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Facebook changed the layout of pages yesterday, Wednesday August 3rd.At least, I think it was yesterday. I am okay with the layout changes, some things are improved. I think it was done to force more advertising since the promotion block is even more prominent on the pages you admin. Also, be very careful with political posts... like it or not, FB is censoring posts and shares. It has been reported by a lot of sources and I have seen firsthand what they are doing to friends and associates of mi
The Pokemon Go app was released on July 6th, 2016 to the US. On that day, it has been reported that there were 200,000 downloads.The download count is in the tens of millions now and Nintendo's stock has soared. They are making a lot of money with in store app purchasers from players trying to catch more characters to businesses that are trying to lure players. I wonder how many $99 packs of PokeCoins have been purchased in the last 12 days. Bloggers everywhere are rushing to get articles writt
I just an article about a court offering an opinion on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). It is generating a ton of buzz about sharing passwords for the purpose of accessing information that you are not allowed to access. It says sharing your passwords to netflix or hbogo could result in prosecution.This application seems to be pretty petty, but it does make you think and may make some of us worry. Would it apply to people that live in the same household? What about your kids at colle
I got another one of those unsolicited emails again..."I was searching related to your business on Google and saw your website is not on first page on Google for most of the relevant and user oriented keywords pertaining to your domain so I was wondering.....If you would be interested in getting very Affordable Search engine optimization done for your website.You Can contact me with:-1) Any 10 Keyword to rank in Google2) Website URL Have you ever fell for one of those or know anyone that has re
There is a lot of differing opinions about using facebook for your business. There have been a lot of social media sites come and go, but I am pretty sure facebook is here to stay. You can choose to build a business without it or choose to use it to enhance your marketing efforts.The co-founder of this site has a lot of great advice about getting bogged down with facebook and I completely agree. For most people, facebook can be a HUGE Time suck that does not get you any closer to your goal. Wit
Are you looking for a new webhosting company?Updated : August 2021Why would I want to host my website with Wealthy Affiliate?Wealthy Affiliate (WA) provides wordpress website hosting to those that sign up for membership. With an upgrade to premium, you can host several websites on your personally owned domains. If you don't own a domain, you also have access to domain registration that includes a lot of services that are normally big up-sells at other domain registrars. The hosting services and
In December of 2014, I reported on a website that was making me money 2 years after I last posted on it. Back then, it was making on average 27 cents a day without me touching it. I know that is not really impressive, but it shows a little success. I reviewed my ad sense account and saw that earnings had fallen to less than 9 cents a day on that website. That is right $31 for the entire year. With the domain cost of about $10, the webs
June 03, 2016
I was asked this morning on facebook if I was still with Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, I am still here at WA. I am not as active on the boards or chat as much I should be. I have been working on a lot of different projects. It is nice to be able to come back at any time and pick up on some lessons or communicate with the membership. It is also nice to not have a 9 to 5 that takes me away from doing almost anything I want to do when I want to do it. I joined in November 2012, but it was June 2013, 3 y
So what do you think about Yahoo Business Listings? My experience is pretty bad with a couple of clients. A couple of years ago.,.we paid the ransom to get some stuff cleaned up in their directory. They had bad addresses, the names of the company were off. Competing Companies of my clients are allowed to list their name in a way that takes away from Real legitimate companies that are licensed and doing business in the town.At some point in the past year or so, yahoo small business closed down
November 01, 2015
Wealthy Affiliate is working on Sunday again! I just got that 1st of the month email from WA that I look forward to every month.I wrote about this same thing back in February. Even when the 1st is a Sunday, we get paid for referrals. wanted to pop over and say "Thank you to Kyle and Carson for this community and thank you WA Members for what you bring to this community!"Sincerely,Bo the WebguyWebguy MarketingWA Premium since November 2012