an online business.

I had a real estate agent that I used to work with name Carrie. She called her realty USP business, "I will carry you to your new home." She branded her name, and it's on a bench at a bus stop; when people drive by, they see her photo and ad tagline that is her USP. She set herself apart from other realtors.

Mortgage brokers do the same thing. I worked for the company I used to work for, Trust Mortgage, and their USP was "Trust Us to Get You a New Home Loan," catering only for first-time home buyers.

5 Tips on How to Create Your USP Brand

Here are 5 tips on how to get started on creating your USP that is your unique selling brand.

  1. Research Google, Bing, and Yahoo about other competitors that match your niche market. Research other bloggers as well.
  2. Click on the first 5 of Google ads to look at the online business and find out their USP. You can make a list of their USP.
  3. Jot down some brainstorming questions-How can my brand stand out? What does my brand need to look like, and how different should my brand be?
  4. Study your competitors, find out what is missing. There are online sources to find answers: forum groups, Quora, Reddit, Subreddits, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  5. List many different unique words and play around with them. Your USP should be short and straightforward.

Example of Creating an USP Brand

Here is my example of how I am going to create my USP. Let's say that I am an affiliate with Amazon Associates or other affiliates that might match the product I want to sell. I picked my example niche is drift trikes. That's too broad, and I will narrow it down to electronic drift trikes. FYI, these are high-ticket products.

  1. I went on Google, and I looked up other companies making, I see many photos and companies selling them.
  2. I click those ads.
  3. I look in-depth at their USP brainstormed what do I want my blog to show? How different do I need to be?
  4. Study the competitors-how can I sell it? Many people are selling this, so what makes my blog different from others? What is missing is that some bloggers only discussed the product but did not talk about the safety of the drift trikes, did not warn people that one can get seriously injured because the bike travels downhill at 70mph.
  5. I wrote down different names. Names for my blog I came up with are: "Hop on to Safety," Drift Trikes: "The Safety Queen," or "Safety Speed Demon." (don't copy my example) It is just to show you how you can develop some USP names for your online blog business.

Now I have a USP for my drift trikes blog.

Speed Demon, really?

People had called me a "speed demon" once before when I was on horseback. I do not trot my horse. Hence, I went into a full gallop, where my nickname came about, "Brenda, the speed demon." I never fell off of a horse because I made sure I stayed safe and protected. I did wear protective gear. My younger sister did fall off a horse because she screamed, startled the horse. What can you do? She is Deaf. She didn't get seriously hurt because she had safety gear on her. Even now, in my electronic wheelchair, I speed. The staff here tell me to slow down, but I do it safely, I remind them. I do have to keep my wheelchair speed lower while in the building to not hit someone with it. The name has stuck with me ever since, and I am still a speed demon.

Driving a Car?

I guess you guys shudder the thought about me driving a car- did I speed? Yes, here is my confession. When I was younger and could drive a car, I got several speeding tickets in my driving life. Those speeding tickets were an expensive lesson. I learned to follow the speed limit. My late husband always accused me of rushing off so fast, going too fast. He tells me to slow down. I quit driving 6 years ago. I never did slow down until the disease of Multiple Sclerosis struck me; then, I did slow down a bit but not in my electronic wheelchair. I keep getting scolded about going too fast. I admit that. I am now being more mindful of slowing down a little and watch where I am going. Of course, I still have to wear safety products on my person because I know it's important not to get seriously injured.

USP and Branding Your Blog

Back to the subject matter about USP and branding your online niche business. You want to always lead your customer in the right direction with a direct promise that you will deliver and review the products that benefit the customer's needs. Furthermore, this will help them trust you, and they will be eager to read your blogs further.

It is worth mentioning that there are Wealthy Affiliate Members who already branded their USP online business. My goal is not to glorify these members or put them on a pedestal but to show how their branded their blogs.

Nathaniel's USP: (One More Cup of Coffee)

Denise's USP: (How to Entrepreneur)

Grace's USP: (Littlemama)

RoopeKiuttu's USP: (Your OnLine Revenue)

IvanBroz (Freedom for Affiliates)

Jay Neill (Magistudios, Affiliate Coach, and Affiliate Resource)

Kyle's (known for playing basketball) USP (Ways to Avoid Scams Online)

Abi & AJ's USP (Life Coaching: Find and Live your Live Purpose without Fear)

Vitaliy's USP (The Nature Seeker)


You need to make sure you keep your USP short and simple. I like to make my USP memorable and easy for people to remember. Be clear on that and make sure the language is easily understood. Always answer people's number one question. They always say, "what is in it for me." The vital core of your USP answers that question. It makes your brand more striking to beat out other competitors (who, in this case, might be other bloggers who are also selling the same thing you are selling).

Brenda's Musings

Sorry if I did not mention any more names. I am sure many more WA members on here already did do their USP.

Questions: If you did create your USP, did you find it hard or easy to develop your brand? Was having the name worth it? Is it gaining traction for you?

Share the likes, comments, feedback, or more research information you need me to explore.

The following blog might talk about creating your USP on your landing page or your CTA page. That's if you want me to do that.

I know Rupert did one on how to make a landing page on Generate Press. You can find that blog here.

Have a Great Day or Evening or Sleep wherever you are around the world.


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GeoffreyC1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Brenda
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Very well said, Brenda! I'm fooling around with a couple of possible USPs, but that is all for now, many other important activities are taking place. It will all come together in good time!

Thanks for sharing your insights!

Linda103 Premium
Thank you Brenda, good reminder. I have done this with some sites but not all.
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Wonderful blog I enjoyed every word of it. Very informative and made me look at things a little differently. I appreciate it very much. I wish you nothing but the best.
BrendaMZ Premium
Same to you, Jeffrey. I am glad to see that you enjoyed the article.
Newme202 Premium
Awesome blog on the importance of creating USP
USP us very important, it tells your customers what you do and what is the speciality of your business.

That is what I had in mind, while I created my USP
Thank you for these wonderful tips
BrendaMZ Premium
You are welcome. Your brand is what gets the customers to trust and know you and more likely will buy from you.
Newme202 Premium
That's correct Brenda
Hope you're enjoying your day