Tis the Season of Giving - Who Wants Some WA Credits?

Last Update: December 22, 2019

It is often said that Wealthy Affiliate has a very helpful community when it comes to the guidance and support for every member who wants to start a work from home online business. There is a "Pay it Forward" mentality encouraged here and we can all chip in when and where we can. I give back in many ways in the 6+ years I have been here and here I go again.


Wealthy Affiliate has an internal credits system that allows its members to use certain WA platforms like Site Comments and Site Feedback on their website content. Seeing how Christmas is on December 25th I will be giving 2 of my WA Community Credits to 25 members who would like to use them for either Site Comments or Site Feedback.

If you decide to use the two credits to request a comment just know that even though it costs two credits to request a comment, you more than likely will receive two or more comments. This depends on the time of day you submit your request and how many commenters have your niche category checked in their Site Comments settings.

I live in the New York City area time zone and I find that WA members are the most active on Site Comments from 2:30 in the afternoon to about 11:30 at night. This is what I have observed and the content available is based on how many niche interests I have selected in my Site Comment Settings. Of the 38 I have 24 selected.

By having that many selected I have a better chance at finding content to comment on. I am sure it will be different for everyone else. Perhaps I will find your comment request and leave you a comment. I am on Site Comments almost every day earning both Cash and Community Credits, which is why I am able to give 2 credits to 25 members, I have more than I need.


Being able to get quality comments on your website content will help to boost it up in the search engine rankings. How? Well all comments get indexed into Google just like your content and can even contain keywords that Google might rank you on. Plus the amount of words in your comments get added to the word count of your page or post content.

The more comment interactions you have on a page or post, the more Google will take notice and eventually boost its rankings. The nice thing about using Site Comments is that it prevents you from receiving generic weak comments. If you are not sure how to leave a quality comment on another member's website, check out my tutorial below.

How To and How Not To Leave Comments On Websites

If you would like me to transfer 2 WA Community Credits over to you, reply below that you would like 2 Credits and I will transfer them to you. First 25 members to reply get the credits. NOTE: These WA Community Credits cannot be converted into WA Cash Credits. Do you need guidance on how to use Site Comments? Click the link below.

How to Use Site Comments for Better Content Rankings

Please, if you already have plenty of WA Community Credits, do not request I transfer you two more. Give that opportunity to those who do not have any or very little. Thanks! - I do hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a great holiday season in however you celebrate this time of the year.

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ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening my brother you have gave a lot of comments to me haha, and they have all been quality. The reason I use it I find by getting three or more comments in the beginning Google takes more notice of you and it's sort of a push for others to comment when they come to your website, it's a beautiful thing. By the way my brother if I don't see you, happy holidays and a outstanding New Year to you.
boomergp08 Premium
True! A lot of people do not realize the power that receiving quality comments can give to a post's rankings.

May you have a blessed holiday season and in the coming 2020.
thelungdoc Premium
Thanks for your interesting comments and gifting spirit. I do not need any comments but I am really amazed at your generosity.

It is a great thing to come to this place and see all the people helping each other like you - it is a real pay it forwards community.

Where else would you find such charity giving?

Thank you - you will reap the goodness that you are sowing.

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Dave. I have more credits than I need and I am gaining a couple more every day. It only seems right to share what I do not need with those who do.
AlexSt Premium
I wish you a great Christmas. I would definitely like 2 credits I will convert them into comments onto my website. You're awesome.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Alexander. I just sent you 2 Credits. Have a Merry Christmas!
JamesDuck Premium
Great info - I'm gonna read this again!
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you.
Scwebu Premium
You're kind. Merry Christmas Rob.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.