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Hint: According to research, it's $38 per $1 spent. This is one awesome infographic. I can't put the whole thing in this post, but there's a link at the bottom to see the whole thing...See the whole thing (it's really, really tall...):'m learning pretty fast that while building niche sites is fun and profitable, email marketing is an incredible avenue to explore as well.
Bandwidth refers to how much time and energy we have to spread around amonst all the stuff we're doing. And we usually overestimate how much bandwidth we have. That's why we stress out. We take on too many tasks and responsibilities. Capacity, on the other hand, has to do with the total output we're capable of as we make adjustments to how we're spending our bandwidth. We usually underestimate our capacity, partly because we've maxed out our bandwidth. Entrepreneurs have a knack for having thei
April 14, 2017
I recently joined a team of affiliates promoting a big launch by a fairly high profile program. Ever seen those elusive leaderboards with the top promoters listed for a launch? I managed to make the top ten list - barely - at #10! The cool thing is, the commissions for the program are recurring, and it was an incredibly valuable opportunity for people to take part in. I learned that the money really is in the email list, so to speak. So while you build SEO-ready niche sites, also think about ho
Vision is a picture of how things could be. In terms of managing a blog, it's a matter of envisioning a fully mature, developed website and community.A lot of bloggers start out with a great idea, but ideas run out of steam without vision. So, more than a cool domain name and niche concept, you need a picture of how your blog will develop over time.I would express my vision for my primary blog this way:I envision a blog that influences thousands of people who aspire to live and lead with hope a
There are forces bigger than you that you just can't mess around with. Don't believe me? Try to stand still in a tornado. You can't, individually, control the stock market, the economy, or the advance of technology. But you can, in the face of change and obstacles and competition, be dauntless. That is, you can decide to continue to act in faith and not fear.Some of the greatest businesses have been built during recessions. Others have managed to sneak past giant, unsuspecting competitors with
When you're selling something more substantial in size and scope than a product one could buy in a store - such as coaching, or consulting, or membership in a mastermind group - it takes more than a simple mention.It usually takes a sales page with a pitch, a letter, to help buyers understand the value of it.Lately, I've been reading a lot from Ray Edwards, one of the highest paid copywriters in America. In fact, he wrote a book you can find on Amazon called How to Write Copy That Sells. (And i
Selling to the crowd looks like this:Here's my website! I'm recommending a lot of great products. Go ahead, buy one! You know you want to! You've got money. I've got links. We've got a deal!Serving your community looks like this:Hey, I built a website to help guide you to make a wise decision about your next step. What do you need? What do you really need? Okay, I've got that. You're welcome.It's about them.
It's unfortunate that web copy runs so long vertically. What I mean is, people read more by scrolling. It creates the illusion that the flow of thought is always line-after-line, downward.The fact is, web copy runs more like a timeline through people's minds. Each element of a blog post is like another dot in a dot-to-dot puzzle. And after each dot, the reader is asking, should I bother finding the next dot?In other words, the title's purpose is merely to get people to read the first line. The
I run a niche site in the Christian books niche. I'm mainly compiling lists of my favorite books on a variety of subjects. Tonight I used the SERP Iphone app (handy, by the way) to check up on some of my pages and found that they're climbing!Here's a screenshot...Keywords work, as do numbers in the titles (10 best books on... etc.). Keep climbing!
If not, nobody else will either. Here's the thing about persuasive writing / selling / pitching / speaking... You have to be convinced that what you're pouring out is both true and valuable. So much so, in fact, that you can confidently and passionately share it.Writing persuasively requires that we write and produce content with conviction. When it comes to pushing a product, you must be convinced that it really will live up to the promises you're making about it. You can a quick buck over-sel