My First $1,000 Day in Online Marketing

Last Update: September 15, 2016

Truth be told this actually happened about a few weeks ago(In August). I'm just a little late about giving an update on my progress.

But, not only does this mark my first $1,000 day, it also marks my first $1,000 month in my Online marketing career.

I've talked about Uber in past articles, and that is how I earned this income.

Uber gives doubled sided referral bonuses for anyone I refer.

This means while I am receiving $1,000 from Uber, my person I invited to drive is also receiving the same amount.

The bonus is earned when someone signed up through my unique referral code or link if you're signing up through my website.

And then the referral must complete a specific amount of trips.

Each city varies as well as the bonus.

The trips required for this bonus was 100 trips.

Through searching through Google.

Someone found my website, liked the information I provided, and decided to sign up through me earning the bonus.

There's a few things you can learn about the amount of money I earned.

It's called high ticket products versus low ticket products.

Low ticket products are products sold that are inexpensive. Books would be a good example.

High ticket would be things like selling furniture or expensive laptops.

While you are doing the same amount of work for promoting both products, you will be receiving higher commissions from the higher priced products.

This means you don't have to sell as much to make a full time income.

While the money I made is really a win-win for both me and the person I referred.

In some senses this is a high ticket sale for me.

One Person made me a $1,000 compared to selling a whole bunch of low commission products that might earn me a few dollars each.

That's definitely something to get excited about, right?

The second thing you can learn. This is really for people that haven't made money yet.

Wealthy affiliate isn't the only thing you can make money promoting.

Every once in awhile people will make some kind of remark stating that,

"The only people that make money on here are people that promote Wealthy Affiliate"

That statement is completely wrong, and my screenshot above is proof of earnings from other places.

Just remember, every niche is different.

I do have a Wealthy affiliate website.

And between my two websites. In a years time on both, I've made more money on my Uber website than with my WA.

I've also done about the same amount of work on each.

Which also shows the difference in different niches too.

Some take longer than others.

Just remember, the harder you work, the better the results. But also remember, time is a factor as well.

These results have happened in over a years time. Not just a couple months. Truth be told, and Ive said it in past posts, I could've done a lot more work and seen these results sooner.

I've just been a very lazy internet marketer.

Best Regards,


P.S. My websites are on my profile if you want to look at my work. They really aren't impressive but still making me a small profit(:

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rosieM Premium
Congratulations and thank you for this inspiration! I'm going to check this out further....DEFINITELY! Well done!!!!!!
VCast75 Premium
Borneoman Premium
Wow! Awesome man! Congrats and keep it up.
Debs3 Premium
Awesome, Brandon! Congratulations!!!!
onmyownterms Premium
Preach it brother! I keep telling people that the results for a $.40 commission on a $10 product is equal to selling the $10 your product itself. But you're exactly right, the $1000 commission takes the same amount of effort as well. Congratulations.
boston10111 Premium
Thank you. And yes it does take the same effort, but I'll be doing websites that have low commissions as well.
But this is an option for some people.