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July 25, 2013
Avid Firefox users may already be aware of this little trick, or maybe not. But it's really quick and easy so check it out! Reboot Your Computer With Utter Ease And Joy!!! Rebooting is a must after many updates. Plus it keeps your computer fresh, and operating smoothly. But it's a hassle, and takes too much time. Which is why I often end up putting it off as long as possible. Or at least, I used to. One of the things I always do when I reopen Firefox is I open all of my favorite / frequently us
If you do a lot of keyword research in Jaaxy, like I do, then you probably have an awefully long list[s] of keywords. The lists can get so long their nearly useless. I've been looking at that "Export" link in there for awhile, knowing it was the solution to my problem, but, I haven't been able to take advantage of it until now. It's really simple actually, though, you do need Excel for this. First, go through your list in Jaaxy and get the QSR for each KW. Then, you just click the CSV link unde
What An Adventure This Is!!! It's already been six months since I've started here at WA. Did I meet any of my goals? Yep, sure did! I did miss my financial goals, though, however. In fact I have yet to earn any money, but, that's ok, because, I know that money will be coming soon. Which Way Is Up? When I first started here, I had no idea what to expect. Not in terms of money. Or anything else for that matter. But I made some predictions about my what I thought I'd earn anyway. And in hindsi
January 12, 2013
Is it a bad idea to make a site about a topic that has no exact match merchants? Like if I were to do a site comparing and reviewing dirt bikes. It would be nice to then send my traffic to places selling dirt bikes, but there aren't any dirt bike manufacturers with affiliate programs, (there aren't, I checked). I could still have links to popular MX parts and gear sites but my traffic won't be perfectly targeted. Is this a problem? Im assuming this would result in less click throughs
January 02, 2013
Hello, I was able to dramatically speed up all of the links on the the WA site by clearing my systems cache and doing a defrag! They were all very slow before, site was nearly unusable. I went to Live Chat and a member advised me to do this. Thank you! Whoever you are!Brad
Hello WA friends,First, a quick thank you to all who have welcomed me here, and assisted me! Now on to the purpose of this blog, to post my Task 2 details, and encourage others to share theirs. Please also feel free to critique me, and and tell how I may improve on my goal setting.My next 30 Days: I want to earn $1 in the next 30 days online.My next 6 Months: I want to earn $300 in the next 6 months online.My next 1 Year: I want to earn $1,000 in the next year online.(I came up with these #'