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These posts are a bit awkward for me. I usually try to avoid how much money I make, but since I haven't posted here for a long time, I decided to reveal where I am at, so you know I am still here and maybe get some inspiration.It was painful to watch my profile fall in rank by thousands hehehe...The last month I managed to finally hit one of my $$$ goals that I created a bit over a year back. My first goal was $100 a month (which I was extremely happy for). That I managed to hit somewhere aroun
January 06, 2016
I think I haven't blogged for about 6 months now. No, I haven't quit, nor have I died. I was working quite a lot, even to the point that I stopped hanging out with my friends, just to focus on my work. And it has paid off.At this current moment, I can entirely depend on the money I get from affiliate marketing, which is something I could not do half a year ago. It's absolutely crazy for me thinking that I could be working in my apartment, and no boss yelling at you. My visitor number has gone u
The game I wrote about a month ago finally released on June 1st. That is when the crazyness started. Wrote ARC instead of ARK, searchers did the same mistake, article snowballed from that phrase, and here you go. Yes, compared to impressions, clicks are quite low. It shows 600, although it is well over 1000 google clicks when I watched in analytics.Still, that is absolutely crazy how much it rose. Mindblowing!
It is true when they say that things go up tremendously at one point. For the last 5 months I have been getting only around $10 a month, and that was because I didn't really sell anything.To be honest, I am still not really selling anything, only writing about things that are in no shape or form connected to reviews or amazon. I just added some affiliate banners and a simple landing page to my website, and it does the trick. Got $150 this month, wohoo! People are right when they say you should n
I was just casually writing a little article about an upcoming game. I published it, and then noticed I wrote quite a serious typo. Instead of ARK, I wrote ARC. I immediately fixed all the phrases but left arc in post tags.In the next few days I noticed that I was getting a bit too much traffic for that article. I checked queries and saw this:It seems I wasn't the only one who thought it was called ARC. Click through rate is reaaaally low compared to impressions though. It looks like searchers
It is quite interesting how the jump can be so sudden, especially when the first 6 months, progress is relatively slow.As I am young, I do have to battle with having a daily writing discipline, considering that I have no boss who is pushing me further, but if dedication and a goal is present, much can be accomplished. And yes, content is key since it seems that Google can calculate how big percentage of people click on inbound links, and their duration on your site. If it is good, by each day yo
Yeah it kinda takes some time. But you can reach it if you write regularly! There is just no other option for Google.
Dating Expert . Resemblance is off the charts in my opinion. Didn't know our Senpai Kyle in Affiliate Marketing was a dating master also :P ( Upper picture = Owen; Picture below = Kyle )
Today I managed to get a very engaging success story from Christene Swanepoel, who managed to not give up, and move forward to financial independence. Lets find out her story:1. What Is Your Name, Where Are You From And What Is Your Current Profession/Job? My name is Christene Swanepoel and I am from South Africa. I am a full time internet marketer and blogger. Read more →
I found that people love to read success stories. Have to admit, I love it too. It may inspire or may give you that motivation you were craving for, even if you find it takes longer to achieve your goals. But I also noticed there are no websites which give you real life examples of how affiliate marketers crawled their way up to profit. Maybe it is because it's quite hard to connect with successful people in the beginning :) Either way I decided to make a website that most of the time focuses