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January 30, 2018
Hello everyone.To all of you that have been waiting for the next video it is up.I know it is hard to wait sometimes and I was asked when to expect them to be posted.Each day they will usually be posted between 5 pm and 7 pm Eastern Standard Time as I still have a full-time Internet business besides doing this. So they will be early evening Eastern Standard Time each day before they get posted..Here is the link and on there it shows you how to find the training each day.https://my.wealthyaffili
Okay I know you have been ready for this.Some of you have been checking your email regularly.Well it is hereThis is the time to make decisions. You have had to think about it. Go see what is there and let me know what your intentions are. Here it isOnward and Upward
January 23, 2018
Gogetters Update Train WreckI just wanted to update you on the Gogetters training starting on Monday January 29th 2018.No, there has not been a train wreck.Everything is still on track for Monday morning.I know some of you are more than readyI have been busy getting things ready for the start. Making videos and such. That is why I have not been around much.If nothing else, it will be fun working together.I hope you are taking advantage of this time to work through the Certification or the Affil
Several people asked me today"What can I do to get ready for Jan 29th and the start of the Gogetters."There are several things you can do.Finish as much of the certification as you can between now and then.If you skipped any of the steps in the certification go back and redo themIf there is anything in the certification that you did not understand go back and review it.Those are important things as the training is coming right of what is already here.The next thing you can do. We talked about g
Gogetters ProjectHere it is the update on what is coming Monday January 29 exactly two weeks from today. Using the training platform here at Wealthy Affiliate, I am going to take what has been working for the Trailblazers, what I have learned works, what is taught here,and then combine it all together to make it available to the Premium Members here at Wealthy Affiliate.You will be able to access it at your schedule.You can work the days that you want to it is all up to you.There will be writte
January 13, 2018
I made a post about planning your time and this post will make it easierThe post I made was about being in business and setting your business hours.The post was about knowing when you will be work and what days you will be work on your business.I have also been telling you get ready the next round of training is coming.The problem with that is that you cannot really plan what is coming if you do not know when the next round is coming.Also, many of you have been checking for updates daily or sev
There Is A Lesson In EverythingHere I am in my office finishing up my day and when I look out I realize things have changed. When I came to work this morning it was 53 F and felt real nice out.Now one of those cold winter cold fronts have moved in during the day. There is a freezing drizzle outside. Most people have elected to stay home instead of the usual Friday night festivities.So what have I learned from a snow and ice storm.I have learned sometimes no matter what you want you have to go-s
We are one day closer.As I am busy putting things together I have been asked what if anything can someone be doing to get ready.Well here it is.Start thinking about a schedule for you to work. This is a business you are building. You wouldn't open a store and go to work when you felt like it or not post the hours you would be there.Doing that here can be one of the most important things you will do.You need to sit down and look at the hours you know that you have to work. Once you know that you
UpdateWell as I said there would I would give you an update on the mentoring group being available to anyone that wants to join.So here it is "Update"Okay I gave you an update.Onward and Upward.Okay, Okay you want more than that.After talking with Kyle and taking his advice we figured out a way to make the mentoring group available to anyone that wants to take part in this grand journey. The goal being that a year after you start the journey you are making $1000 a month.The disclaimer is that I
Hello EveryoneIt is late at night on January 9.I had planned to write a blog post about it today but our electricity being out most of the day because someone played bumper cars with a Utility pole. No only the car and the pole was hurt the driver was fine but several of us lost electricity most of the day.I wanted to get a short blog out to everyone that has mentioned they have wanted to be part of the mentoring group I started. Yes that is still around. I have been busy working on it and refi