Don't Get Caught Up!

Last Update: October 01, 2016

It is very easy to get side tracked and caught up in other things.

You can be on the internet, surfing around, knowing full well you have a plan in place and goals set.

It is very easy to follow what other people are doing with social media around,

Getting side tracked can completely mess things up for you!

It slows down your momentum, it decreases your motivation and it can in the long run make you feel like you have got NO WHERE!

What I am trying to help you realise is, stick to what you need to do!

Follow the training and do not let things get in the way.

I am speaking from experience, I got side tracked 2 months after my premium membership started,

Nearly a year on, I am only now seeing where I am going and knuckling down. My 2nd year at WA will be my best year, I can feel it!

But your best year could be your first if you just FOCUS!

I don't want others to make the same mistake I did.

Do I regret doing what I did?

A little, but now I am more focused and more determined than ever, with a better knowledge of being online from learning from my mistakes.

I have lost money in the past year and that has helped me become wiser.

My target now is to take other people on my journey and to help them become better entrepreneurs by sharing my troubles,

After all, that is what is a blog is for!

So!, if you feel like your progression is slower than it should be,

Take a step back and see where you could improve and what is impacting your current situation.

Then try and over come it.

Whatever you do,

Just 'Don't Get Caught Up!


Have a great weekend!

Your Friend,


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VinceOKeefe Premium
Hi Bryan - really great advice! I'm all too familiar with the pitfalls you mentioned.

Blessings & Success!

Braii205 Premium
Thanks very much Vince!

Nice when people can relate. =]

Keep on progressing buddy and stay focused

theresroth Premium
Thanks for that important reminder, Bryan!
Braii205 Premium
Welcome :) Hope you have a nice weekend.
RoopeshG Premium
That distraction is my nemesis . Especially when you are online...its so easy to visit social media...and before you know hours has gone by.

Thanks for this post
Braii205 Premium

I am the same still sometimes,

But with certain times of the day set for certain plans or goals, it is minimised massively.

Routine is key!

Thanks for your feedback and you are welcome.

JudeP Premium
Great words Bryan, thanks for sharing :)
Braii205 Premium
You are welcome Jude! thanks for your feedback!
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks Bryan, good words to live by.
Braii205 Premium
Thanks Mel! :)

Have a great Saturday.