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How many of you have asked yourself that question?Can I really do this?Can I do this?Am I smart enough?I know little about computers can I do this?I am older I don't know if I can learn this.I don't have much time can I still do this?And the list goes on.Here is the first step to answering all those questionsThere is one thing you have to ask yourselfThe one question that will change your ideas and attitude about building a business on the Internet.There is only 1 question to ask.The question i
April 05, 2018
On Facebook I do a live broadcast every weekday and on the Thursday Live it is Challenge Day.Here it is Thursday ChallengeSo today's challenge was to do something that you enjoy doing. We get so busy working, building a business etc we can forget to enjoy life. Forget to have fun.It is time to do something today just because you enjoy it.My Challenge to you is do something you enjoy today that you have not done recently!Leave a comment below and let us know one fun thing you enjoy doing. The
April 03, 2018
The One Key To Succeeding On The InternetSucceeding on the Internet does not depend on how smart you are.I have known extremely talented people who have been planning and getting everything just right for months but have not done anything on the Internet. Yet others who got an idea and went with it although they might not have had as good a skill set are busy making a full-time income on the Internet.It is not how you look that determines your success on the Internet.It is not how young you are
March 30, 2018
Where did the funny colored eggs come from? Do you know? If so answer in the comments.Well it that time of year again for some people where kids are told that a rabbit brings them chocolate eggs from a chocolate rabbit. If you are lucky you even get a chocolate rabbit.I know this weekend some people will be out hunting eggs that someone else hid. Why hunt for them if someone else deliberatly hid them. Maybe some day I will figure that out.Since family will be busy this weekend and I work t
March 28, 2018
It is time for a Happy DanceComputer problems seen to be resolved.Video problems are behind meI have a new computerI have caught up with all the Private Messages from Gogetters that accumulated while I was getting the new computer set up.Video #25 about Facebook Fan Pages is up. the list goes on.So now I can get busy doing what I want to do to move us forward. I am happy and excited for each of you that is taking part in the Gog
Okay it is up. Video 24 Adding your URL to Facebook easy tips on adding your URL to your Facebook profile. That was a question that was asked by several people that I answered in this video.Onward and Upward
Okay Facebook part 2 is up as we make the journey into getting traffic to your website. Part 3 is already to go and will be up tomorrow to help you get traffic.This works and will get you more traffic to your website if you will use it. There are a lot of ways to use Social Media to get traffic and will be covering other sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Next week we will talk about how to set up your profile or a fan page
Okay we have video.Well the videos are not broke anymore but it definately has been a interesting journey to get here. To meet the video resolution requirements here at Wealthy Affiliate I tried to upgrade the old computer with a new video card.. The old dinasour would just not do what needed to be done. In the process of trying to upgrade the old computer fried the mother board. To much for it. So it was off to the store for another computer.Anyone that has changed computers knows the time
I think I broke Wealthy Affiliate video posting.Hello Gogetters. We have hit a video speed bump again. Video 19 has been optomizing and trying to get loaded since yesterday. If you go to it you will see what I mean.Video 20 that was supposed to be up today is doing the same thing. So we are in a holding pattern.I have contacted Kyle and he has the techs working on it so maybe they can figure out how I broke Wealthy Affiliate. There are good people working here and if anyone can figure it ou
March 08, 2018
This is Thursday March 8, 2018Video number 18 will be up tomorrow Friday March 9, 2018Little more research and it will be readyKeep up the good work until then.Remember unless things change things don't change. Onward and Upward