Greetings from beautiful Prague!

Last Update: August 25, 2018

Hello fellow affiliates!

My name is Boris.

Born in Moscow, Russia, now I live in Prague, Czechia.

I have over 20 years of experience in electronic music business. In early 90s I had my own vinyl record shop which represented wide spectrum of electronic music from ambient, trip hop to techno. From 1998 till 2014 I was promoting a few club nights in Moscow, brining over 1200 international artists/djs to russian club scene.

Time changed and I've decided to move to beautiful Prague and to start to create my own music without being heavily relying on modern show business industry due to its health damaging drawbacks (tours, sleepless nights etc).

But to archive my goal I needed to have sustainable income. First time in my life I've decided to work in the office, to live 9to5 lifestyle. The company which I work for is great, but it will never give me freedom to archive better creative and financial results in my life.

Having years of online experience I've realized limitless opportunities of online business and started digging. Spending months searching for right method, spending hundreds of dollars on guru's webinars etc I've finally found WA platform, which looks highly sophisticated, and decided to stick with it to archive my goals.

Looking forward to this exiting journey!

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TeriCalhoun Premium
Stick with it as long as you have music and you will most likely be very wealthy in 5 years.
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Bob
Wishing you all of the very best and much success!
Sharlee (Chocolate) + Vanilla IceCream
BorisRoman Premium
Hi Sharlee and Vanilla
Thanks a lot for your wishes!
Looking forward to exciting adventure in WA!
All the best!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Beautiful city, old heart of Europe

Take care... and good luck
AlanJE Premium Plus
Good decision Bob, and a beautiful city to live in, good luck with your new ventures, Best Alan