Why You Should Accept Negative Comments - I Got a Doozy

Last Update: July 19, 2020

Have you ever received a negative comment on your website from people who did not agree with what you published? If you haven't, you will eventually. This is especially true if you create reviews of competing products, like those with WA Bootcamp websites.


I recently did a scam review of an MLM-style MMO (Make Money Online) program that I am not going to mention here. I don't want to give it anymore "written" credit by mentioning its name. Plus I know of at least two WA members who are a part of this opportunity.

About a year and a half ago I was approached by a Facebook friend to join this opportunity. As I always do, I researched the opportunity to learn more than what this friend was telling me. It sounded great from his perspective but what I learned gave me a sense of pause.

So I declined his offer but I kept tabs on this program. Why did I decide to keep track on this opportunity even though I turned down the offer to join? My scam radar was beginning to buzz but I didn't want to write a scam review without learning more. This gets better.


One of the things I learned about this opportunity was that it would cost $97.00 to join but you would not get any chance to earn any money until this opportunity would go live. It was still in its prelaunch phase and you were just paying to reserve your spot as a founder.

I guess you could look at it as an investment, which I am sure many people did because they bought into the hype of the compensation plan. But like most MLM compensation plans, did the people who joined based on the numbers, read the fine print of the income disclosure?

The monetary amounts shown were only examples of what "may happen" under certain circumstances. There was no guarantee that any of those amounts would be made by any of the members. This is why I always tell people not to focus on what you could earn.

Long story short, there was NO WAY I or anyone else should invest money into an online opportunity that was pretty vague on how you would actually make money, if whatever products they sold were for a retail market, and when the company was in prelaunch.

I am not saying it is unsafe to join all companies in prelaunch, but it is very suspicious to join a prelaunch company that has no products yet, that doesn't tell you when they intend to launch, and if their products will be available to those who are not members.


I watched and mildly investigated this company for almost one and a half years as it remained in prelaunch, yet kept collecting $97.00 from new member sign ups. Then once I had collected a mountain of evidence that this was not legit, I wrote and published my scam review.

I gave proof that the owner of the company was involved with two related ponzi schemes that eventually were shut down by the SEC. He did not own these schemes but he was an active member. In this new venture, NONE of the promotional videos showed him at all.

You would think if you were about to launch the next BIG Thing, you would personally make your sales pitch. Even Matt Lloyd of MOBE did that. The more I dug the more I found many inaccuracies with regard to this new program, like exposing their fake street addresses.

I left no stone unturned in this review. When I look on Google and YouTube for honest reviews exposing at least half of what I had found, there are only a handsful of other sites and YouTube videos calling this a scam, even one from an ex-founder member who left me a comment.

Every single time one of the network marketing team leaders for this program says something big is going to happen in a couple of weeks, that time comes and goes and nothing new happens. I had seen this same song and dance for more than a year. This was not legit!


The first, and I am sure it will not be the last, negative comment was a real doozy! It wouldn't surprise me if the person who left it was either the owner or one of his big marketing team leaders. He did not use his real name because he used my name and a fake picture.

He used foul language, called me a liar, questioned the many things I had exposed about the owner, claimed that my name was fake and that I was an Indian from India (that made me LMAO), made statements that I never said by twisting my words, and was really pissed off.

He then copies the last 8 paragraphs of his 13 paragraph negative comment and pastes it in the replies to some comments thanking me for exposing the lies. These 8 paragraphs mainly try to discredit what I found out about the owner. This is why I think it was him commenting.

Unlike him I did not reply back with angry foul language but rather I told the truth and reversed the many lies he was claiming that I made. I even replied differently for each of his copy and paste comments. I even thanked him for boosting my SEO with wordy comments. LOL

Regardless of what he wrote, there was no way I was going to delete this negative comment nor just approve it without giving my reply. Especially when he made false claims about Wealthy Affiliate. I was polite and even grateful for his comment, which is how you respond.

If you post a honest review based on facts from solid research, and someone leaves you a negative comment, don't get angry and reply. Reply positively and clearly. If you want you can read my scam review and the negative comment here, on my WA Bootcamp website.

Do not be afraid to embrace negative comments because having them on your website will show your website readers that you are both open to criticism and honest in your replies. Your readers will see you as genuine, as long as you are not nasty in your reply comment.

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WaltM Premium
I think this is a share of excellence for us getting started in 2020.

When helping others see what goes into building a solid reputation out of acceptance a stream of negative comments is hard to imagine this will go well...

Thank you for posting because as a beginner in affiliate marketing I believe this example is to be learned & executed as often as necessary.

I will now be following you.

All the best,
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Walt. Negative comments will arise from time to time and it is always important to respond to them but never at a low and negative level, otherwise it shows your website reader that you are not honorable.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Rob,

I hope you're doing well and that business is good.

Thank you for your blog post, first of all and personally I would never recommend anyone to join an MLM scheme, I really don't trust them. The thing that I don't like is that there are always losers, to me this is not the correct way to make money.

I often think negative comments can kind of end up positive comments as if you can explain yourself in a polite way. It will often get the point over better than using bad language and bad manners!

I remember several years ago I had a you tube video where someone made a very stupid remark. I gently and politely told him that he had missed the point and everything was explained in the video. This led to many other replies as people could see this particular person was being rather foolish.

So in other words, what turned out to be a negative comment, kind of turned into good!

Have a great day Rob.

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Roy. I agree that negative comments can become positive when clearly explaining your case. They can also create a more trustworthiness to your review because sometimes, like in my case, it exposes the true nature of the person making the negative comment.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your reply Rob.

Yes, this is very true indeed, I couldn't agree with you more.

Wishing you all the best.

Helen123 Premium
I always think that if you have to object so strongly, you have something to hide. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet 'the lady doth protest too much, methinks'.. Well I know he's not a woman but the quote works...short and sweet I think is way more punchy. Good on you for outing these fraudsters, they need it to save the innocent losing their livelihoods.
boomergp08 Premium
Exactly! It was obvious to me who it was that left the comment, even though he was hiding his true identity. His protesting of the information I revealed about the owner of this scheme and his foul language was a dead giveaway.
lucbizz Premium
You handled it well his comments.
If it was up to me , I would not publish vindictive comments, and if you just want to feel better, hit a brick wall or something.
My policy: don’t talk to the trash, just take it out.
I have a question though: when you call an opportunity a scam. How much are you protected against lawsuits? Or what do you need to take into account to not get sued when reviewing opportunities?
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, I agree. Stick with the useful, the helpful.
boomergp08 Premium
First you need to do thorough research of anything you intend to expose as a scam. You need to know the clear cut signs of what constitutes a scam.

If they are making falls claims about earnings, if those earnings are coming solely from the recruitment of many others in a pyramid-shaped matrix, and if they have no retail products that others outside their membership can purchase.

These are some of the main guidelines set forth by the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, on their website. See link below. You never want to claim something is a scam unless you have evidence of such.

boomergp08 Premium
In most cases, like in this case with the negative comment I got, it will enforce the validity of the review and shine an honest light on your character if you reply in a kind manner. Plus ALL comments good or bad are helpful to the review itself and for a boost in SEO.
lucbizz Premium
Thank you for your reply, Robert :-)
boomergp08 Premium
My pleasure.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing. You have handled it very good I think. Turn the other's energy around back to him/her and use it in a constructive manner.

It is not easy to keep calm when the language in comments tunrs ugly. I read the guy´s comment and yeah very bad and foul language beyond comparison.

Have you had any more response from this guy via other channels?

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Roy. No it is not easy to be calm when someone not only tries to discredit your review but also calls you a liar and uses lots of foul language. This is why I waited a whole day before I sent my clear headed reply. Fight negativity with positivity.