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Have you seen this before?Do you still have links on your website linking to google+ pages that show this content above? I still run across some old websites that I built for friends and old clients that have the social media button in the <follow> sections of their website. You wil notice a lot of pages that have links in the footer or header or maybe sidebar. I am swicthing the link instead of removing it.I have been removing or replacing links for the icons in the websites I still con
Several of my posts and trainings have been getting comments recently. Really cool to see stuff from years ago still getting notice.I have been looking back at posts from over 6 years ago. A lot of tips and advance I gave back then probably needs to be updated.This is one Contribution I posted years ago that is still pretty good info, especially to those that did not now you could do this on Google.Site Command on Google , Yahoo and BingDid you know you could do this on the search engines?
Last month, I blogged here at WA about losing page 1 rank. I was checking things this morning and found that I have secured all 10 organic links on Google page 1 results for my brand. Overtaking the Air Force Webguy for #1 is probably not going to happen for the one word, but add 2 words to make it Bo the Webguy and I am pretty sure those looking for me will find me.I like the majority of the results shown on the first 3 pages. I wish I could remove my business profile from Yelp. There are a fe
What are your thoughts on Yahoo Mail? I have had a lot of different email accounts over the last 24+ years of doing the Intenet Marketing thing. I have had hotmail, yahoo, gmail, msn, live and probably a few other emails on the free platforms. I know people still using aol. com email and probably paying for a service that they are not even using. I like gmail and google apps mail.Recently, I decided to switch to a new mass email program for one of my businesses. The domain I used is on google
Is there anything that you did 6 years ago producing income for you today?I have made many career changes over the years since graduating college back in 1994. The Dot Com Boom changed my perspective on working for others in a traditional 9 to 5 role. I have been involved with Internet based businesses since my first Internet website advertising sale in August 1998. In some cases since then, I have partnered with traditional brick and mortar companies or other service providers. In these relati
Many years ago, I launched a website at BotheWebguy dot com. I had a number of clients in the Southeast at the time and was pushing that site to get business. It was my goal to get new clients to start there and create an account at the CRM I was using at the time. Telling them to google webguy and see me on page 1 helped demonstrate what I could do for them. My business cards had "Google Me" on them. I'm still there sort of...I am still on page 1 for Bo the Webguy and other webguy terms, but
I didn't blog once at WA in 2019. I apologize to those referrals of mine for not being active at Wealthy Affiliate in the community, but I'm still here after 7 plus years. I found this site in 2012 and went through the first lesson of the training as a free trial. I decided to upgrade and have never regretted it. The Premium Upgrade is well worth the money. I Get Paid to Stay HEREWhile I am no where close to being one of the top earners here at WA, I still make more than the subscription fees f
Most Reviews that seem somewhat legit on yelp are negative. Most of the long wordy reviews bashing the company are simply used to try to extort money from the company. I don't know why Yelp allows this unless they are in on the scam or another scam.... actually I am pretty sure YELP is not unbiased when it comes to advertisers and non-advertisers. Negative reviews probably get them clients much like the sites rip off report and others. I know a company has to make money but it it seems pretty
February 01, 2018
Shown below is an email I just received. With the number of websites I have built over the years and managed, it is a wonder that I don't get a lot more of them. I used to respond to people like this just see what they would come back, but with all the spam I get... a response would most likely open me up to even more junk email.For those that are just starting out with a new website, you need to watch out for these type emails. If you are doing a website for a client, be sure to let them know
September 12, 2017
I just realized that I haven't blogged at WA in over a year. I should be more active here and I am sure I have written something similar to this post before. I am still a member here and have no plans to ever leave. It would cost me money to leave at this point. Thanks Kyle and Carson for that payment every month. I still get excited on the 1st of every month.There are a lot of ways to make money with the Internet and the training here at Wealthy Affiliate is invaluable. I need to take some tim