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Last Update: Sep 13, 2021

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If you are a member of this website community, you have probably been sold on the concept of affiliate marketing. Getting paid for recommendations and referrals is a nice way to generate additional income. It can lead to a full time career.

Sometimes the work you do today could pay off many times in the future. I have been a member here at WA since 2012 and have made referral commissions by sending people to this website. Some of those members are still around and I am very thankful for the commissions I get from WA for helping those folks find this website.

If you here reading my article for the very first time from a link I sent you, I urge you create your free account today. Spend some time with the 7 day free trial bonus. Learn how a membership at Wealthy Affiliate and the tools provided here can help you make money with websites and affiliate marketing.

Thanks for stopping by and making it to the end of this blog post. Please comment below if you have any questions or want to offer feedback on WA. If you have questions, you can reach me though private message once you get your free account.

~Bo the Webguy

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Hey Bo, great post and it's awesome to see how a single click back in 2016 has earned you such great revenue by referring a fellow member to Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the reality for anyone interested in sharing WA. We are constantly working to improve the community.

- Training is added weekly with new Expert Classes
- Core WA Training is updated weekly, if not daily
- The WA Website network is continually improved
- Questions are answered within Minutes
- The Community and Platform is updated daily

We stay on top of keeping WA moving forward and remaining in front of every company in the industry and I expect that the revenue from that single click will continue to grow.

Everyone here at WA can share WA with their affiliate link and generate recurring monthly revenue - thanks for motivating folks with this post Bo!


Thank you Carson!

Great message for all of us Bo. Jim

thx for the feedback

Very nice, Bo!



You're welcome!

Thank you for sharing, Bo.
Awesome stuff indeed.
All the best!

Maxine :)

thanks Maxine

Great post and good message to anyone on the fence :-) Lisa

thank you!

You are very welcome Bo :-)

It worries me that the only success stories I read here is from people who promote/are affiliate from WA itself. The $1516 comes from other WA members. Am I blunt by saying this ? Am I missing something ?

Gilbert many people make money from other sources but don't choose to share it. The main reason people share about WA earnings is that it encourages others who are following in their footsteps.
I don't think you are blunt or missing anything it is a fair question.


As Lisa said, People are successful with promoting other products and services. It would be hard to talk about those and not violate the self promotion policy.

WA is not my main source of affiliate income by any means. I am involved with a number of online businesses.

Thank you, I needed this.

Thank you, much appreciated.

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