What Happens in Vegas Shouldn't Stay in Vegas

Last Update: January 12, 2020

Many here at Wealthy Affiliate know of the incentive that Kyle & Carson offer, for us to get 300 "Premium" Referrals within a calendar year from January 1st to December 31st, and if successful they will fly you out to Las Vegas, NV. This offer is open to all members, not just Ambassadors. Have any of you ever been to Las Vegas?


First off you do not need to like gambling to want to go and visit Las Vegas. It has many other things to offer like live entertainment, stage shows, hiking, camping, sporting events, and pretty much everything that most major U.S. cities have to offer. I also love it for its weather in January, which is warmer than what I am used to here in New Jersey.

Prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate I had been to Las Vegas a total of 8 or 9 times. Each time I didn't have to pay for anything except personal expenses beyond the $100.00 /day expense money I was given by the video game company I worked for. Everything was paid for, round trip transportation, a rental vehicle, 3 meals per day, and accomodations in a casino hotel.

Those were the good old days of living large in a city that like New York, never sleeps. Rubbing elbows with entertainers, having dinners with athletes, getting to meet with TV personalities, becoming friends with porn stars,... Oops, maybe that should have been a reality that stays in Vegas. LOL They are normal people too, they just have a taboo job.

I remember getting looks by people, mostly men who knew who I was having drinks with at a casino bar or playing a competitive video game at the arcade. Then there were to nasty looks my female co-workers were getting from other women for also hanging out with me and this now semi-famous porn star by the name of Tabitha S------.


I highly recommend that those who are either in affiliate marketing or are thinking of starting, to go visit Las Vegas during the first weekend of January and attend the Consume Electronics Show (CES). You will be absolutely amazed at how many niches are all on display for you to interact with and to learn about. No matter what niche you are in, you can benefit from CES.

With technology becoming more integrated in our lives, the products, equipment, services and even automobiles being displayed at the show, is a treasure trove of popular niche markets. Are you in the health and fitness niches? What was on display at CES 2020 would benefit your niche. It truly is amazing how many niche markets are represented at the show.

The same if you are in the renewable energy niche, the OLED TV niche, the security camera niche, the video games niche, the water purification niche, the virtual reality niche, the smart watch niche, the travel niche, the smartphone niche, the sports niche, the drones niche, the transportation niche, the computer niche, the 3D printer niche, and hundreds more!

I did happen to return to Las Vegas to visit friends who live there and for Christmas 2008 (see above) with family. A couple of years ago I went to Las Vegas and blogged about it here at WA. Though I didn't go for free by invitation from WA, I was able to use the money I have earned from affiliate marketing and other income thanks to the WA training and you can too!


If you really want to visit Las Vegas you will find a way. You can either work your butt off effectively promoting WA and get those 300 Premium referrals, or work hard to grow your own affiliate marketing business and/or freelance your website building skills you learn here at WA. Then save your money and purchase yourself a plane ticket and hotel accomodations.

If you plan to do the latter my advice is to NOT stay at a casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, those tend to be much more expensive because of where they are located. You can easily save $200.00 per night by just getting a room at another casino hotel only a block or two off of the LV Strip or at the extreme south and north ends of it. Location costs more.

I had a little more than $1,200.00 saved up from my affiliate marketing and SEO content writing freelance endeavors. I was going to travel to Las Vegas last week for CES 2020 but decided to wait another year or two because I couldn't make connections with certain friends in Vegas. Maybe in another year or two I will be going to LV by invitation from WA.

Regardless of how I get there I will have WA to thank. Without taking the training learning how affiliate marketing, keyword research & SEO works, I would not have the financial opportunity to go. You too have these same opportunities but you really need to want it and work hard for it. Take a look at what made the top niche products at CES 2020 at the below link.



Did you notice how many different niche ideas and markets were showcased in the above video? And that was just the tip of the iceberg in the form of the overall niche markets offered up at CES 2020. Not shown were flying taxis operated by artificial intellegence that even Uber plans to start testing this year in select cities and hand-sized AI security drones.

Though CES is not open to the public, if you have a website about technology or in a niche represented at a CES convention, you can use that website to get you a press or consumer pass. Just note that every pass does cost money but it is not that much and is worth it if you are doing research for a possible future niche. And then you have what Las Vegas offers.

If you have never been to Las Vegas most of the mega casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip all have their own characteristics and theme. I've stayed at the MGM Grand, Luxor, Excalibur, and others. The Bellagio is my favorite when it comes to over all visual eye-candy. It is hard to explain, so watch the video walk-through below. The fountain show at the end is amazing!


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sdawson Premium
I've been in Las Vegas several times for the ComDex trade show and yes, its amazing in many ways to be there. During that trade show there are hundreds of thousands of IT workers and vendors and you can see the most amazing new things. I've also been in Vegas with my husband at Raymond James Conventions. The Bellagio is my favorite place to stay also.

It would be so cool to be part of the WA Las Vegas trip, but since I don't gather in many referrals, very unlikely that I will be invited ever. I wish I could get more referrals during 2020. But I would have to learn a lot about how to get them.
boomergp08 Premium
I remember the ComDex shows and how those who exhibited at CES would sometimes also exhibit at ComDex. It never ceases to amaze me at how I can watch the fountains at the Bellagio or the volcano at the Mirage every time I go to LV. Though I know I will go back, being able to go on WA's dime would be awesome!
Stella2 Premium
Hi Rob;

I saw a piece on the news about the 2020 CES Convention and right away I remembered your WA post from last year. I wondered if you were going this year.

I'll look forward to another post when you get there again. As you say, what a great place to scout out a potential niche.

Stella :-)
boomergp08 Premium
I wanted to go this year too Stella but it wasn't meant to be. Fortunately like the WA Super Affiliate Conference, CES happens every year. So I will be back in Las Vegas again either way.
Dhind1 Premium
I only ever went to Vegas once to attend a wedding - it was cool. Though almost 30 years ago now. I had a lot of fun and would like to visit again.

Thanks for the post and the links - some good ideas. I would love to attend CES one day.
boomergp08 Premium
Las Vegas has changed quite a bit from 30 years ago. Many of the original casino hotels that started the current landscape are no longer there.

The famous hotels known as the El Rancho, the Dunes and the Desert Inn have all been demolished and replaced with the mega-themed casino hotels.

I highly recommend attending CES at least once in a lifetime. You will get a first hands-on look at new tech before a majority of the population, plus it creates new niche ideas.
Defiant6 Premium
I have never been to Las Vegas, but I really want to get there by promoting WA. I want to meet Kyle, Carson, and Jay someday and so my goal is to get 300 premium referrals. I know it's going to take a lot of hard work, but my goal in the new decade is to make it out to Las Vegas and even further as I want to visit the west coast.
boomergp08 Premium
In regards to thee West Coast, the only place I would like to visit that I haven't been to yet is Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. I also wouldn't mind going back to the Bay Area (San Francisco & Silicon Valley), I have a lot of friends there.

As for Vegas I know I will be there again within the next three years either by way of WA paying for me or me paying my own way. Las Vegas has so much entertainment value and outdoor adventures, I can never get tired of that.
Stanleycmng Premium
Hey Robert. Great Vegas post. Yes, Vegas will be great experience for many. I have been there about 5 times myself but have not attended the CES show, which is an experience by itself. Great point to get to Vegas with WA. That should be a goal to work on. Hope to be there with you.

- Stanley
boomergp08 Premium
CES is definitely an experience like no other, and you do not have to be interested in technology to have a good time. But setting a goal to go back to Vegas but on WA's expense is a goal of mine for 2021 and/or 2022.