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I love having sites that I built last year or even the year before still work to make me money. As you may have read on my profile, I came here in November 2012. At that time, I browsed some of the training available to the free basic membership and decided the resources here were well worth the money to join as a premium member. I have not even considered leaving. My WA referrals alone pay for my membership. Even if I was not getting the referral income, the hosting service and support is
I was asked in a private message about another website hosting and training service. I will not post the website or the person that asked me for my opinion. I will call the service 'X'. As I was typing out my reply, it occurred to me that I had written quite a bit that may be useful to others here at Wealthy I will share it.. as a Blog Post... here you go....What are your thoughts about 'X'?I had never heard of the site 'X' in question before now. They have an interesting approach
I have had friends and other business owners getting bombarded by emails saying they are not mobile friendly.. what are they going to do? Yesterday April 21st was the day the mobile friendly search algorithm went into service by Google and many article writers are eating it up. I know a lot of web developers jumped on the opportunity to upsell designs and website modifications. I know it is an issue, and most of us probably don't have a lot of problems since we are using wordpress.. I admit I h
Today I am ranked 147 on WA. What does not mean? It means 146 people are more active on WA than I am. I used to be in the top 50. I was more active here back then than I am now. Have I lost interest in WA? NO, I still visit everyday. I have referrals that are still active. I make money every month from my WA promotion. I could do more. I choose to focus on other things right now. People get caught up in the ranking, some say it should go away. Some say the rules should change. It has a purpos
February 28, 2015
Payday on Sunday? Sunday is usually a day of rest and many do not work on Sunday. Rarely, do you get paid on Sunday, since most of the bookkeeping workforce are 5 day a week employees. Many of the top people here earn money every day. For some programs and affiliate accounts, you have to build up a minimum balance before they release payment, which should be understood. There is almost always a cost for either the sender or the receiver in any affiliate program. It wouldn't make sense to send c
I have quite a few sites out there and have A LOT of facebook Pages. Part of my business is based on exposure for a few local artists. Posting Pictures and Videos on facebook is a good way to get exposure for brands and products once you have built a good facebook fans base. Most of us want that traffic to visit our website. It may selling something or simply exposing them to paid advertisements. I recently was given a video of one of my artists and decided that I would post it so that it coul
It was reported last year that Google Authorship was being discontinued. Some were elated that they did not have to worry about getting their name and image attached to their SERP listings. Some were sorry to see it go. I admit.. I kind of liked seeing my photo next to my reviews and articles. I was not happy when my picture disappeared, yet competitors still had their image showing up for some of my key searches. I felt my article was better! Why not show my face too? Then they all disappeare
Happy New Year WA Peeps! Earlier today....I got my January 1st Commission Check - I just want to say thanks! It is a very nice start to 2015. If you have found Wealthy Affiliate through one of my articles or promotions, thanks for joining and being part of this Wonderful Community! 2015 is going to be great year! Thanks Kyle and Carson for making this the BEST WAY to learn how to make money on the Internet! I can't wait to see what you give us this year...It just keeps getting better and bet
I posted yesterday about poor 'Dave' who said 99% of WA members do not make a dime. I know there are a lot of people that join as a starter, never add their picture or profile, do not do the course 1 and forget about WA within the 7 days of free communication, never to come back... These people are probably the ones not making a dime. I know people that come here and follow the training should be able to make money at this Internet Marketing Thing. I had built websites before learning about Wea
December 19, 2014
I was just recently hit with a lot of negativity about WA on my website review. "Dave" made a comment saying 99% of the members here never make a dime. I challenged him to find people that signed up, upgraded to premium and then left stating they received zero value from being a members of Wealthy Affiliate. Sure, some people will leave, we see it in the blog posts from people saying goodbye. I don't think anyone that spent any real time here would feel that they were scammed. He even as far to