Are Old Domains Worth Money?

Last Update: Apr 24, 2020

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I need to clean out my domain name portfolio. Letting some go through expiration has been hard. I have held off for so long. There are some domains that have been a complete waste of money. Most were tied to an idea or registered to protect another domain. Some of these domain registratuons were just stupid.

Looking through the portfolio, I am amazed to see the age on some of them. I share a portfolio with a partner and together we have a several domains that are over 20 years old. One domain we have was registered in 1996. An appraiser put $30k on it years ago. Maybe we should have sold it at that time. The appraisal is not as high today. :(

My oldest domains have websites that are tied to real businesses so selling them would be difficult. For the right price, everything is for sale.

Most of these domain names in the portfolio have websites or webpages parked on them. Recently, I started building some different landing pages to promote the value of those urls. I am hoping that someone will come along and offer a big chunk of money for some of those old domains.

Based on discussions, there are several WA members here that make really good money selling domains. There is a huge market for building niche websites on old domains and selling those sites as a complete package. I have utilized various parking services over the years. Some of those generated decent income before going away. I have tried sites like sedo, but have not had a good experience.

Years ago, I had a network of websites making decent money from google adsense, then one day POOF. That account was closed by Google and I was unable to convince them to reopen it. There has been a lot of changes with that program over the years. I know there are developers still doing well with google adsense payments.

Training here at WA teaches better ways to generate income from websites than Google adsense.

If you know someone that buys old domains, let me know.


Bo the Webguy

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Thank you for sharing the post.

You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

Just the domains with nothing on them? I'll be darned -- didn't know you could sell those.

There are a ton of websites dedicated to flipping domains.

Oh yes, Fran! The Catherine has been doing lists of expired domains all the time, it seemed like for a while!


Check this post out, and this is only one--she did this for a few days in February!

I've seen her lists. Didn't know those could be sold.

Yes, Fran! You might already know this, but there are people who buy domains to hold and re-sell at a profit! Internet real estate, just like tangible real estate!

Have a nice new week!


Some domains have sold for millions. Just think if you had thought to get cars. com or ice. com .

Boggles the mind, Bo!

I would sell my whole domain portfolio for a $1 million right now.

I would too, if I could! How many domains do you have, dare I ask, Bo?

over 300

I have one I'd like to sell myself. Wasn't through WA,but purchased 10 years ago, from someplace else. Good luck

Does it have a website? You can always advertise on the website page itself. This Domain may be for sale.

No. I checked. It has no website! It says "This site can't be reached"

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