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Last Update: December 17, 2017


Hello to everyone whom reads my blog, lol as this is my first time in doing so.... I am very excited about being apart of this community and the great things that are in store for me. I am a single father of a 10 year old little boy who is my entire world. I am a 40yr tradesman, musician, film and art graduate, ex- "promotions&advertising manager in the music industry. But most of all I am a real person looking for a real chance to make a difference in me and my sons life. As I start this new adventure I will embrace everything that comes my way and let all of it absorb into every molecule in my body. Along this journey I hope to make new friends and long life partnerships that I can be proud of for years to come.

I am humble and open to anyone and everyone who can help me learn information and develop the tools to achieve the success that I so much would like to have, I am hungry, motivated, and have a burning desire to learn whats needed to make all my dreams come true. I strongly believe that this opportunity right now.. placed right before me is going to change my life forever.. The door has opened... I now see the possibilities of how life can and should be.. (WA) is my new family, you are my new family we are a team all of the same kind of mind...... My mindset is in place and set, nothing will stop me, I am here to conquer, I will reach the top,

The most important thing to me in all and everything I do is to build a future, leave a legacy for my son and give him something he can be proud of and to build off of himself so he to can give himself and his future family the security they need to have at least a half a chance at having a life, He is my life....... and all that I do I do for him......he is my inspiration and motivation to succeed...

So always remember...."LOOK UP AND ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD"

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MeganW Premium
Welcome to WA. Best wishes for your journey here. Always remember help is only a keyboard away.

BradleyD1 Premium
Ty Megan
I am very glad to be here