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November 26, 2014
In my part of the world, The United States of America, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. I am seeing a lot of people sending out Thanksgiving greetings on facebook and twitter. During this time, I just want to say that I am thankful for finding Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago. I posted about my savings of $265 this past year and will be renewing my annual membership on Friday to once again save money on my membership. I Saved $265 Last Year For this, I am truly thankful Kyle an
Last year I took advantage of a special offer from Kyle and Carson on Black Friday. It saved me $265 over the course of the last 12 months. Thanks Guys! I just received an email informing me that my account is up for annual renewal at the same price as last year.. which means I will save another $265 this coming year. Thanks Guys! Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership worth it? Well, it is worth it to me. I have been a WA premium member now for nearly 2 years. I host several websites here t
November 21, 2014
The affiliate marketing world gets really excited about this time of the year. Of course, we are just a week away from Black Friday.. and then just 3 days later.. Cyber Monday! If you have things in place to take advantage of everyone being online, then you are probably counting down the days like many of the members here. If you are just getting started here, then try to get something in place if you can. You have probably been getting the emails from Kyle about WA. This is one product th
I had 3 people say they wanted to talk to me this week about an idea to make money on the web....... I have heard this quite a few times during my 16+ years of doing the Internet Marketing thing. I have wasted a lot of time trying to find the NEXT BIG THING that makes me rich. I am still looking.. but along the way I have figured out how to get money when I need it on the web and I think that is a good thing. Something has to be sold by someone to make money.. if you want to make money on the
The tools and support given to premium members at Wealthy Affiliate just keeps getting better and better. Most of the members have already seen the changes announced by Carson yesterday about SiteRubix and the rest of the tools they have added. Site Health: Quick snapshot of things that you need to look at and review Summary of Updates/Comments/Version is greatly appreciated Log Me In - Not a brand new tool, but love this feature of WA SiteRubix Websites Site Feedback - WOW! This will be HUGE!
Happy Halloween Everyone! I have always liked the fact that Google changes their home page around the season for holidays and other special occasions. Have you noticed that Google has pulled out several doodles today? I don't know if they have released more than one in the past or not. I have seen at least 6 different Halloween Doodles today. Did you notice? Do you CHANGE your Website Home Page? Changing things up everyone once in a while can be a good thing. With the way WordPress is structur
I have read a lot of people state that they don't want to mix their business efforts with their personal life on facebook. It is my opinion that you may want to stay away from facebook altogether as it relates to your business if this is your intention. Facebook needs social interaction to be beneficial. If you don't interact as a person, you will have a hard time getting anything from facebook First of all Don't confuse these three ways to reach others on fb. Facebook Personal Profile Faceboo
October 18, 2014
I have a lot of websites out there on the World Wide Web .I have built websites for bands, events, and small businesses. I see a lot of spam. Rarely do I ever allow comments to be posted without moderation. I highly suggest that you have the hold for moderation option in place on your WordPress blog websites if you allow comments. Yahoo Spam Recently, I have received several comment spam emails usually giving some false praise of my website with a link to ...... YAHOO. Why would a company t
I reported a new feature of facebook a couple of weeks ago. Almost as soon as I started using it.. I lost the ability to share. This really bothered me, in that I get a lot of traffic for my music industry clients through facebook. For a few days I was having some major issues reaching followers. With a major event going on, this hurt some of my marketing efforts. Some may recall my questions here at Wealthy Affilia
September 22, 2014
This is another review of something I have mentioned before. Training Course 1 Website I built a website following the first couple of training courses at WA right after I upgraded to Premium here at Wealthy Affiliate back at the end of 2012. The site did well for a few phrases when I first launched it.. I had a client in mind for the project which is why I chose the niche that I did. Before long I had the site showing up in Position 1 and 2 for a specific keyword phrase that really impressed t