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I had a little help from my Lego friend writing this post... The other day, I dug up an old blog post and re-worked it on my main personal site. I basically gutted and destroyed it and re-built it from the ground up like an old house. I changed links, fixed grammar, added subheadings, made it three times as long, and re-released it with a new title and new url at the front of my blog. The original posting date? July 1, 2005.Man, I'm old! In the last twelve years, I've launched and built quite a
You see it promised everywhere in online marketing... Make $$$, live the life you've always wanted!Here's the problem. Some of our problems aren't caused by money shortages. They're just highlighted by them.If you're addicted to spending money, making more money might just make your situation worse.If you're a repeat offender when it comes to living beyond your means, making more money can potentially sink you a little further.So it's okay to earn more money - nothing wrong with hard work and i
My official title with is "Editor and Online Community Facilitator." It probably doesn't make much sense to most people, but I've essentially spent seven years trying to do two things:Gathering a community around our content, andIntroducing the community to itself.Through either search or social, people will come across your blog. Some of them will want to come back. So, they'll bookmark it, or subscribe to your email updates, or maybe even subscribe to your RSS feed. Somehow, they'
Marketing is becoming more and more personal with each passing day. The internet really has short-circuited the traditional sales process and is bringing us back around to something far more primitive - conversation.The more personal you can be...The more conversational you can be...The more authentic you can be...the better! Not just for sales. For life.Here's a cool infographic from Adweek (in two pieces - credit link below for the original):Original / Credit:
Obviously, building a strong email list is essential. And along the way, people will unsubscribe. It's inevitable. If you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, you won't pay a bit of attention, but when you have just thousands, or hundreds, or even dozens, it matters. See, email is the most personal form of online marketing. It requires a lot of trust to be built. And that's why it always feels icky when someone unsubscribes.So what should you do when someone unsubscribes?Move on. In fact,
If you're not willing to work at the discipline of writing, you may as well quit blogging right now.▲ See what I did there?That's called tension. I'm not telling you to quit. I'm asking you to keep reading.I speak publicly to hundreds of people every week. The last thing I want is tension to hang between me and the room full of listeners. At least, it seems like it would be the last thing I'd want. But in reality, I look for ways every week to create tension, on purpose! See, tension is a
John Maxwell has a rule: Within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone, say something encouraging to them. It's a good rule. The world definitely needs more encouragement.I have another rule for myself. Whomever I may meet, I want to find out what I can learn from them. This might seem self-serving, but it really just makes me inquisitive. It makes me value everyone because everyone you meet has something to teach you! The only way to disagree with that is to assume that 1) you know it all
I was reading from The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs by Kevin D. Johnson today and came across this really awesome insight...When you start your business, lose the ego immediately. It’s the main reason that entrepreneurs don’t seek help. An overinflated ego even prevents those who ask for help from receiving it. Rarely do people want to help those who act as though they don’t need it. And there’s a difference
I messed up. Normally, when I send a marketing email, I follow some basic rules:Plain text only, no images, unless it involves a physical product.Very personal, like I'm emailing one person, not many.One, two, maybe three links but the fewer the better. NOT to spam, but so you can see one that had a 33% open rate and a 3.6% click-through rate, here's a link: today, I received an email from one of the most respected marketers in the field. His email was HTML, not plain-te
Will it scale?I was helping to start something once - an educational opportunity for leaders - and we were talking about the best ways to give young, self-starters opportunities and mentorship. An idea was suggested about pairing them up with existing leaders in the system."That sounds good, but will it scale?" the voice came from the back of the room.When it comes to the world of marketing, scale matters a lot! Here's a practical example...You get approved as an affiliate for a product and you