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Last Update: Dec 5, 2022

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Hello Everyone,

I had something similar, to what Edwin described in his post, happen to me.

His post is

I was at one time a program analyst and was hired by a start up company to develop a piece of software that would revolutionize the healthcare industry. The agreement was that I would be paid on a salary basis while in development, then once it went live, I would receive 5% of sales.

Well, I developed the software, and I developed the demo software for doctor's offices to try out. I even went and installed the terminal in the initial doctor's office.

Do you know what I got? You can probably guess. I got "laid off" as soon as development was complete. I never got my last paycheck, and I never received any royalties. And that tech is used in every doctor's office and hospital in the US.

I know it is partly my fault for being too naive and trusting. I didn't know enough about how corporate America worked or how to protect myself when dealing with an attorney (one of the partners in the start-up).

To be honest, I still do not know enough about Corporate America because I chose not to ever get back into it. I never worked in development again. Which is unfortunate because I was good! But that is the choice I made at twenty-eight.

On that note, I was able to work from home throughout my children's academic years. Which was a blessing, especially since Miranda had health issues. It is now many, many years later, and now I am here!

Could I have used the money that I was promised? Who couldn’t. It would have been massive at least in my eyes.

We may not know the whys, the how’s, or for what’s at the time that we make the choices.


Things do happen for a reason. We make the choices that we make for a reason. We just have to pick ourselves up and move on. Deep down on a subconscious level, we know that the answers to all of those questions will be revealed to us in good time.

At least that is they way I choose to look at it.

I am curious if this type of thing happened to a lot of people? Or are Edwin and I the exceptions?

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Wow, Cathy!

I love hearing about your corporate experience.
Not everyone gets to be a program analyst and
a developer designer of software that revolutionized the
healthcare system. Truly amazing. I always recognized something
very special about you. Now, I know why.

This story is a New York Bestseller in the making.
If it hits the Bestseller list, it is possible your book
could be made into a movie. You can use this experience
to your own advantage and send a copy to the corporate

I know an individual who could get your book started.
She has a helped many people get their books published.
I have interviewed with her, but I am not quite ready, ready
yet. Maybe one day.

Thanks for sharing this amazing Lifetime Blockbuster.

p.s. I haven't read Edwin's story yet, but now I am curious.

Hi Rachele,

What a great idea. I never thought of that. Hmmm. Now you have my curiosity peaked. I will have to give that some thought.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

Have a wonderful night!

OK! Girl power.

Looking forward to your Masterclass. 💃

Thank you!

Wow, I’m so sorry that happened to you. That is unfortunate and certainly unfair. Sometime I will share my story of how all the circumstances of injustice led me to this, which is severely out of my wheel house and comfort zone.

I am so happy that you have found a way to let that not define you and bring you down with bitterness and have instead turned it into a strength of faith and confidence in yourself. Great job! Thank you for inspiring words.

My corporate turning point, which had nothing to do with what led me down this path, tho a true eye opener, was at 23 when I was a store manager and told I was too good to promote and because I was so young no one would believe it anyway. Their loss ultimately.



Hello Amber,

Thank you for taking the time reading my post and for your input and support.

I look forward to reading your story.

Have a wonderful day!

Hi Cathy,

Based on the responses I think we are the rule, not the exception. To survive in Corporate America, politics and who you are connected with trump skills. Those who have the skills and are successful, learn how to play the game.

Sadly, for most of us, we have no time for that. We much rather spend our valuable time, solving problems and hoping our bosses will notice.

I don't know about your company, but here is an insidious corporate practice. No matter what company I worked for a condition for employment was to sign an agreement that stated every idea, design, invention, and anything related to the job that I had, would be owned by the company.

I had three inventions during my career and didn't benefit monetarily from them. The companies recognized my achievement at formal dinners organized annually for special employees. They gave us certificates and a small bonus. Since we signed a document accepting the deal, we had to be grateful for at least being recognized in that way.

If you have the backing, the best way to benefit from ones creations is to go it alone and market the product to the highest bidder when completed.

Congrats on your software development that has benefitted so many, even though you got nothing from it. Glad everything worked out well in the end.



Thank you, Edwin.

I agree. That is why I went to the private sector and worked from home in a completely different field.

Have a wonderful day!

Yes, I too believe that these things all happen for a future reason. At the moment that can be difficult to believe! I went through a similar situation in higher education as a faculty member.

Hello Philip,

Yes, patience is vital in this situation. It is best to try to move on and just do our best.

Have a wonderful day!

Wow--a very powerful message here, Cathy! No matter how bad that was for you, it was definitely a silver ling for sure! Things DO happen for a reason, and sometimes we don't realize what it is until much later!


Hi Jeff,

Yes, exactly, that is my sentiment.

Have a wonderful day!

I'm glad to hear that, Cathy!

I am having a wonderful so far, and I hope that you are too!


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