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February 20, 2018
We Are Off and Running AgainIt worked and the next training video is up. for a new one tomorrow as we get rolling again. I am looking forward to seeing where this takes you. Lots to do to get you where you need to be a year from now. Onward and Upward
Hello Everyone.I know several of you have been asking where I am and what is going on with Gogetters. Gogetters hit a snag in that it got where I could not upload videos as I mentioned in the last post. So I tried to contact Wealthy Affilite support and so far there has been no resolution to the problem. Why is that important? Because what I can cover in a 30 minute videos it would take a half a day or more of writing and would be several pages long. Anyway with that said I have decided to
We are still here but once again hit by another speed bump. As of right now I am unable to upload videos and the last video has not updated yet.I have sent a message to see why and will wait to see why As soon as I get this sorted out you will get the next piece.I know many of you still have plenty to do.Onward and Upward.
Okay it is up and ready to go to dive back in and get looking at the content you have.I am pleased and proud of you. Many of you have been working very hard and being honest about your assessment of you site. There is more of that to do in this video.Once we get everything else sorted out we will start getting traffic.Onward and Upward
Okay here is the update.This was brought about by the speed bump last week. When we hit the speed bump some of the videos on the lessons went missing. Since you can only load 1 training video a day I have been loading one each day and now they are all back up. Since 1 loaded the last one today. replace the missing one on lesson 2 I cannot load another video until tomorrow. The next training video will be tomorrow Tuesday Feb. 6, 2018, I know some of you are
The videos were missing in day 1 and day 2 of the trainings so I had to take extra steps to make it where you could see the videos. This was the first day training. you go there you will see the link to the video that goes with that lesson in case you did not see it..The problem is solved in the future training this will not be a problem.Also the video is missing one Day 2 and that video will be posted tomorrow Monday Feb. 5. I can only add one video a day.
Okay we got past the speed bump.Went through the mud puddle!Around the CurveOver the hill and the next Video Training about a Call To Action has been posted. will be all the training until Monday as some of you have some blog post to check and update.I am going to put up one small video showing those that don't know how to use the buttons in the resource link I posted with the video on their own website.I will put up the video tomorrow morning to see how to
So if you go back to the training last night there is a link there to the video that was supposed to be there. We finally got it sorted out and I know now how to get the videos up here. You will see a little change in the format on the training because of that but we will move forward.This Evening Thursday Feb 1st there will not be a training posted because of waiting to see if we could post the videos or not. Tonights lesson will be posted tomorrow eveni
February 01, 2018
The video on the 1st Week Day 3 training is not showing up. I have contacted site support to see why. Check back later to see if you can see it. I am working to find out what is wrong. I will keep you updated.Onward and UpwardHere is the update on the Video and when the next one will be ready
January 31, 2018
Hello Gogetters the next page is up. Lots of work to do and we are giving people to complete it before we move on.Onward and Upward