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Anyone remember the TV show that came from? Anyway this is not about the TV showThis is about the Gogetter teaching on Affiliate disclaimers and privacy statements. Video 16No, not that kind of privacy. go enjoy. Someone requested this training and here it is. Tomorrow we talk about Google Analytic and SearchOnward and Upward
Here it is the day after "Get Your Dreams Back" day.It is time to get ready to mover forward.Today is Friday and for many it is time to kick back and enjoy life.Time to take a deep breathMany of you have been working hard and it is time to take a day to just enjoy life. We are working to be able to enjoy life so don't forget to do that.Enjoy your weekend and breath deep and relax.Oh by the way Gogetter Video 15 is up and Upwa
In this big world we live we also live in our own world. In my WorldSo I have declared in my worldMany people have had big dreams.They were going to start a business onlineThey were going to work with a network marketing companyThey were going to travel and see the worldThey were going to quit their job and work onlineThey were going to have enough money to pay their billsThey were going to finally give their family the lifestyle they wanted to give them.And the list goes on.Something happened.
So some of went and ran a report on your website where you found you had duplicate content. Then you went looking for it and found out that you did not have duplicate content. Wait a minute it says I have duplicate content in the report but I checked I don't have duplicate content!I checked on and there was no duplicate contentOkay deep breath. Relax! It is okay!I just put up another Gogetter Training Video #14 that shows how to quickly and easily take are of it. Drop a bomb o
February 28, 2018
Today is the day that we worked towardsToday Amazon paid me for being an Affiliate.I know for many of you the same thing happened. You got that email with a report of how much you earned.Many got their first check and are saying it worked. They are saying, "What is taught here at Wealthy Affiliate works."Others are not as happy.If you are not happy with what you earned, it is okay. There is one of two things keeping it from happening.1. One your site is new and you need to keep working.2. If yo
February 27, 2018
It easy to lose sight of the fact that with our websites and blogs we are going to get paid in direct porportion to how much we help other poeple get what they want.The money in a website is from being a problem solver.It is not from being a good writer.It is not from ranking a site on GoogleAlthough all of those are important.We earn money by helping others solve a problemIt may be helping them find a good dog food.It may be helping them find good natural hair products.It may be helping them f
Somethings when they are broken you cannot fix. Links on your website sometimes can be fixed and some times you have to wave your Magic Wand and turn them into Text again.The video showing you how to do it easily has been uploaded is pretty simple and takes care of the broken link problem.Remember as you make this journey of learning that if you come across something that you do not how know how to do or understand that is okay.
February 24, 2018
Some of you took the tool from the last video and are off and runing fixing things but some of you are a little like this. That is okay it is called learning. If what you saw looked like a foreign language or if you was not sure what to do that is okay.That is what being here at Wealthy Affiliate is all about, learning new things.So I made another Video even though I said I wouldn't until Monday to help you out. Go watch the trainin
I know you were just waiting for some more work!Well you wish has come trueThe next training video is up and it has a lot of work to go with it. next video will be on Monday in three days.EnjoyONWARD AND UPWARD
February 21, 2018
I Just want to tell you that I am impressed by what I have seen so far.Over the last few days I have been looking at some of your websites. My reaction was There are some really good websites out there that were made by members here at Wealthy Affiliate. I see the potential that is there. My words to you would do not give up. You can do this. Together we will figure out what is not working for you and get it going.You can do this!Onward and Upward